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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

A Leader in Wireless M2M and Industrial IoT: FreeWave Technologies

“Based in Boulder, CO, FreeWave Technologies is a leader in industrial M2M (machine to machine) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) wireless networking solutions that support a wide range of industrial and military applications.”

FreeWave Technologies was founded in August 1993 in Boulder, Colorado. The goal of the company was lofty – to build the best Spread Spectrum radios in the industry. While there were others already in the market – even some large, publicly traded companies – FreeWave kept true to its mission and steadily built a name for itself in several large, industrial markets, including oil and gas; government, defense; precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, utilities and more.

The company was built on three basic principles:

  • Listen and serve your customers exceedingly well.
  • Hire the best and the brightest people.
  • Be profitable.

Over the past 20+ years, FreeWave has accomplished all these goals, and much more. FreeWave currently serves 29 of the 30 largest oil and gas companies in the world; has millions of radios in the field; and has exceeded 2 million flight hours on leading military and defense platforms.

FreeWave has been recognized throughout the industry for its innovative and excellent technology via countless industry awards and praise. Today, the company is focusing on its next big opportunities– the exploding M2M and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) markets. It plans to raise its bar of success once again and continue providing the same top-notch quality service its customers on which it built its name and reputation.

What Sets FreeWave Apart
The company’s fast, flexible, and secure M2M wireless networking and communications solutions serve the industrial and military markets in a wide variety of applications. Some of the key market differentiators include:

  • 20+ years as a leader in best-in-class M2M and IIoT communications solutions.
  • Millions of units deployed to over 5,000 customers across the globe.
  • M2M solutions used by 29 of the 30 largest domestic oil & gas producers.
  • Exceeded two million flight hours on unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
  • Also a recognized M2M and Industrial IoT leader with government and defense contractors, agriculture equipment manufacturers, utility operators in both electric power and water/wastewater, and more.
  • Exceptional and unparalleled customer service.
  • Strong, long-term customer base that has built trust in FreeWave, knowing that their M2M solutions are built right from an overall cost and performance standpoint.
  • Comprehensive range of support services including network design, path studies, and pre-installation engineering.
  • M2M solutions excel in rugged outdoor conditions and environments where they successfully meet the most challenging demands and requirements of customers.
  •  Unique company culture that emphasizes dedication and willingness to go “the extra mile” for customers and partners.

Wireless IoT and M2M Solutions
FreeWave Technologies provides wireless machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to industry leaders around the world. Customers rely on FreeWave products in mission critical military applications as well as critical, industrial, municipal, utility and recreational applications. The unmatched quality, versatility and reliability of the company’s solutions support are used in locations ranging from the Middle East to Mount Everest, Permian Basin to the Amazon Rainforest, and from Antarctica to New York.


  • IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award 2015.
  • SmartGrid Product of the Year 2014.
  • M2M Product of the Year 2014.
  • 2014 Best in Biz Award.
  • 2014 Best Practices Award.

Knowing the Masters

Kim Niederman, CEO – Kim has more than 20 years of senior executive experience (including serving as CEO and president) with a successful leadership track record in public and private companies of all sizes – ranging from large high-tech (Cisco Systems), to mid-size corporations (Polycom, Inc., FORE Systems, 8×8, Inc.) and several startup firms. Most recently, Kim served as president of 8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT), where the company’s market cap increased five times to more than $1 billion in two-and-a-half years under his leadership. Kim’s expertise is with companies that are experiencing ‘paradigm shifts’ in technology, creating and executing innovative go-to-market strategies and sales models. He enjoys building great teams, and developing cohesive cultures and operations that are relentlessly focused on increasing shareholder value. Kim earned his BA in Political Science and Mathematics from the University of Denver and Directors Consortium (for Public Companies) from the University of Chicago.

Scott Allen, Chief Marketing Officer – Scott is an executive leader with more than 25 years of experience in product lifecycle management, product marketing, business development, and technology deployment. He offers a unique blend of start-up aggressiveness and established company executive leadership, with expertise in product delivery, demand generation, and global market expansion. As CMO of FreeWave, Scott is responsible for product life cycle/management, GTM execution, demand generation, and brand creation/expansion strategies. Prior to joining FreeWave, Scott held executive management positions at Fluke Networks (a Danaher Company), Network Associates (McAfee), and several start-ups including Mazu Networks and NEXVU Business Solutions. Scott earned his BA in Computer Information Systems from Weber University.

“Our mission is to help our customers transmit mission-critical data via secure, highly reliable licensed and license-free M2M communications solutions.”