10 Fastest Growing SAP Solution Providers 2018

Undisputed Leader in Test Automation for Enterprise Packaged Apps: Worksoft


Today, every business is a digital business. End-to-end processes can span dozens of enterprise apps and digital platforms, and companies need to ensure that each one performs as designed. A disruption to business continuity is unacceptable – so every platform needs to work flawlessly. That’s where Worksoft automation comes in.

Manual labor is being replaced with digital labor – and Worksoft offers an essential automation path. Worksoft automates business process testing and discovery to ensure companies are ready for business even in the face of unprecedented change. Worksoft functional test automation lets you check every process and app for every project and across your enterprise, as often as you like.

Founded in 1998, Worksoft is a leading global provider of automation software for high-velocity business process testing and discovery. Enterprises worldwide use Worksoft intelligent automation to innovate faster, lower technology risk, reduce costs, improve quality, and deeply understand their real end-to-end business processes. Worksoft’s software is easy to use and provides the industry’s highest levels of automation – often exceeding 80% coverage of a company’s critical business processes. Global 5000 companies across all industries and more than 300 companies worldwide have embraced Worksoft’s automation technology to ensure quality execution, minimize technology risk, and deeply understand their real business processes.

Worksoft Products

Worksoft provides the world’s leading automation platform for enterprise applications. The fifth-generation platform provides automated business process discovery, documentation, compliance, testing, risk analysis, and RPA to support critical applications, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, SuccessFactors, ServiceNow, and more.

Worksoft Analyze

Worksoft Analyze is an easy-to-use solution that enables automation professionals to discover actual end-to-end business processes without having to ask someone how it’s done. Worksoft Analyze eliminates not only the need for user interviews but also all the resulting manual documentation. This drastically reduces manual labor and can cut weeks or even months from the overall project timeline. Best of all, because the business processes are now defined and documented within the system, you can use them to jump-start test automation efforts by importing them as test scripts into Worksoft Certify or even as business blueprints in SAP.

Worksoft Certify

Worksoft Certify is the industry-leading test automation solution for enterprise applications including SAP, Workday,, Oracle, and Web Apps. Built to test complex business processes that span multiple applications, Certify ensures that your software and business work exactly as planned. It enables business users and QA teams to run automated exploratory, functional, regression and integration tests across hosted and on-premise applications.

Process Mining for SAP

What if you could leverage your existing SAP system as a comprehensive source of knowledge of business process – all without consultants, data models or extensive IT commitments or without stealing valuable time from business users? Process Mining for SAP extracts the actual business process directly from SAP, dramatically reducing the interviews, meetings and other costly manual activities associated with business process discovery. Worksoft enables companies to jump-start SAP transformation projects with Process Mining by better understanding existing processes and automatically creating regression assets from mined processes for use in automated testing. Whether you’re in the planning phase for a S/4HANA migration or looking to accelerate change management for an existing SAP implementation, Process Mining can help you get there faster.

Worksoft Operations Suite


IT accelerates success with automation. It enables organizations to schedule and manage the unattended daily execution of automated tests, perform risk-based testing for application changes, and easily generate the documentation you need.

  • Worksoft Execution Manager: It allows organizations to schedule and manage the unattended execution of Worksoft Certify for daily business process validation. This enables SAP companies to fully utilize their automated testing infrastructure and achieve “lights-out” validation of critical business processes on a 24/7 basis. With Worksoft Execution Manager, users can group automated test scenarios, specify the order of automation tasks, define dependencies, and check the availability of resources from a single interface. Ensure the quality of your most important processes and systems around the clock with the ability to easily manage and monitor business process validation execution.
  • Worksoft Impact: It is Worksoft’s automated risk-based testing solution that can identify, recommend, and execute end-to-end business process tests based on a set of proposed SAP® application changes and their relationships to your critical business processes. Worksoft Impact helps you analyze the contents of SAP Transports on a daily basis in your landscape and then helps you efficiently validate the end-to-end business processes based on changes contained in the transport. Worksoft Impact identifies exactly where changes will occur – to help you focus your limited staff and QA resources in the most efficient way possible.
  • Worksoft BPP: It is a web-based solution for generating comprehensive business process documentation from the Worksoft Certify reusable asset library. Worksoft BPP simply and effectively creates “just in time” documentation from successful functional test results. The generated documents can be used to satisfy the ever-increasing demands for generating and maintaining accurate compliance and audit documentation of critical business processes in the face of constant change in the application landscape.

Worksoft Solutions: Intelligent Automation for Digital Transformation

Worksoft automation helps you get there faster and with more confidence with comprehensive solutions for process discovery, analytics, and testing.

Discovery & Documentation

Worksoft Analyze offers two discovery approaches. These can be used independently or together to accelerate business process discovery and produce the highest fidelity insight offered in the industry.

Process Mining for SAP is one way to jump-start continuous business process discovery. It does this by automatically analyzing historical data and documents from enterprise applications and constructing accurate process flows.

With just a transport, Process Mining automatically identifies and mines unique performances of business processes across SAP modules including Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, and Warehouse Management. The recovery is automatic, with no special requirements of IT or business users. The result is business process knowledge and understanding in record time.

Process Mining also features Worksoft Synthesis technology, which transforms mined data into executable business processes. Customers can recreate the end user steps required to re-perform the business process from an end user perspective. This creates business process discovery with enough fidelity for Robotic Process Automation or automated testing using Worksoft Certify.

Visualization & Metrics

Visualization is automatic in Worksoft Analyze. The Analyze multi-variant view is always current and always reflects the actual business process as performed by end users, whether mined or captured.

Business process mapping is a tedious task. Although perfect for communicating workflow and variation, creating and keeping diagrams up-to-date is time-consuming and costly. Worksoft Analyze creates diagrams on-the-fly, with an always current representation of business processes ideal for specific inquiry or analysis.

Worksoft Analyze maintains discovered knowledge automatically. The Workspace concept makes it easy to organize information and identify the business process area of interest and drill down.

Collaboration is part of the system, with built-in sharing features ideal for teams discovering, documenting, optimizing and using business process knowledge to the benefit of the enterprise. Analyze easily leverages the same underlying business process knowledge across unique investigations and projects without disruption to other users.

Analysis & Optimization

Worksoft Analyze delivers KPIs and LPIs in the context of business processes. Business Analysts and process professionals easily surface information in Analyze for the identification and diagnosis of process inefficiency, exceptions and regular workflows. Analyze has built-in metrics, and easily integrates with 3rd party systems for extended analysis.

  • Visualize:The Worksoft Analyze heat map concept places KPIs and metrics in the context of business processes, automatically scaling to the business activities and processes of interest. This makes the visual identification of outliers easy to identify for further investigation.
  • Correlate:Using two KPIs at once, Analyze performs correlation analysis. Easily compare utilization to performance, test coverage, failures, or any 3rd party system metric. Identifying outliners and best performers by complex, correlated data is as simple as a visual scan. Analyze makes the connection for even seemingly unrelated causes easy to spot.
  • Collaborate:Worksoft Analyze easily shares analysis and scenarios across Analyze users. Quickly create different workspaces for looking at and using business process knowledge. Workspaces can and often do overlap, allowing the same underlying business process knowledge to support many different projects and investigations. Analyze always reflects a full understanding of the known business process knowledge without requiring intervention or change by the user.

SAP Test Automation Software

As a market leader in enterprise software, SAP’s mission is to help every customer become a best-run business. From cloud and in-memory databases to mobile, analytics, and beyond, they offer solutions and services for every business challenge. Worksoft's automation software for SAP testing delivers end-to-end quality assurance.

  • Make Sure Every SAP Process Works: As the SAP landscape grows to include new applications and technologies, it is vital that every critical business process works at all times. The complexity of the enterprise landscape and the pace of change faced by organizations is driving companies to move their focus from the quality of individual applications to the quality of the entire connected business process. The more complex the environment, the harder it is to ensure that underlying transactions continue to perform properly across every enterprise application. Worksoft makes it possible.
  • Complete Sap Test Coverage: Companies use and customize SAP in vastly different ways. Worksoft is designed to test SAP business processes the way you use them – to meet your unique objectives. The automated functional and performance testing solutions help ensure business process quality end-to-end, across all applications, technologies, interfaces, devices, and geographies. From unit and regression testing to high-velocity daily testing, Worksoft handles every SAP process.
  • Automation: The New Standard for Quality: The days of testing with keyboards and keystrokes are over. Companies using SAP are turning to Worksoft automation to gain efficiency and improve quality by increasing QA coverage, accelerating projects, and reducing costs. Automation allows customers to confidently bring continuous change into their SAP landscape and know that they have validated their critical business processes – so that they continue to run as needed.

Client Testimonies

“Because we can link test scenarios from Worksoft into SAP Solution Manager quite easily, we use it for planning, tracking, and monitoring test execution. And by having process documentation in SAP Solution Manager, we have the foundation for test management because test designs rely on that process and technical information.”

- Jens Neuhaus, Director of Test Automation Service at Siemens Energy

“With automated testing replacing thousands of manual tests, the team shortened the timeline for each refresh by nearly 50% while also enhancing quality and achieving significant savings on each refresh.”

- Applied Materials, SAP Insiderprofile

The Man Behind the Success

Jim Kent, Chief Executive Officer: For more than twenty years, Jim Kent has led and grown software and service companies in both the U.S. and internationally. His extensive senior management and board-level experience include product and geographic expansion, M&A, and innovative sales and go-to-market plans. Jim most recently served as a Board Director for Exact Holding N.V. and CEO of Exact Software America where he increased operation margins, launched a professional services business, and led a five-year strategic product consolidation and business restructuring project – successfully integrating seven acquisitions and gaining significant operational efficiencies.

Mr. Kent earned his MBA from the Southern New Hampshire University and his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

“The Enterprise IT Landscape is changing at a dramatic pace and our open, flexible platform easily integrates to help companies leverage existing investments while implementing digital transformation initiatives.”