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The Marketing Chief of SiriusDecisions, Jay Gaines Understands the ins and outs of Digital Strategy

thesiliconreview-jay-gaines-cmo-siriusdecisions-19Long gone are the days when businesses were not in support to give central roles to marketing leaders, as the leaders viewed marketing as contributing little to no value.Today, the marketing leaders are treated like gods of businesses, whether it is a product-based or a service-based company. The rise of technology has a major role in bringing a drastic change in this perception. Both data and technology are at one's disposal, but a true marketing leader knows how to make the most of it.

Every B2B sales and marketing leader is aware of the virtually endless universe of technology options they could consider as they try to enable their teams to improve performance and efficiency. With all of these options, determining what technologies one needs and whatis not required is often difficult. However, that’s still the easier part. The real challenge is gaining insight into what actually works and what doesn’t. And ultimately knowing how to make truly smart decisions is downright huge.

SiriusDecisions knows how to make it all work, as the company is backed by a dynamic marketing leader. It is working with clients and providers to help them look at the B2B technology and services landscape differently. SiriusDecisions was started in 2001 in a little cottage in the picturesque town of Southport, Connecticut, by two sales and marketing leaders who wanted to bring actionable intelligence to business-to-business executives. Since then, the company has grown significantly in both size and content expertise. Its offices now encompass the far reaches of the globe and are staffed by an ever-expanding group of trusted advisors.

Unique Business Model

SiriusDecisions is a research and advisory company focused on ensuring that product, marketing, and sales leaders can drive intelligent growth for their B2B organizations. Its research and advisory services form the core of SiriusDecisions’ business. Its analysts create research and gather data to deliver to clients via a subscription-based membership. In addition, the company adapts and deliversits proprietary research through consulting, learning, and events tailoring its offerings to how its clients prefer to engage.Its insights and advice are not opinions, they’re fact-based, supported by data, and developed using its proven methodology of peer review, benchmark data, and cross-functional filters that enables it to create a SiriusDecisions perspective on any B2B topic. Analysts are trained and certified to provide advice that reflects the company’s models, frameworks, and perspectives. Its reputation in the industry is a testament to its unique and objective research development methodology.

Company’s Offerings

Account-Based Marketing: SiriusDecisions helps account-based marketers perfect their craft, understand its interplay within the sales/marketing dynamic, build client trust and confidence in ABM, and fill or accelerate the sales pipeline with better accounts and opportunities. It calls upon its extensive experience base, cross-organizational resources, and expansive client base to give clients unparalleled support.

Brand and Communications: SiriusDecisions provides brand leaders with prescriptive advice, best practice learning, tools, and decision support to confidently manage the entire brand lifecycle. It helps clients make the right brand decisions, maximizing brand value, positive brand experience, global consistency, and measurable impact on the business.

Channel Marketing: SiriusDecisions helps channel marketing leaders increase internal awareness, demonstrate business impact and value to the organization and build cross-functional relationships. Its strategic channel marketing expertise enables it to deliver aligned channel marketing planning, successful indirect sales business, and the ability to meet channel goals and objectives. It helps clients develop channel marketing programs that align with go-to-market planning activities, corporate strategy and growth goals, and exceptional partner experience.

Demand Marketing: SiriusDecisions helps demand marketing leaders create a distinctive process to measure and manage how well they are cultivating demand. It is the engine for them to identify, qualify, and manage demand by assessing the progress they are making and identifying areas in which they can improve.

Portfolio Marketing: SiriusDecisions provides portfolio marketing leaders with the research, advice, and support they need to shift their go-to-market strategy from product-centric to audience-centric. By leveraging the industry's only go-to-market architecture model, many B2B organizations have increased lead conversions by 100% and delivered a higher quality pipeline.

Meet the innovative and results-driven Marketing Leader

Jay Gaines, Chief Marketing Officer, and Research Fellow: Jay Gaines has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of B2B industries, and it includes organizational design and leadership, marketing strategy and planning, marketing budget and operations management, demand creation, sales and marketing alignment, and digital strategy. Jay has held executive-level marketing and business development positions at both well-established and startup B2B companies where he consistently transformed marketing organizations to achieve significant and measurable business contribution. 

Prior to SiriusDecisions, Jay was chief marketing officer at EDR, a B2B information company, where he led all marketing, communications, market research, and events activities across the company’s six business divisions. Before that, he was vice president of digital marketing and privacy at META Group where he had global responsibility for all aspects of digital marketing strategy, advertising, Web site development and management, privacy practices and online business development. Jay was also director of business development and online marketing for EDGAR online, and head of marketing development at Times Mirror Magazines. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University.

B2B leaders rely on us to facilitate business priorities and bring to light opportunities for driving sustainable revenue growth through functional alignment.”