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We reduce your operating costs and increase your bottom line profitability: Artha Systems

“Save time, mitigate risk, gain peace of mind and above of all, achieve success.”

Artha is a leading global supplier of business management software and services for all businesses. “At Artha, we live and breathe business every day. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their ambitions,” says Venku Mandalap, CEO. The companys’ range of business software and services is continually evolving as it innovates to fulfill customers’ needs.Our solutions support a wide variety of business operations which include: accounting, inventory management, point of sale, shipping and warehouse management as well as the specialized needs of the retail, distribution, manufacturing and other industries. Artha is a world-leading supplier of ecommerce and business management software created to fit all sizes of businesses. Its purpose is to help the customers run their businesses more effectively while helping them gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes. The company has a fast growing base of customers with offices across the United States, the United Kingdom and India.

The Market Scenario
Based on current market conditions, the company is in the process of launching to level the playing field for the small business owners in the retail sector. Luminous is designed for small businesses with approximate annual revenues of $200,000.00 and up. It has been customized for smaller businesses and focuses on core features and products that can be used to successfully operate internal business operations, ecommerce, point of sale and other day-to-day tasks. Luminous features a comprehensive automated business data process, spanning across multiple core business modules in a real-time environment. The Artha solution approach for Luminous will streamline the business and manage all the processes in one seamless application. Luminous is equipped with advanced ecommerce, point of sale, inventory management, vendor management, shipping, bar coding, and off site consignment inventory management. It also provides easy access to deliver drop ship items by vendor, automated invoicing, business analytics and customer management.

“From the intuitive design to the expertise of our people, we focus on giving you the confidence and control you need to achieve your business ambitions.”

Business Management at its Best
Artha has designed a solution that integrates multiple modules that can be tailored to meet a set of core functions within a business. It is designed to auto-write data between modules. Users can simply update a record and it carries forward to populate all critical transaction points across relevant modules. This solution will enable the company operator to
access information quickly with a clear picture of all business concerns. The cloud solution developed within CRM, ERP, e-commerce and point of sale is closely integrated. The cloud solution is the perfect tool in a new era of exciting technology.
Artha’s cloud-based software for the manufacturing sector encourages key employees to experience a new outlook about the business.

“It isn’t easy after all!” says CEO
“Many business owners are not comfortable with change. Artha has a full end-to-end solution that will allow businesses to focus more time on the growth of their operation as opposed to the majority of time being spent on operations. Positive changes will come from their investment. You just have to be willing to manage the changes accordingly. If you are a dedicated and committed leader to your organization, you owe it to yourself to see the incredible features and many benefits provided by our cloud-based solution.”

The Customer Dimension
The company targets the Retail sector. Its growth is planned in the NJ, NY and Pennsylvania tristate area. Phase 2 will focus on the New England area followed by Washington DC south to Florida. The goal is to revolutionize the retail space nationally and eventually internationally. In the education category, Artha currently has its software implemented in 12 campuses for special needs students(K-12) in New Jersey. The Galaxy application provides them a complete end to end school system solution. West Cape May Elementary school is a new client with 100 students that will be using the Galaxy application. Its Galaxy application is a SaaS solution that is a comprehensive system that integrates data in real time and is made available from any browser based device.

Not sure about your new ERP system? ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a system with a single source code providing comprehensive integrated data across all platforms responsible for running your business?
  • Do your current systems help your operation run efficiently?
  • Do you and your administrative staff find yourself logging into multiple systems?
  • Do you have business intelligence and the capability for ad-hoc reporting?
  • Can you use your current systems to provide valuable analysis to determine areas that might need your attention in a quick and efficient manner?

Here are five signs that your organization may want to consider a new ERP from Artha Systems.

  • You need information more quickly.
  • Your hardware needs to be replaced or upgraded.
  • Your system is heavily customized, making regular maintenance difficult.
  • Your software is no longer meeting your needs.
  • Your software is no longer being supported or the company is no longer in business.)

Replacing your administrative system has many benefits, from better workflow and mobile technology interface to increased efficiency and new capabilities (such as using the cloud). Artha systems’ consulting team has assisted many clients with this process. Whether you need minor assistance, or a lot, we can help.


Meet the Master

Venku Mandalap, founder and CEO: Venku has worldwide experience in strategy and general management in supporting telecom, media & high tech and global manufacturing companies. Mandalap has experience starting companies from idea to product development and market raised capital and manages a team of professionals. Over the course of 30 years he has a long, successful record of delivering results. He has been helping businesses in process improvements with the use of technology. In addition, Mr. Mandalap has achieved a high standard in the development and deployment of critical risk management cloud based software for businesses and companies of varying sizes. His previous work experience includes positions at Deloitte and KPMG, LLP. Mandalap received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Madras, a M.S. in manufacturing engineering from NYU, Poly and a PMD from the Harvard Business School.

“Our vision is to be recognized as the most valuable supporter of all businesses by creating an atmosphere which enables business to have the freedom to become successful.”