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The Brightest Mind who served Nine Years in Dataxu: Aaron Kechley, the man with the Right Marketing Strategy

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Dataxu mainly focuses on helping marketing and media professionals use data to improve their advertising. Its software empowers you to connect with real people across all channels, including TV, capturing consumers’ attention when and where it matters the most.

In 2009, dataxu® was founded on the premise that data science could help make marketing better. Not just more efficient for agencies and their advertiser clients, but also more personalized and more engaging for consumers.

In 2019, dataxu remains a software company whose products help successful marketing professionals like you use data to improve advertising.

Dataxu may be powered by data, but the truth is it inspired by you. Your business challenges are what gets it up every morning and keeps it going. “Your wins are our wins and your successes feel like our successes,” says the company. Dataxu always strives to be even better, to help you and your business get even better, too.

The company believes that data, when analyzed, reported and applied with transparency and ingenuity, holds the power to take you and your clients further than ever before. It exists to help you use the power of data to create insights into your clients’ most important audiences, to connect with them more personally and with greater impact.

In a world of walled gardens and opaque business practices, dataxu offers unobstructed visibility into your markets, audiences,and performers. It is focused on helping you and your team solve tough business challenges by providing the data-backed confidence you need to demonstrate your achievements.

Products Offered by the Company

Marketing software in the company is built with your needs in mind. Dataxu's 3 products empower you to connect with real people across all channels, capturing consumers’ attention when and where it matters most. It helps in reaching audiences who don’t do “TV”. Basically, TV targeting is done like never before. Reach custom audiences across mobile devices and traditional TV screens with effective, one-to-one messaging. Also, you can connect TV ad spend back to sales with detailed reporting.

Make a big impression or a few trillion through its licensed #1 ranked, powerful, and easy-to-use omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP). With it, one can access 3 trillion global ad impressions and further tap into AI-powered optimization that never takes a day off.

Holistic customer view is something that everyone is looking for. OneView™ offers real-time identity and data management that sees how customers shop, across any device, with privacy controls, built right in.

Big data but not big dollars, so customers can drive better outcomes with more informed marketing investments. Advanced analytics and customer insights give you the confidence you need to up-level your strategy.

The Marketing God

Aaron Kechley, President of Platform & EVP Product Management and Marketing:

“Think of our senior leadership team as your senior team”, says the company. Its bench includes accomplished innovators, inventors,and entrepreneurs who have previously built large, successful companies. The senior leaders are dedicated to its customers, to continuous innovation, and to making data work harder for you and your clients. One of them is Aaron Kechley.

He is the product innovator who brings dataxu’s vision of data-enabled marketing to fruition, creating a platform that gives advanced analytics capabilities to non-quantitative employees. Rooted firmly in technology and business strategy, Aaron’s experience spans numerous industries, from consumer finance and security, to e-commerce and advertising technology.

He has completed his BA, Economics at Williams College and later completed his MBA, General Management, Marketing, & Corporate Finance at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Prior to dataxu, he started out his career as a Petroleum Industry Analyst at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. He stayed there for two years and later moved to a company called Westlake Consulting Group which is now Lucidea as the Director & Equity Partner that went on for three years. After which he became the Vice President of Technology at MaMaMedia, Inc. for a year. For a short period of time, he even worked as a strategist and held leadership roles at EMC and several venture-backed start-ups, including ChoiceStream and Aaron began his career as an economist at the Federal Reserve Board, where he first developed his passion for understanding the intersections of marketplace efficiency and technology.

“Dataxu’s story started in aerospace, but our focus today is helping marketing professionals use data to make their advertising better.”