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Transforming Transportation through Technology and Insight: Omnitracs

thesiliconreview-john-graham-ceo-omnitracs-17Omnitracs LLC is the global pioneer of innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions serving the transportation sector. Leveraging unmatched industry knowledge and resources, we help companies of all sizes improve the productivity, reliability, routing, safety, and compliance of their transportation assets.

Today, Omnitracs continues to grow its comprehensive portfolio of proven applications and services to provide customers a competitive advantage through lowered costs, increased driver satisfaction, streamlined processes, improved customer service, and the unparalleled power of big data.

Don’t wait; Get ahead of the mandate

Discover new and innovative ways to increase productivity, reduce wasted miles, improve safety, and retain drivers by utilizing the latest in proven fleet management software applications and devices.

Get rid of the transportation costs

Omnitracs has a rich tradition of innovation by developing a comprehensive portfolio of fleet management solutions including integrated software, SaaS applications, and analytics platforms designed for commercial fleets. Since pioneering the first fleet management system over a quarter century ago, it’s been our focus to help fleet managers enhance productivity and improve performance.

We're dedicated to delivering value to fleets and business owners of all types and sizes, whether long-haul or local. Fleets across the globe depend on our vehicle management solutions to maximize their resources, protect their drivers, and monitor operations.

Be it in any aspect of fleet management, we have the solution

Running an efficient and profitable fleet is no easy task. You need solutions that serve the needs of your drivers, vehicles, customers, and managers all while meeting government regulations. Omnitracs empowers your organization to address every aspect of your business with proven fleet management solutions.

Compliance solutions you can trust today — and tomorrow.

Government regulations, cross-border controls, and local rules are all part of an evolving regulatory landscape. Omnitracs offers comprehensive HOS, IFTA, ELD, FMCSA and DOT compliance software that allows you to keep your fleet in compliance with the latest regulations, including the recent ELD mandate ruling. Smart fleet managers understand the importance of selecting compliance solutions that stay ahead of new and changing regulations to ensure continuity for their business.

Solutions that keep your assets and reputation protected while enhancing commercial truck driver safety.

One of the major concerns facing the transportation industry today is fleet safety. According to the FMCSA, driving behavior is the main contributor to accidents. Without safe drivers and driving behaviors, lives and money can be lost. Costs of unsafe driving behaviors add up quickly due to increased accidents, higher insurance premiums, and fines for non-compliance.

 Omnitracs’ commercial truck driver safety applications are designed to keep your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and reputation safe. At Omnitracs, we realize that simply collecting data is not enough. Knowing what this data means and how to use it effectively is critical to ensuring your commercial truck drivers' safety and protecting your vehicles.

Innovative fleet safety tracking software and applications provide insights that make it easy to understand the steps that must be taken for complete protection. Critical Event Reporting (CER) and Black Box Event Recording, for example, help reduce the number of safety-related incidents by enabling fleets to identify, analyze, and correct unsafe driving behaviors.

Critical Event Reporting (CER) - Prevent Accidents even before they happen

For best-in-the-industry, proven safety solutions, carriers rely on Omnitracs to help manage fleet driver safety behaviors and prevent accidents. The CER application monitors vehicles for significant safety-related occurrences and provides immediate notification of critical events to help monitor driver behavior and improve fleet operations. In addition to providing the data behind why an event occurred, Omnitracs CER proactively identifies unsafe driving behaviors to help prevent accidents before they happen. 

Data Analytics and Fleet Management

At this moment, your fleet is generating thousands of data points. This data can provide solutions to the greatest challenges facing members of the transportation industry. Predictive fleet analytics can leverage your data to build customized models that explain why events occurred, as well as suggest action plans to avoid them in the future. This insight empowers fleets to learn from past mistakes and to make intelligent decisions.

Accidents don’t happen accidently

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of accidents are not random, but the result of a gradual change in driver behavior, impacted by on- and off-the-job factors. Omnitracs Analytics analyzes the big data your fleet is already generating to build a predictive model that monitors thousands of data points for the hidden, yet impactful, trends that serve as predictors to accidents. These trends indicate changes in driver behavior that, through proper remediation, can be corrected before an accident occurs. 

Thrive in the New Transportation Landscape

The economy continues to experience rapid change, and the transportation industry sits at the very center. To succeed in this new environment, fleets and shippers must be agile, innovative, and efficient. With great change comes great opportunity, if you’re properly prepared to seize it. Our transportation management system (TMS) software solutions provide you with the fully-equipped TMS your fleet needs to capitalize on these changes. 

The Leader with a Vision

John Graham, CEO: John Graham is chief executive officer of Omnitracs, LLC, and brings a wealth of fleet management software, services, and technology executive leadership expertise to his current role. Before joining the Omnitracs senior leadership team, Graham served as president of the security, government, and infrastructure (SG&I) division at Intergraph Corporation, a global business that provides geospatial, mobility, and resource management technologies to both government and commercial industries. 

“Omnitracs empowers your organization to address every aspect of your business with proven fleet management solutions”