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A leading global IT application developing company: Deemsys Inc


Deemsys Inc offers the best-in-class application maintenance solutions that relieve the customers of the cumber some and tedious task of managing their technology landscape.

Founded in 2004, the company has successfully been led by its CEO, the charismatic and successful entrepreneur, Jacob Benjamin. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, USA, Deemsys has a large presence in the US, India and Brazil. With decades of experience behind them, Deemsys associates have developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in web and mobile technologies that help set the customers apart and on top in their field. They absolutely understand the prominence of business commerce and perfectly blend with it the web art to deliver seamlessly the desired results that ensure the full satisfaction of their clients by making their ventures highly profitable.

Deemsys Inc’s illustrious track record is built on its prowess in understanding the clients’ specifications, redefining their requirements, and its competence in designing, developing, testing and integrating software across multiple platforms. Adopting this approach across all applications, including web technologies, the company focuses on providing integrated business models with a thorough understanding of the client’s IT environment.

Unstoppable Deemsys

Learnguild, one of the products of Deemsys Inc, provides e-learning services to educational institutions and companies with a view to transforming the learning process taking into account the needs of the changing times and carrying it far beyond the four walls of the classroom or the training center. Learners can access courses anywhere, anytime using an internet connection via computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles. Learnguild has been built using Java/J2EE, Ruby on Rails, AWS Cloud, JSF, Velocity, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat and MySQL.

Deemsys Inc’s first LMS project was managed using a web-based project tracking system. This web based project tracking system was made available to all the team members and the developers of Deemsys so that the objectives were defined very clearly and the bugs were identified early on and rectified meticulously making the final product bug-free.

When Deemsys started offering online courses, it was very particular to garner feedback on technical issues from the users. From the customer feedback, the company realized that many of the users were not computer savvy and had difficulty in navigating the LMS portal, even with something as simple as printing the certificate on course completion. Keeping this in mind, Deemsys provided the required information in the “Help” section giving them an option to request a copy of the certificate from the company, thus making it easy and convenient for the customers. The client feedback also revealed that some of the clients had challenges designing the online courses. To help the clients and course designers, Deemsys Inc started providing “Custom Course Design” features. This helped retain the customers and increased the demand for the product.

Milestones of Deemsys

With the constant demand for newer technologies to meet the clients’ changing needs, Deemsys provides solutions that can conveniently adapt to cloud or mobility applications giving an additional value to their clients. With the continuous improvements in technology, the company faced the pressure to execute quickly to beat the competition in the LMS business. Using J2EE architecture the best LMS platform was designed for the benefit of our clients.

Moreover, since the founders of Deemsys Inc were educators, the goal was set to develop products only for the education and healthcare domains. The first such product was Learnguild LMS. Since many students around the globe are able to take online courses from leading universities using MOOC, the company felt that online learning is going to be the future of education, and Deemsys focused on delivering quality online education for people all over the world.

Recently, Deemsys signed an MOU with a college in Sierra Leone to offer online courses. Deemsys Inc is given the responsibility to design and develop the entire online courses for their Business and Computer degree course offerings.

Awards and Accolades

The company has enjoyed consistent growth winning numerous awards including the appreciation from the Governor of Ohio in 2009. Deemsys Inc was recognized as one of the leading Inc 500/5000 Corporations in 2009, 2015 and 2016. Apart from this, Deemsys was recognized as the top 50 Women Owned Business in Ohio, Top 100 Minority Women Owned Business in the USA and Fastest Growing Woman owned business in the USA by from 2011 to 2016.

Future of Deemsys

The company has left its footprints in technologies like Java/J2EE, Ruby on Rails, Php, Html/Css, Angular JS, mobile platforms like iOS application development iPhone, iPad, Android application development, Windows application development in native as well as cross-platform frameworks.

Other Deemsys Inc signature products include EHR (,,,;,;; and Recently Deemsys Inc started working on the Augmented Reality (AR) products for education and healthcare domains. The first product release is scheduled towards the end of 2017.

Meet the Mastermind

Jacob Benjamin, the President and CEO of Deemsys, a university level educator for more than 20 years, has designed and developed numerous e-learning courses for advanced learning. He has also worked closely with researchers from the Washington State University and the Ohio State University and designed and developed many research applications.

“We bring to fore the enormous experience built on the past successful technology engagements.”