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The Freedom of Worry Free Back Up: Let’s Blomp Along!


It sounds crazy, but of the many cloud services available, we don’t know how to use their full potential but somehow always use the full capacity. They aren’t very straightforward or easy to maneuver through when most of us just want an easy to understand platform we can have access to. Blomp understands this. Every cloud service tool and service Blomp offers is easy to use and easy to do.

Blomp is the fastest growing personal cloud storage service in the world. From its beginning, Blomp was designed to be fresh, flexible and versatile. By being the easiest way to store and protect favorite memories, store trusted documents, and other important information, Blomp has been making data protection and data integrity a no-brainer for users around the world.

Beginning to Blomp

Blomp aims to address every challenge a person has: user-friendliness, speed, reliability, cost, and space. Blomp started out as a frustration –limitations in other cloud services – and became this amazing solution by creating an easy, user-friendly space.

Blomp isn’t just easy to use; it’s efficient and quick. Simply take a file, confirm, and you’re done! Once your file is on Blomp, anywhere you go with the app and have access to the Internet you have your file. Eliminate the mess of multiple cloud services. Also, most of these different cloud services are incompatible to sync with one another! Instead of bothering with that frustration, centralize all your storage on Blomp. Blomp is unique for its wide range of compatibility with devices and software, allowing its users to consolidate and create a secure, digital storage. Blomp is open and standards-based, so you can use software written for other services as well!

It’s Right to be Reliable

Most of the time, we believe that regardless of what service we’ve stored a picture, video, or file, it should be saved and secured. But what happens when we start to max out on space? The universal clue to upgrade or change is that awful notification that you are running out of space. That’s where lines get blurred, confusion sets in, and oh no, where did that awesome picture of you and your friends in the Bahamas go? With so many different files in different places, we can’t remember where they are and if they are safe. Blomp secures every single one of its users’ files until the user chooses otherwise.

Other systems have outdated capacities and capabilities. Everyone knows personal data is growing like crazy and yet no one has a single place to trust with these ever-growing sizes! Blomp understands the growing demand – the need for more secure digital space. Blomp creates an opportunity to protect your most important data (photos, videos, documents, etc.) where members are not limited or restricted by artificially low limits and without compromising security.

Blomp is cloud storage meant to be used by everyone. Nowadays, people are handling more data from more places – including old media that isn’t easy to access anymore – think film and SD cards. They aren’t available today, but that doesn’t mean the memories need to go away with them.

Blomp allows all of them to be stored quickly and easily and never have to move them or worry again – all while staying instantly accessible wherever you are (desktop, a mobile, web, or wherever else!)


The Cost-Cutting Solution

A real benefit for paying customers of Blomp is, with such massive amounts of storage available, Blomp creates a fast, highly competitive service and can maintain incredibly low prices. Once a member creates an account with Blomp they receive 20 GB worth of free storage. A member can receive up to 200 GB of free storage by inviting friends to join Blomp. If more storage is required Blomp has amazingly affordable prices for storage up to 10 TB.

Solving the Space Problem

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating when you try to take a picture and instead you receive a notification that the phone is unable to save anymore images? You might miss that perfect moment, or not even realize you’ve stopped recording until it’s too late! Blomp seamlessly integrates with your life to make sure that you always have what you need to capture and enjoy the best moments of your life.

Blomp is easy to navigate, fast, and reliable. This means your images, videos, and data are exactly where you put them, every time. No more wondering where you saved something and frantically searching before a deadline.

Storing important images, files, videos, and cherished memories can be so much easier with Blomp. Family pictures, photo albums, home videos; all can be saved and stored in Blomp’s secure cloud. Large files such as research projects, theses, and homework, can be easily saved and retrieved. The tremendous appeal about Blomp is that the security of important files can happen in an instant through whatever device on hand. Wherever you go, Blomp goes too.

Case by Case with Blomp

Blomp has the ability to address each individual’s need without the hassle and frustration most other cloud services can create. How so?

Take a peek at the stories of these happy blompers!

Space for the Students


Blomp offers a new option to users as a fresh, flexible, and versatile cloud service. As a resource, Blomp hopes to redefine the current understanding and utility of cloud services by providing a user-friendly, speedy, reliable and cost-efficient space that has not been seen before with other cloud services

The Challenge

Students quickly max out on space in their devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and use many services to meet the demands of their course loads and everyday storage. With so many areas of storage options with varied quality of data security, it is so easy to get lost in the clouds!

Solution Highlights

Students benefit from Blomp as it ensures data with a highly scalable cloud environment making data security and data protection simple. Blomp is a cloud solution that offers straightforward accessibility and management to all of its members, giving confidence that their information is safe and secure in one, centralized global platform.

The Solution

With Blomp, students can consolidate all their important files with room to spare and grow as they need.

Blomp benefits its members by:

  • Creating files folders to maximize efficiency and organization
  • Creating a central location to access any and all files stored on Blomp regardless of where the user is
  • Being a friendly and software compatible service-wherever there is access to the Internet or the app, there is access to Blomp
  • Being super cost efficient and effective- Blomp gives you a BANG for your buck

 The Results

Students can rest at ease and grow happy knowing that Blomp is there for them. The immediate effect of decreased stressed is simply through moving important files and protecting data. The frustration of juggling multiple cloud services and devices is eliminated. Being multi-device compatible and securing files immediately shows the tremendous reliability and proficiency of Blomp.

Blomp Testimonial: Arthur James, College Student

“My name is AJ, I am 22 years old, and I am a full-time student at the local college in my town. I study Biology but I am really interested in specializing in Public Health Services. Typically, my course load is pretty demanding. No joke, I need to keep track of written assignments, reading assignments, research projects, on top of laboratory data and supporting articles for different laboratory projects. And that would just be for one of my science classes, so maybe multiply that by 5. Currently, I am starting to draft my Capstone Thesis for my final as a senior and I absolutely can’t lose that so I have had to resort to different ways to save my stuff- it’s been pretty creative. I think I have like three or four different places where I can save my stuff. It’s a lot, I know but I would have to pay for more space. Plus, I’m a college student; I don’t want to pay for things I don’t have to!

Let me tell you, trying to keep track of where I put my different files on which devices is pretty tough, and to be honest, it’s not full-proof. I have had to ask for a couple of extension dates from my professors because some of my assignments and papers didn’t save properly or I couldn’t access them. It’s been hectic, to say the least. So I began looking for some options to increase my space on my laptop and phone because I have games and music and all that other stuff too.

 So I’m looking online and I see one of the recommended cloud services, called Blomp. I check out the site and I saw that as a free user it offers 20 GB and if I started paying, I could get up to 10 TB.

 Safe to say, now I use Blomp and I haven’t even made a dent into my storage. I can access it from my laptop, my phone, and even the library’s desktop all of which are different brands and the files are all there! Once I finish school, I’ll move some stuff around and delete things I don’t need for other stuff like my pictures of my family and places I’ve traveled so far. You know things I don’t want to lose. But yeah, so far I’ve been really happy with Blomp. The little icon guy is pretty cool too!”

Photos for Forever


Blomp provides a safe, reliable cloud service. You can count on it to store and protect all your important files. Blomp members can rest assured that their precious photos, movies, and files will never be lost or degraded because of Blomp’s exceptional data protection and data integrity.

The Challenge

Many times our phones fill up with too many pictures and videos. What do we do? We simply move them to our laptops or desktops. When those fill up we migrate them to some sort of cloud service, but those fill up as well! What happens if you lose your phone or your laptop dies? That’s terrible, irreplaceable loss and definitely not worth the risk.

Blomp ensures reliable, quality protection and accessibility regardless of device 24/7/365. Where you go, Blomp goes and grows with you.

Solution Highlights

Blomp equips its members with a highly secure and safe space to protect their data and data integrity. Moreover, it’s simple to use! Forget about losing pictures or deleting pictures to make room, Blomp protects your data so you’ll always have more than enough space.

The Solution

Blomp knows that every photo and video you take is important and precious. Blomp creates a private cloud-based data store that only you have access to anywhere on any device.

Blomp storage cloud:

  • Have access to Blomp regardless of location
  • Blomp can travel with you via the Internet
  • Can upload or download at any time
  • Multiple simultaneous uploads or downloads with no throttling
  • Highest quality data integrity and protection
  • Blomp is compatible with any and all devices and tons of existing software
  • No compromise in security

The Results

All of Blomp’s members can take pictures and record videos to their heart’s content knowing that their data is safe and secured wherever they travel. Blomp members benefit with the multi-device compatibility and accessibility as they can save and protect on the go. The reliable security and accessibility-assured platform are just some of its characteristics that make Blomp so appealing to its members.

Blomp Testimonial: Eva Wellington, House Spouse

“Hi my name is Eva Wellington; I’m 35 years-old. I guess the best way to describe myself currently is a house spouse [laughter]. I’m a mom of 3, my oldest is a 6 years-old, my middle child is 3 years-old, and my youngest is 5 months so you can say I have very exciting days. Because I’m with the kids the majority of the day, I like to send pictures and videos to my family and friends of the crazy antics the kids get up to. Sometimes it’s everyday little things and other times, it’s really cute and funny moments that I know I want to save but I have so much that my poor phone is running out of space.

I love getting pictures of my children especially when they are going through so many big milestones and are just so silly and creative. Last week my eldest was learning how to ride a bike. My 3 year-old loves pretending he is a race car driver. My 5 month-old makes the most hilarious facial expressions. These are big things! Yesterday, I had to delete a couple of pictures to take a video of my 6 year-old reading to his siblings on the couch. Like, it is so rare for them to be so still and in one place, so I had to delete pictures that I would have wanted to keep to take the video! It was so awkward, like which ones do I delete and how many do I have to?

I want to eventually be able to scrapbook and make an album of these memories but I need a place to put all these pictures somewhere other than my phone. After talking to a friend, she told me to just look for a better place than my phone to save the pictures and videos. I found Blomp, that my kids thought was adorable and found out that I could just transfer all my pictures from my phone. I checked my laptop and they were there too! It was so easy and convenient since I take my phone with me everywhere. I moved all my photos and videos to my folder. I am so relieved I have more space on my phone and don’t have to delete any more pictures or videos. Thank goodness for Blomp because I think it would have been devastating if I accidentally deleted anything important!”

“Blomp offers the best free cloud file, photo, video and more storage.”