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The motto of IndigoVision is to keep everyone safe


The purpose of a security system is to make everyone feel safe. IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions including security cameras, video recorders, body-worn cameras, security management software etc.Its unique Distributed Network Architecture removes the need for a central server, so there is no single point of failure, greater resilience, and no network bottlenecks.

IndigoVision’s video security system is end-to-end, with all the reliability and compatibility benefits of a closed system, but it’s also open. IndigoVision’s Control Center security management software is a fully-integrated user interface for managing Video, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, and Alarms.

From airports to police forces to casinos to warehouses to neighborhoods or whole cities; it is a Security Manager’s best back-up.

Why IndigoVision

IndigoVision doesn’t just supply cameras, encoders, and monitors but also builds a safety net for its clients. It designstheir system end-to-endwith Distributed Network Architecture and no single point of failure; hence it’s flexible and reliable. Clients can add any number of cameras and work stations effortlessly. The company makes it smart, so their old analog cameras will migrate to IP and work with its HD cameras.

Clients can integrate other HD cameras where and when they need them. The same goes for other manufacturers’ security systems, such as Access Control, Communication Systems, and Perimeter Detection— pretty much anything else with its Software Development Kit. It has a global support team to back it all up.

When everything is connected and designed to work together, clients can sit at their desks with the IndigoVision Control Center at their fingertips so that everything can be seen and heard.

By investing in IndigoVision, one can discover that safety is a wonderful feeling!

Trademark Products

All IndigoVision’s products, from architecture to hardware to software, are single-mindedly designed towards enhancing security. So they work together – powerfully, seamlessly, and easily. And they also offer unrivaled flexibility.

Management Software: IndigoVision Control Center is a fully integrated user interface for managing video, access control,and alarms. It puts everything in clients’ territory at their fingertips. It is easy to install and intuitive to operate, Control Center video management software gives clients vision, sound,and oversight of all cameras, from 1 to 100,000.

Map-based Monitoring lets them navigate across cameras, while Pursuit Mode allows them to instantly follow any target from one camera to the next. They can respond to any event with fast forensic search, now including IndigoVision’s Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam.

Birds, fish, even people, move in predictable patterns. With over 23 years in IP surveillance, IndigoVision knows that data also flows in predictable ways. By monitoring that flow, IndigoVision’s CyberVigilant® technology, working with Control Center, detects hacking or performance-affecting anomalies and helps keep clients’ data safe.

Artificial Intelligence: IndigoVision’s Artificial Intelligence, powered by BriefCam is designed to keep clients and their business safe. It can track different colors, directions, sizes, and speeds. It can analyzetheir routes and dwell times. It uses next-generation video analytics software. It employs advanced computer vision and deep learning technology to intelligently condense hours of footage into just a few minutes, presenting clients with just the items of interest. Hence, their time is spent more efficiently and effectively on video review. Video search is done with ease; they can locate and investigate events quicker than ever before.

Available in two levels, its CyberVigilant® technology is available at the system level on a small compact device that is connected to clients’ security system or at camera level as part of the firmware on selected cameras in its BX range.

Cameras and Encoders: From IP Encoders to a complete range of High-Resolution Megapixel Video Cameras, the company provides everything. There are three ranges of cameras to choose from: Ultra Cameras, BX Camera (A camera that keeps clients and their budget safe), and GX.

Encoders offer an easy, cost-effective way of migrating legacy analog cameras and making them IP network ready. Customers can get all the benefits of an IP security system and they can keep their existing analog investment, without compromising on quality. In fact,their old cameras end up smarter within the company’s system.

Meet the Leader

Pedro Simoes, Chief Executive Officer: Pedro Simoes was initially appointed as the Company’s Senior Vice President – Global Sales in October 2017. Pedro took over as interim Chief Executive Officer in November 2017 and was confirmed as CEO in January 2018, at which time he was appointed to the Board. He is an experienced global sales leader in the security industry, with over 13 years’ experience in the sector, and prior to joining the Group, he spent nearly six years with Avigilon Corporation (TSX: AVO) where he was ultimately responsible for leading its Global salesforce and driving revenue worldwide.

“It’s not about pixels or data rates or cameras and software. It’s about how all those things working together thatadd up to your safety net.”