10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies 2019

The Premier Provider of High-Performance Storage Solutions: Panasas


Panasas® ActiveStor® Solutions support industry and research innovation around the world, with the fastest plug-and-play parallel data storage system, optimized to accelerate workflows, simplify data management, and deploy easily as an appliance.

Whether it’s building the next Dreamliner, winning a Formula One race, creating mind-bending visual effects, curing disease, or modeling climate change, the world’s leading companies trust Panasas® storage to support their most innovative high-performance computing (HPC) projects.

From dock to data in one hour, the Panasas ActiveStor® data storage infrastructure is consistently fast, easily adapts to changing workloads and increasing demands features the industry’s lowest administration overhead, and is future-ready for such emerging applications as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Now you can forget about storage and focus on what really matters.

The Ultimate in HPC Storage


With ActiveStor solutions, you get the fastest access to data and consistently fast performance regardless of complexity. You can also linearly scale performance and capacity without limitation.

Fastest Parallel File System Anywhere

The Panasas® ActiveStor® high-performance computing (HPC) storage solution is the fastest in the market, so you get more performance per budget dollar. You’ll achieve a faster time to results without sacrificing product quality.

Storage should never hold you back. Based on 20 years of Panasas file system innovation, the ActiveStor solution is architected for limitless performance. Panasas uses balanced design—powerfully applying disk, flash, RAM cache, and network speed—to optimize overall system performance. Panasas PanFS® parallel file system software—pretuned so you can set it and forget it—matches underlying hardware so performance is always maximized.


Panasas ActiveStor delivers true simplicity—with solutions that are straightforward to purchase, easy to deploy (dock to data in one hour) and scale, and even easier to manage (industry’s lowest administrative overhead).

End-to-End Simplicity

Speed is only one important part of the high-performance computing (HPC) storage equation. The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution is easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

With Panasas, you can deploy quickly—from the dock to data in one hour. Its low-touch solution is so simple to operate, it doesn’t require deep technical skills to manage. And because the system is self-healing, a single IT administrator can support the entire system, no matter the scale.

The ActiveStor plug-and-play HPC storage solution is the only one that integrates hardware and a parallel file system in a turnkey appliance. You can add storage capacity and performance quickly and without disruption.


Panasas HPC storage flexibly adapts to dynamically changing workloads and increasing demands while supporting multidimensional configurations to meet specific workflow needs—now and in the future.

Adaptability for Dynamically Changing Workloads

Workloads are dynamic, and the demands on your storage increase all the time. The company has designed the only solution in the market that can handle a wide range of workloads without tuning or retuning your high-performance computing (HPC) storage system.

The Panasas® ActiveStor® self-tuning, the low-touch solution requires minimal administration. It scales data and metadata independently and aggressively caches metadata in DRAM for high performance and low latency. The ActiveStor solution is purpose-built for adaptability and flexibility, so it can handle a wide range of workflow demands and file sizes.


With the lowest total cost of ownership of any HPC storage solution, ActiveStor delivers superior price/performance and the industry’s lowest cost of administration.

Superior Price/Performance

Panasas® ActiveStor® Ultra delivers industry-leading price/performance and the lowest administration cost in the industry. No matter what your scale, you’ll get more storage performance per dollar with Panasas than from any other HPC vendor.

Our balanced design—which intelligently uses disk, flash, RAM cache, and network speed—optimizes overall performance. You’ll no longer need to overprovision storage components to protect performance, minimizing your total costs. And because its architecture uses industry standard hardware—matched to Panasas PanFS® software—It has unleashed the full potential of the ActiveStor solution at every scale.


With the ActiveStor solution, data reliability increases with scale. Advanced erasure-code-based per-file data protection accelerates rebuild times, and extended file system availability provides even greater data protection.

Reliability and Availability

Data reliability and availability increase with Panasas® ActiveStor® Solution. In NAS systems, adding storage capacity boosts the frequency of drive failures, simply because there are more drives. Panasas uses software-based erasure codes to protect each file individually instead of protecting whole raw storage devices. File-level protection accelerates rebuild times, increasing data availability and reliability with scale.

Meet the Leader

Faye Pairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors:

Faye Pairman has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in the storage industry. Prior to joining Panasas in 2010, she was senior vice president and general manager of the storage business unit at Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, which acquired 3ware, where she had previously served as president and chief executive officer.

While at 3ware, Faye overhauled the company’s technology roadmap and operating plan to capitalize on market realignment and leverage advances in disk storage technology—resulting in revenue growth of more than 300 percent.

Before joining 3ware, she spent eight years at Adaptec in a number of senior marketing and general management positions. She managed the company’s largest and most profitable controller business, with annual revenue totaling more than $600 million.

Faye holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Pacific and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

“Companies in many industries want their data to be accessible, secure, and easy to manage. Our customers accomplish this and more with the Panasas solution.”