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Trust your data, Any time Every time: Validity


We cherish our relationship with each of our customers and will always strive to continue earning the trust you place with us every day.

It's critical to know whether a data source is trustworthy or not. Often companies overlooked this factor and get worried when the data turns out to fishy. Some data sources have instant creditability, while data from various organizations you may or may not be familiar with, have to be checked for creditability. In those cases, you should take a little time to determine how trustworthy the data is.

Validity was formed to bring confidence to all of us who rely on data every day to run our business. The firm realizes the importance of trusting data and all the challenges our operations encounter once doubt creeps in. As a global industry leader in data quality, its role is to ensure you have the tools you need to tackle the complexities of data administration and regain certainty with the integrity of your data assets.

Validity’s Trust Platform is comprised of software services and solutions that help you know where you stand with your data and enable an ongoing assessment and toolset to correct data issues. For over a decade, tens of thousands of administrators in over 20 countries across the world have trusted its products to regain integrity with their CRM data. Validity will continue to invest in its Trust Platform to share back with its community the insights gleaned in the best practices of data management.

A Brief Glimpse of Products Offered By Validity

DemandTools: The #1 global data quality tool used by thousands of satisfied Salesforce administrators. DemandTools is a data quality power toolset of more than 10 individual software modules, each of them performing a specific data quality task working with your CRM data.

Maintenance Tools: Solutions for data loading, data backup, and data manipulation.

Cleansing Tools: Solutions for deduplication and merging of duplicates at the Salesforce data center.

Discovery Tools: Solutions for comparing external data to the data already loaded into before importing.

  • Improving overall productivity in managing large data sets
  • Identifying and deduplication of data within any database table
  • Performing multi-table mass manipulation and standardization of Salesforce objects
  • Bolstering Lead conversion with robust customizable tools

DupeBlocker: Don’t let duplicates result in missed sales opportunities, productivity loss, and inaccurate reporting. The only real-time integrated duplication blocker used by Salesforce administrators. A sister product of industry-leading DemandTools.

DupeBlocker integrates within your existing Salesforce workflow to prevent duplicates.

Dupeblocker Scenarios: Administrators can choose to use pre-built scenarios or create custom scenarios to fit specific data needs.

Merging & Converting Tools: Ability to perform automatic merges and automatic conversions based on custom settings.

Warning Alerts: Each time a duplicate record is entered, it is blocked or a Duplicate Warning object is created.

  • Eliminate duplicates at the source
  • Improve sales and marketing campaigns
  • Immediate return on investment

PeopleImport: Used by thousands of satisfied administrators across the globe, PeopleImport provides an alternative to importing Salesforce data enabling automatic deduplication of incoming data sets.

Define Mappings: Import both Leads and Contacts at the same time.

Comparison Criteria: Perform multiple custom comparisons between incoming data and data in CRM.

Global Task Links: Create Campaign links and Tasks globally for all records in the input file.

  • Prevent CRM errors with advanced filtering
  • Create global campaign links and tasks
  • Provide most accurate campaign projections

BriteVerify: Dirty lists don’t deliver. Over 15% of the emails used in marketing lists are invalid. Messages to fake emails address don’t get opened and certainly don’t get read. But they do cause your messages to be flagged as SPAM. Remove the noise from your email marketing lists and focus on connecting with your real audience.

BriteVerify Email Verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time without ever sending a message. Validity’s Email Verification API can be added in minutes to anywhere you collect customer data. From web forms to landing pages, from mobile devices to Point-of-Sale systems (POS), BriteVerify instantly validates the emails you collect.          

Happy Customers

“I couldn’t imagine doing my job without DemandTools; it makes changes to Salesforce so easy to do!”

“Data Management shouldn’t be this fun!”

“DemandTools is the most effective application for manipulating Salesforce data.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Mark Briggs, Chairman, and CEO:

Mark Briggs serves as Chairman and CEO of Validity. He has over 20 years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies with a strong track record of generating exceptional shareholder value. Most recently, he served as CEO of ABILITY Network, a company he grew from <$10m to over $120m in revenue in four years. ABILITY was recently acquired by Inovalon (NASDAQ: INOV) for $1.2 Billion. 

Prior to ABILITY, Mark held executive leadership positions at Carefx Corporation, at NaviNet, was the President of MPI Solutions at QuadraMed Corporation, and served as the Chairman and CEO of LinkSoft Technologies, a company that he founded. 

Mark holds a Master’s in theoretical physics and a Bachelor’s degree in physics, both from Dartmouth College.

"Join the thousands of leading companies across the world that have relied on Validity data integrity solutions for over a decade to help manage the complexities of CRM data administration."