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Terma Software: A leading provider of advanced workload analytics & reporting solutions


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”– Colin Powell

Established in 2013, Terma Software is the leading provider of advanced workload analytics, monitoring, and reporting solutions for enterprise job scheduling and workload automation. Terma’s technology supports job scheduling products from companies such as Cisco (Tidal), and CA Technologies (AutoSys, CA 7). Their products enable companies to optimize workload processing and provide SLA management, forecasting, prediction, and advanced reporting. Terma’s workload analytics solutions enable companies to lower costs while improving the reliability and performance of mission critical workloads. Their products also address the need for a single user interface and management console (aka Single Pane of Glass) into heterogeneous job scheduling environments across distributed and mainframe platforms. Listed by Gartner as Cool Vendor in 2013, the company has offices in Boulder, CO, and New York, NY and Terma’s technology provides the most comprehensive analytics for workload data. Companies across all industries – financial sector, retail, healthcare and more – use Terma’s software every day for service level assurance, mitigation of IT operations risks, and to achieve the highest levels of operational visibility.

Terma’s products provide Workload Automation analytics giving your business Service Level Assurance, Critical Path Management, and Enterprise-wide Visibility into business-critical applications.

Terma’s solutions were created to give clients the ability to answer the tough questions through their revolutionary technology, providing with a rich visualization of underlying workload automation analytics. The powerful Terma ANALYTICS platform seamlessly pulls real-time data from workload automation engines to enable visibility into your workload in sync with the way your business is managed. With TermaANALYTICS storing critical workload data, can retain historical data in order to discover anomalies, optimize schedule, and use that data to predict, in real time, what one can expect on a minute-to-minute basis.

Unique Services Offered
TERMA offers Optimization Services for CA7, AutoSys, and Tidal Environments-
The Company very well recognizes the growing need for workload optimization across scheduling environments. Given their extensive expertise in the job scheduling space, they are well positioned to provide services that will address the challenges that corporations face who need to update, modernize and improve performance in their workload environments.

They truly understand that the legacy scheduling products present a special challenge. IT processing problems can be difficult to manage or even identify because the schedulers themselves are not sufficient on their own to address today’s growing complexity. Constant changes, unpredictable events, and dynamic demands by end users are all happening at an unprecedented rate. It’s essential that IT operations and management engage the right expertise to optimize operations and handle the complexity and pace of change. In order to assist customers with this reality, they have assembled an exceptional team of both technical and business workload experts who know how to address complex scheduling issue.

Assessment and Enablement Services- They have found their most successful clients utilize Packaged Services in order to maximize the use of the TermaANALYTICS platform and quickly begin to see the return on their investment in the technology.

Complete Managed Services- Terma’s managed services typically include:
Product Upgrades
O/S Upgrades
Patches and Maintenance
Database Maintenance
DB Upgrades
Remote Monitoring and Proactive Incident Resolution
Any and all services that ensure the ongoing value of your product installation

Knowing the Master Minds
Shane Hade, CEO and Board Member
Shane is a seasoned technology executive, entrepreneur and strategist with over 25 years of experience in Financial Services, Healthcare Technology and Technology Start-ups. His experience encompasses the creation of enterprise level financial applications for the largest banks in America to venture backed and organic startups in the software development, communications and EMR fields. Prior to joining Terma, Hade served as the Chief Executive Officer of EDIMS LLC since May 2006. He has also worked on advanced technology for: Avanti Health Systems, PriMed, Hackensack University Medical Center, JP Morgan Chase & Co., System Arts, ChartScape, and SendWordNow (mission critical notification services for Time Warner, Walmart, U.S.P.S, and others). Shane has a hands-on technology approach and a focus on bottom-line results, which has enabled him to formulate and implement advanced technology and business solutions that have been successfully used to manage mission-critical enterprise level systems including: patient, banking, and trading systems. He has a team-based approach to management of emerging-growth IT service and product firms, and has worked with venture capitalists in raising funds and assessing technologies of companies seeking funding.

Jennifer Chisik, CTO
Jennifer has over 20 years experience in the design and development of commercial software applications. She is a founding member of the Terma Software team, and has been involved in all aspects of the design and development of Terma’s solutions, since the inception of Terma in 2003. Prior to Terma, Chisik was instrumental in bringing to market AutoSys/JobVision, a job management modeling and design tool that was acquired by Platinum Technologies in mid-1999. In addition, Chisik was the co-founder of InfoStructures, Inc., a software development and consulting firm which was responsible for bringing TESTBytes to market. TESTBytes is a test data generation tool for relational databases that was acquired by Logic Works, Inc. She has been the technical lead on a variety of enterprise-level products since the late ‘80s, with a specialization in usability/user interface design.

“Whether your company is in the financial sector, retail, healthcare, manufacturing – basically across all industries – Terma can reveal new business insights from your workload environment that will change the way you understand how your IT operations affects your business.”