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Xpedient Digital: Helping businesses establish themselves in the competitive digital space with its digital marketing & advertising services

thesiliconreview-narasimha-reddy-p-founder-md-xpedient-digital-2017With the evolution in modern technologies, businesses are either changing their business models to an online one or working on their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies in order to capture the growing and lucrative online marketplace. The world of commerce is moving more and more towards a digital marketplace and businesses have to expand their reach and connect with their target market through digital marketing tactics. By adopting such tactics as a part of the overall strategy, business owners can get the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth. Successful digital campaigns demand a combination of research, identification, industry knowledge and expertise, and Xpedient Digital provides all of these along with its end-to-end solutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in a brand’s digital marketing efforts.

Xpedient Digital specializes in creating the total web presence that small businesses & brands need, to make sure they reach their online audience of current and prospective customers. All the opportunities in digital, social and emerging media will be evaluated, to develop audience insights to meet the client marketing objectives.

Influencing the brand image and campaigns

Xpedient Digital constantly works on the latest digital technologies happening around the world and implements them so that readers can get better user experience. All of its portals are responsive and user-friendly with latest technology. It also analyzes user behavior continuously and improves the quality and relevance of the content thus increasing the percentage of return visitors.

Over the last 11 years, Xpedient Digital has successfully launched 50+ websites driving millions of visitors to these websites using search, social and referral traffic. Xpedient Media (media planning/buying vertical) has partnered with many bloggers and publishing companies to sell their digital media. Initially, the company faced the challenge of lack of availability of the right talent which is needed to create quality content and execute the global campaigns. As there was not much awareness about digital marketing industry and the right skill set 6-7 years ago, Xpedient had to train the resources internally and help them handle the digital campaigns. And it also had to work with a lot of freelancers initially to create high quality content targeted to global audience. Xpedient offers sponsored advertising & influencer marketing solutions in more than 20 verticals and works with top 100 digital agencies around the world.

Solutions that help reach bigger markets

Xpedient aims to help its clients achieve and exceed their growth and revenue goals. It seeks to accomplish this through the creation and superior execution of revenue-driving solutions. 

  • Marketing – The firm can effectively help clients approach target customers through various means. It is rich with knowledge and expertise, and having worked for numerous years in this area, Xpedient can provide marketing consultation services for companies across all fields.
  • Advertising – Xpedient has helped to perform strategic ad placement for numerous clients. It is capable of analyzing market requirements before embarking on the right solution. It has represented many firms, delivered sponsored content/advertisements to websites and bloggers that attract audiences of their interest.
  • Branding – Xpedient is striving to push companies towards a stronger brand positioning online. It uses tools that are critical to success on the web, ensuring that a brand builds its reputation on web. The company enables a sound user experience from the layout of the site to all other elements. It refines and re-positions the client’s site, ensuring that it delights visitors at the first click.

Generating a steady flow of targeted traffic that converts sales and leads

Most of its portals are niche-specific and attract global visitors. However, Xpedient has recently launched few portals in pharma and healthcare space targeting Indian audience. The company mentioned, “Indian healthcare and Pharma sectors have huge potential for growth in the coming years, so we want to focus on these sectors, apart from our existing global portfolio.” Its portfolio and experience of working with global media, marketing and advertising verticals is what makes Xpedient different from others in the domain. In addition to this, it has built a huge network of partners and affiliations with global digital companies over the last few years which would help it drive more audience growth.

Xpedient offers digital media, marketing and advertising solutions like sponsored content advertising and email marketing campaigns to its global clients. Apart from this, the company also offers advertising solutions like influencer marketing and event promotions. Till date, Xpedient has served over 1000 clients globally and over 70% of them get back with new business deals. Good percentage of its business comes from the existing clients and Xpedient considers this as its client satisfaction metric and success of its campaigns.

The roadmap ahead

The company is planning to launch few portals in B2B space especially in pharma and healthcare. With multi-channel content portals, Xpedient can collaborate and digitally connect the industry influencers and decision makers. It will also continue to grow and invest in healthcare, lifestyle, travel, business and technology portfolio. Xpedient is looking forward to achieve 10M+ visitors in the next 12-18 months.

“Our Mission is to be a fast growing internet Media Company; where in we give value to our Readers, Advertisers, Partners and Investors. We are building more digital media properties and investing in B2B technology space in the coming years to achieve this”, the company said.

Knowing the Founder & Managing Director, Narasimha Reddy P

Narasimha is an Internet Entrepreneur, who has successfully built over 50 web portals and sold multiple businesses. With over a decade of experience working with multiple digital platforms & channels, he continuously explores new business opportunities in the digital space.

“We want to be recognized as a leading provider of marketing and branding solutions. We are committed to earning our clients’ trust through outstanding execution and uncompromising dedication to their success.”