February Edition 2021

Tackling the Most Challenging Salesforce Projects: Veltig


Salesforce is a powerful system, and it can be challenging for companies to dedicate the resources and time to make the transition. Founded in 2006, Veltig, a California-based company, is taking the learning curve and guesswork out of the process through its premium Salesforce consulting services.

Like every company that has made it big, Veltig, too, has a good backstory. Denis Horgan, Founder and CEO of Veltig, has been a life-long entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial journey began when he was just a teenager. But as his career developed, he worked on projects which took him away from entrepreneurship. But he was introduced to in 2006. And there was no turning back from there. The founder saw the potential of and floated Veltig Consulting, which joined the Salesforce Partner program. The company has grown with Salesforce’s tremendous growth. Veltig started as a 2-man shop in 2006, and today it is a 20-employee team.

Salesforce’s Premier Partner

Today, Veltig is one of Salesforce's premier partners. Key to their continued success with clients over the years is their philosophy: Adoption Matters. For over ten years, Veltig has been helping companies transition to Salesforce with ease and confidence. It has helped its clients’ with set-up, data migration, customization, staff training, and much more.

As a Salesforce Registered Partner, businesses can trust that Veltig’s certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure that their Salesforce adoption gets implemented. The company goes about its business in three parts to guide its clients to success:

  • Optimize Your Operations: Doing things the same way because they have always been done that way, or because a different program forced you to do things that way doesn’t mean that you should continue to do them that way. Salesforce provides the flexibility that allows businesses to configure the system; it allows them to configure it the way that their company does business. This allows a company to capture data that has been missing or stopping capturing data that is not important to the company and making data available whenever required
  • Delight Your Users: Salesforce offers great flexibility, but businesses have to ease the use of Salesforce so that users can use it easily. Salesforce has built-in workflow and approvals engines, allowing people to automate manual tasks for the users, making their experience great and helping capture the data they need. This helps companies obtain rich data on the customers
  • Liberate Your Data: By rethinking what data is important to the business and making it easy for the team to capture that data, Veltig ensures that its client has rich data set to be able to make business decisions on. Reports and Dashboards are built into the Salesforce platform, allowing users to get instant visibility to the data on the device that they want to get it on

Salesforce for You

With a smart and committed team, Veltig continues to invest in their skillsets by keeping their Salesforce certifications up-to-date. The company makes sure that it understands its client’s business. They have the objective experience that makes them stand apart in the space. Veltig considers itself to be a business systems company dedicated to working with your sales team, marketing team, and operations managers.

The Leader

Denis Horgan, Founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur, he founded multiple service-based businesses, charting and tracking growth on his first home computer: the Commodore 64, as a young teenager. He has studied Business and Hospitality, and began his career in operations where he found himself organizing technology requirements. He eventually transitioned into IT.

Denis worked for Hotel Information Systems (HIS), the leading software provider in the Hospitality Industry. He spent two years working on the opening project for EuroDisneyland, now Disneyland Paris. In 1994, he moved to HIS corporate headquarters in San Francisco where he helped build one of the first “Middleware” solutions. Denis went on to build the HIS integration team and manage network implementations for customers. In 1998, he went to work for Disney Theme Parks and Resorts where he managed Hospitality and Sales applications, and later, Supply Chain and Logistics.

He was introduced to in 2006 which eventually inspired him to establish Veltig Consulting.

 “As a Salesforce Registered Partner, you can trust that our certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure you achieve your goals.”