10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies 2019

World-class Leaders in Cloud Service Providers: Scality


Today’s digital economy demands a disruptive approach to infrastructure. Scality delivers web-scale storage that has powered digital businesses since 2009. The Scality RING, the company’s software-defined storage, turns commodity x86 servers into an unlimited storage pool for any type of data (file and object) at petabyte scale. Today’s enterprise IT departments are under constant pressure to meet insatiable digital business needs and Scality is here to help with the most scalable, durable and cost-effective solution to meet clients’ storage needs. Scality understands the unique cost-effective storage scale, availability and performance requirements Cloud Service Providers demand to ensure the success of their digital business.

Why Scality

Scality RING software-defined object storage provides a fundamentally different way to store and manage data, transcending the limitations of storage appliances and NAS.

Guaranteed 100% Uptime: Scality RING fully protects clients against downtime.

Scale Capacity and Performance on Demand: Scality RING automatically rebalances data to allow unlimited growth. As the system expands, data is dynamically redistributed to ensure that hardware is always utilized to optimal efficiency. Scality RING delivers a consistent “14 nines” of data durability.

Enterprise Cloud Storage Ready: Scality RING provides secure, S3-optimized cloud infrastructure for all clients’ data, regardless of its type or format. RESTful and S3 interfaces support object data. Native NFS and SMB compatibility do the same for file-based data. Scality RING provides full encryption with LDAP and Active Directory integration for secure access control.


Enterprise IT: Scality understands that storage is not a “one size fits all” proposition. It not only understands the complexities and requirements of clients’ use cases, but it has also taken the next step in providing a more complete approach to satisfying these issues.

Service Providers: Service Providers have to be able to move on a dime, knowing that they can build-out linearly to accommodate volume at a predictable cost. In the “as-a-Service” world, predictability matters. Scality understands data, data growth and, the critical nature of data security, integrity, access, and availability. Clients can scale their storage business with agility, flexibility, and confidence.

Backup Storage: Backups matter and CTOs & CIOs know it. Scality understands the unique application requirements specific ISVs such as Veritas, Commvault, and Veeam place on storage to ensure a cost-effective and reliable backup solution that can scale as required for today’s ever-demanding Digital Business. Scality provides the only storage to lower TCO by allowing users to mix and match standard servers. Unlike conventional storage, this enables worry-free capacity expansion as the data is managed by software and not tied to appliance form factors.

Financial Services: Flexible storage is critical to launching digital services in a hyper-competitive financial market. With the Scality RING, clients can scale data resources with great dexterity: securely, cost-efficiently, and without limits. They can gain all the storage capabilities needed to support private storage clouds, compliance archives, and web-scale applications.

Media and Entertainment: Ensuring that data is always available when and where clients want it and that it’s in the format required for application calls for an object storage solution built with a solid understanding of content preparation and delivery workflows. Scality understands the demanding performance, scalability, and management requirements that content developers and the applications they use to place on storage. Scality RING object storage provides them with the right platform for the job—on-demand performance and capacity scaling, always-on 100 percent guaranteed uptime, easy access to enterprise cloud features, all on the standard mix and match servers to keep TCO low.

Meet the Leader

Jérôme Lecat, CEO: Jérôme Lecat is a serial entrepreneur and business angel with 20 years of internet infrastructure start-up experience. From 2003 to 2010, Jerome led Bizanga, the leading email MTA for service providers, which he founded with Olivier Lemarié, Marc Sheldon and Giorgio Regni. Bizanga achieved major market penetration worldwide and was successfully sold to Cloud mark in February 2010. In 2001, Jerome became Chairman of the Board of Data Center Technology (DCT), a Belgium based start-up which developed a unique Content Addressable Storage (CAS) technology, especially for the backup market. In 1994, together with Olivier Dauchot and Olivier Lemarié, Jérôme founded Internet-Way, an ISP focused on the enterprise market. As CEO, he built the company from a garage start-up to the second largest ISP in France. In 1997, after the company had reached profitability, he sold the company to UUNET, where he served as Vice President of Products for EMEA.

Jérôme has also been active as a business angel and Board member in several leading technology companies, including Vision Objects, the world leader in handwriting recognition, which was sold to DoubleDay in 2009. Jérôme holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale des Pontset Chaussées, and a research master’s degree in Cognitive Science from Université Paris VII.

“Scality can save you millions on your storage costs!”