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We make ecommerce easier for multichannel businesses: Webgility

thesiliconreview-parag-mamnani-ceo-webgility17“Process is a revolution in thought that leads to changes in business.”

Ecommerce is booming in almost every sector while at the same time, new cloud-based solutions make it possible to manage a highly professional online shop at a fraction of the cost. Ecommerce gives businesses a competitive advantage because they are able to automate the sales, inventory, accounting, and shipping data. Automation is a faster and more affordable solution for running a small ecommerce business. The role played by enterprise business process (EBP) is vital in e-commerce. It is the end- to -end coordination of work activities that create and deliver the ultimate value to the customers. Running a business without an enterprise business process plan is analogous to preparing for a big game with only a roster of key players, no play-book, and no practice. In this scenario, companies like Webgility make it easier for e-commerce companies to run their business.

Back in the Day

Ecommerce operations are complex. When Webgility was founded in 2007, it aimed at simplifying ecommerce operations, making it easier for the retailers to merge the entire process within a single system. Headquartered in San Francisco, with its international branch in Indore, India, Webgility makes running an ecommerce business easier by helping thousands of multichannel companies automatically connect to and sync their sales data, inventory, shipping, and accounting. The company’s senior management team has expertise at, AT&T, Bell Labs, Avaya, BigCommerce,, Gate6, Google, Oracle, Intacct, KPMG, and Lucent and has assisted in making Webgility a leader in ecommerce solutions with both its flagship software Unify and its stellar customer service.

The Evolution

Initially, the company was established simply to automate accounting and now it does much more. In fact, for the first time ever, industry leaders in sales, accounting, inventory, shipping, and integration have come together with Webgility to centralize operations and data for ecommerce businesses. Webgility’s initial product was called eCC (ecommerce connector), which helped to bring the data directly from the seller’s online shopping cart into QuickBooks. With this solution, Webgility started with 50 clients and then realized the trends of the changing market and the need to provide more features for their customers who sell on multiple channels. The changing market required the customers to update their technologies to keep pace with the competition and this was how Webgility founded its way to automation of inventory and shipping. Thus, eliminating the need of multiple technologies and bringing the whole process within a single dashboard.

Unifying Systems

But all retail sellers do not use QuickBooks, so Webgility has expanded its accounting integrations to include Xero and NetSuite. Unify also connects to more than 100 systems throughout the ecommerce retail industry. Webgility’s Unify brings these systems together and adapts to the customers’ needs and the ever-changing environment of ecommerce. It integrates the best of breed of software and systems so its customers can compete, increase profits, and scale whenever they want to. This inclusive approach has been instrumental in shaping Webgility’s roadmap to success.

Webgility’s Unify enables online retailers to see a broad, multichannel perspective of all revenue streams and expenses, providing wholistic financial insight for strategic business decisions. Unify’s dashboard gives SMBs the operational stamina and competitive edge that, until now, has been only available to massive alpha retailers. Ecommerce involves complex processes that include data entry, accounting, and sales tax compliance. But Unify automatically posts all orders, expenses, fees, and shipping costs directly into QuickBooks, Xero, or NetSuite. This makes the accounting timely, accurate, organized, and tax compliant, and makes business easier for online sellers. 

Customers Weigh In

“Unify helped us get our Shopify and QuickBooks online in sync quickly during a critical period. It’s a great solution.”

- Wayne Robbins, HitRecord

“Unify is really easy to use- the ability to unsync an order is a bonus.”

- Natalie Moore, 

“This solution is super helpful syncing every detail to every order with Xero. It makes life a lot easier.”

- David Burke, Great Lakes Collection 

Meet the Founder 

Parag Mamnani, CEO: Parag’s passion for technology comes from hands-on experience in design, development, and marketing of business software. He has led cross-functional teams to deliver software solutions for thousands of ecommerce companies. Parag’s ecommerce expertise, innate leadership skills, and smart business savvy drive Webgility’s growth. He began his entrepreneurial journey while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University. As a Partner and Head of Technology at the web development startup Gate6, Parag helped grow the company into one of Top 5 interactive agencies in Arizona. He then joined as Product Management Lead and Evangelist for Amazon WebStore, where he launched the WebStore Developer program and managed Amazon’s largest customer accounts, generating millions in revenue. At those positions, Parag realized the tremendous need for an automating solution and his love for helping SMBs succeed was the inspiration for Unify. 

“Our Unify software adapts to our customers’ business needs and adjusts to the rapidly changing ecommerce industry. Unify just make business easier.”