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The supply chain powered by financial technology: Taulia


"Founded in 2009, Taulia is the fastest growing financial supply chain company with an innovative business model and proven results”

The promise of a more efficient supply chain, financial as well as physical, has captured the imagination of many of the world’s largest organizations, but until recently there has been a gap between this vision and the current process enablers. Corporations and their suppliers have a diverse set of business goals, and what is typically to one party’s benefit, is to the other’s detriment. With the entrance of Taulia, a cloud-based FinTech company that injects technology into the supply chain to connect businesses worldwide, the market is being turned on its head, and all companies are coming out on top.

Headquartered in San Francisco and with various office locations across the U.S, UK, Germany and Bulgaria, Taulia is specialized in providing supplier financing, eInvoicing and supplier management solutions that revolutionize the way businesses interact and partner with each other. The company is the leading SaaS solution provider and connects a buyer’s ERP system to the cloud to provide suppliers with real-time access, collaboration and contextual financial supply chain functionality. Taulia has a vast agile engineering department, including Taulia Labs, which is dedicated to conceptualizing and experimenting with new, innovative ideas and technologies to ensure Taulia remains competitive and cutting-edge.

The Company’s Intelligence
Taulia is all about the exquisite technology it is using.On the operational efficiency side, Taulia’s solution is intuitive and user-friendly for suppliers, and completely free to use. On the financial improvement side, Taulia’s supply chain finance solution enables early payments to the entire supply chain, not just the biggest suppliers. At the core, one of Taulia’s greatest differentiators is that customers love working with them. Taulia has dozens of Fortune 500 brands that rave about their results and satisfaction with Taulia.

Products Offered by Taulia

Through a comprehensive suite of supplier financing, supplier management and eInvoicing, Taulia turns every invoice into a revenue opportunity, enabling organizations to strengthen supplier relationships while adding millions to the bottom line at the same time.

Supplier Financing
Taulia’s customizable and scalable solution giving suppliers fast access to cash while ensuring buyers hit strategic business objectives. The Supplier Financing offering enables organizations to use their own cash to fund early payments, or third-party cash, ensuring all suppliers always have access to cash with the click of a button.

Supplier Management
Taulia provides the most simplified and consolidated management of supplier data to collaborate easily with the entire supply chain. The Supplier Management toolbox is pivotal for organizations to maintain a central repository up-to-date and simplified supplier data.

Taulia offers free and flexible electronic invoicing to meet the needs of the entire supply chain, finally making 100% electronic invoicing adoption achievable. Electronic invoicing ensures accelerated invoice approval time, lowered processing costs and global compliance.

Taulia’s service isn’t bounded to a limited territory, it spans all industries. A sample of their clients includes Hallmark, John Deere, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Agilent, eBay, PayPal and more.

Client testimonials
“We selected Taulia for couple of reasons; one of them is “-not having supplier fees-“, that was something very important to us”. -Nick Arthur, Hallmark Cards

“Taulia combines dynamic discounting, eInvoicing, vendor self-service and vendor master maintenance in one product at a very cost effective way, which really made this an easy decision for us”.
-Brian Kurtz, Hallmark Cards

“The partnering they offer was incredible and the support from day 1 was really impressive, and it continued till today”.
-Rachel Sharkey, Finance manager, Northgate

Future Road Map
Taulia is focused on creating a more efficient supply chain and bringing affordable financing to the global economy. Through decongesting the flow of money, and enabling suppliers to get paid on invoices as soon as they’re approved, Taulia will free up billions in working capital for these companies to invest back into their business.

The logical next step for Taulia is to identify different events in the lifecycle of a buyer – supplier relationship, and offer tailored financing offers and working capital improvement opportunities.

Meet the Mastermind

Markus Ament, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Maex is often praised for his innovative thinking, market understanding, and overall business intelligence. Maex has transformed the company from an idea in 2009, to the market leading Financial Supply Chain Company, connecting businesses to create a more efficient and profitable supply chain. With an enviable list of the Fortune 500 clients and over 200 employees, Taulia has quickly become the recognized leader in the financial supply chain.

“With Taulia, you add millions to the bottom line, while benefiting every party involved”.