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The Battle-tested Tactician: Augury IT CEO Garett Moreau, the Invisible Man, Outsmarts Cyber-Crooks on All Fronts

thesiliconreview-garett-moreau-founder-augury-it-2018“Business is under assault from cybercriminals like never before, and the cost to companies is exploding.”

In the summer of 2015, several of New York’s most prestigious and trusted corporate law firms, including Cravath Swaine & Moore and Weil Gotshal & Manges, found themselves under cyber-attack. The hackers had snuck into the firms’ computer networks by tricking the partners into revealing their email passwords. Once inside the partners’ accounts, the thieves snooped on highly sensitive documents about upcoming mergers. Then, from computers halfway around the world, the cybercrooks allegedly traded on the purloined information, netting $4 million in stock market gains.

In light of the above scenario, we are thrilled to present Augury IT – an innovator in Information Technology, Network Security, and Business Continuity.

The company was incorporated in 2014 and is headquartered in Irvine, California.

Garett Moreau, Founder of Augury IT, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below are a few notable excerpts.

Rewind: Taking Flight

Augury was founded in response to the growing demand of clientele asking Garett Moreau to start his own company. “We expanded organically, without any sales or marketing whatsoever, and continue that legacy today. Our clients and prospects are most attracted to our service levels, subject matter expertise, and the fact that we do what none of our competition does: combining Cyber Security and in-house Solutions Architecture, with a passion for creating polished infrastructures.” At Augury IT, everything from design, to deployment, to ongoing maintenance, and management – it’s all done in-house, at the highest service levels, and with over-qualified experts.

Challenges: Taking the Bull by the Horns

When a group of peak-performance engineers starts a company, it doesn’t matter if they’re the best in the world at what they do. The fact is, there are several concurrent responsibilities, most of which exist outside the core competency. Yet the success of a company relies on all of them: management, legal, sales, accounting, HR, etc. A key concept is this: identify and hire All-Stars in those areas where your company may be weak - not in areas of strength. After all, if two people in business agree on everything, one of them is superfluous.

In Full Swing: Thinking Beyond the Box

The factors that contribute to our innovation are many. For one, we provide flat-fee, unlimited managed IT services that is unsurpassed. For another, we retain a unique combination of cybersecurity talent, solutions architects, deployment engineers, and networking/systems engineering experts. In other words, the experts designing and deploying your technology are the SAME experts who are maintaining it. Hence, there is nothing to “lose in translation” and ensures we’re able to provide the best all-inclusive experience when it comes to protecting your infrastructure.

We provide the type of talent that most companies cobble together piecemeal - and that often leads to a conflict in culture, approach, and aptitude. Fast forward a few months in time and what you’re left with is a “Frankenstein infrastructure” held together by a mountain of band-aids. Again, this is because the folks maintaining it lack the aptitude of those who designed and deployed it. I really can’t emphasize enough the benefits this brings to the client. In addition, there’s also a residual advantage gained through our approach - it avails creativity in design and leads to multiplicative results. We’re all on the same team from Day One.

Our clients get with us what they cannot get anywhere else. They save millions of dollars and lost hours of productivity – not to mention the attendant headaches and frustration. The fact is, qualified cyber-security talent available on a full-time basis is extremely scarce – currently there are over one million unfilled cyber-security positions worldwide (for 3 years running). Just think about it for a moment: if world governments and Fortune 100 companies cannot quench the thirst for cyber-security talent, how can you?

Guarding Consumer Interests in Highly Volatile Markets: A Terrific Treat

In technology, you only stay afloat if you can stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape. Augury IT is in a constant state of mastering emerging technologies and understanding their myriad reverberations in the business world. As a result, the only people we compare ourselves to is who we were yesterday. In other words, the biggest competition is our own past track record of success, and in that sense, we are truly peerless.

We are proud of the service we provide and continue to outpace the competition, enhancing our reputation in the process.

Testimonials: Elevating Client Relationships

Law Firm, Newport Beach, CA

“Our entire legal system is premised on the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege. In our ongoing battle to protect client data, Augury IT is our watchtower, Seal Team Six and DARPA – always looking for vulnerabilities, quickly eradicating known threats and constantly developing new defensive technologies. Not having Augury IT on our team would constitute malpractice.”

Logistics Corp, Ontario, CA

“Augury IT was the definitive IT choice for us. Their wealth of knowledge and understanding encompasses all aspects of IT and how it could potentially affect our business. They are able to make informed decisions on hardware as well as software issues that are always in the best interest of our company. I have worked in the IT sector for over 25 years now and have yet to meet anyone who knew more about the spectrum of IT and all of its many facets than Garett. His level of professionalism and expertise is unmatched and would be an asset to any organization.”

Protecting and Compelling Authenticity

“If you can monitor it, you can manage it.’ Conversely, ‘you cannot manage that which you do not monitor.’ If you are not prompting and receiving honest feedback, then it is merely a shot in the dark, as to what will move you forward in any capacity. Being communicable, welcoming, and even rewarding honest feedback is the only way to encourage authenticity and achieve prosperity with any level of certainty.” - Garett Moreau

Products: To be Launched

We have new and evolving products and processes, but for the sake of the cyber security of our clientele, we do not publicly disclose the details. ‘Industry best practices’ are laughable; adhering only to such ‘norms’ is essentially providing your adversary with a blueprint of your defenses. Our goal is to make sure we proactively identify and remediate security risks and improve threat detection across our clients’ entire organization. Therefore, it is imperative that our standard be much higher than simply adhering to common best practices.

Because adversaries are constantly exploiting poorly defended gaps in security, we invariably go above and beyond but seldom disclose the ‘how’. After all, I have never met a magician who reveals the ‘how’ of his tricks.

Future Arrangements: Quality Over Quantity

I see us scaling our existing managed IT/security service platform to small and mid-sized businesses. Adversaries are becoming more adept at evasion and many of today’s security gaps stem from the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and use of cloud services. However, as we continue to grow we’ll never allow ourselves to diminish the quality of service that we’ve always taken pride in. We intend to continue our focus on full support of the SMB segment by supporting large enterprise and government entities only in the capacity of advisers or ‘Fellows of Cyber Security.’ As we move into the future we will continue to make strategic and proactive security improvements that will substantially reduce exposure to emerging risks and provide increased visibility into the threat landscape.

Just remember: no one thinks it’s going to be them. Until it is.

Garett Moreau: A Promising Leader

Garett Moreau is the founder of Augury IT. He is a technology visionary with over 25 years of experience. Garett’s technical accolades date back to the 1980’s when he got his first PC and began programming in his early adolescence. His interest was piqued during the advent of the public internet, where he shifted his focus to manipulating network traffic and systems. Mr. Moreau has dedicated his career to providing sound technology business planning and creative designs to businesses in and around Southern California.

“We retain cyber security talent, solutions architects, deployment engineers, with networking and systems engineering experts, to provide the best all-inclusive experience in technology.”