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The #1 most widely used construction management software Procore Technologies, Inc.

thesiliconreview-craig-tooey-courtemanche-founder-ceo-Procore-Technologies-Inc-2018Every day, we speak or we see people speaking to construction firms still heavily relying on paper-based documentation, email chains, and spreadsheets to manage their projects. In some places, the only mode of connection with a contractor is phone calls. If you feel that this system of communication is complex and inefficient, then you should read about this company.

With their goal to help construction professionals increase their project success by simplifying project management with powerful collaborative software, Procore Technologies helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real-time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits.

Headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, Procore Technologies is a construction project management software company founded in 2003. Today, using their award-winning suite of project management tools, over a million registered Procore users across the globe manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more. 


After looking at the sheer complexity of coordination and lack of streamlines communication while building a new home for his family, Tooey Courtemanche built a web-based collaboration tool around the Microsoft Project schedule for the job. This tool made it possible to gather feedback from team members as to what was actually going to happen compared to the plan.

For years, he then visited job sites and learned about the inefficiencies that Project Managers faced on a daily basis. A daily job log, two-week look-ahead, a system for managing RFIs and a way to share project schedules were the first tools that Tooey Courtemanche built into a new web-based application that he called Procore.

But back in the year 2002, most people working in construction didn’t use email for work tasks. In the year since, with the advent of smartphones and laptops, Procore has grown to be the most used construction software application on the planet.


Procore has different products based on different requirements. Procore Construction Operating System (COS) was designed to connect people, applications, and devices in one central hub, helping the constructor manage the entire lifecycle of construction. One can make informed decisions on the matters needed, with centralized and standardized Procore data aggregation. Utilizing the Procore COS’s flexible and digestible data visualizations, easy-to-create reporting, and complete visibility into every crucial business process, the person can see leading and lagging indicators, determine key business trends, and make more accurate projections. Not only that you can manage, store, access, and share information from one central data source that’s guarded by Procore’s gold standard security protocols. With AES-256-bit encryption, continuous data backups, granular permission levels, and automatic user tracking, your information is kept out of harm agents all day, every day so you can mitigate risks—even in your sleep.

Procore Project Management helps a contractor or in general, any person, manage multiple projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility.From bidding to completion, the project can be kept up to date using the software and keep the team in the loop so no change goes unnoticed. Procore is a drawing-centric application. If everyone isn’t on the same page, important details get missed. That costs money, time, and frustration. Procore puts everything a team needs (submittals, RFIs, punch lists, photos, and more) into the current drawing set so that everyone has what they need when they need it.

Quality and Safety helps to pinpoint any problem and solve issues across all the projects using data and reporting dashboards. It enables creating customized reports, sharing, and taking action on those reports quickly so one can keep doing the things that make the team excel, and stop doing the things that might put everyone at risk.

Construction Financials gives the field team the tools to track, record, and report real-time cost impacts all in one place with an extremely easy-to-use interface (no four-year accounting degree required). The field team gets the answers they need, while the accounting team keeps the control they must have.

A team built on values

At Procore everyone aims to work hard to create and maintain a culture where one can own his or her work, and are encouraged to try new ideas—all while in an open, collaborative environment. The team is built on values. OPENNESS - A ready willingness to engage and express as well as to consider new information and ideas. OPTIMISM - The ability to envision and pursue favorable outcomes—even in the face of challenges, and to believe in the capabilities and goodwill of oneself and others. OWNERSHIP - The sense of having a personal stake in a project’s or team’s success and the feeling of empowerment and responsibility that goes with it.

The humble founder              

Craig “Tooey” Courtemanche is the Founder and CEO of Procore. More than a decade ago, Tooey leveraged the power of the Internet to improve construction project management. After beginning his professional life as a builder, Tooey transitioned into the technology industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he owned a successful web application firm. Having this dual experience in construction and technology, he began the development of the cloud-based software that is now Procore. Today, hundreds of thousands of construction professionals worldwide manage their projects with Procore.

“Frictionless construction at your fingertips”