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50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

A Niche Software Solution Provider Popular for Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions:NetServ Technologies

“We are passionate, involved and we love what we do”

NetServ is a software product engineering Services Company. With a belief system that seamless integration at every level – business, technology, knowledge and culture – leads to a co-creation of values, the Company aligns to customer’s vision and goes beyond the specifics to build a long-term, committed engagement. NetServ’s engagement model is designed to use its technology expertise from the perspective of addressing real world business issues. The Company’s operations span India and US and utilize its on shore – off shore model to offer the most cost effective solutions for clients. What makes NetServ different is its belief in being an organic partner to clients by adding tangible and measurable value to their business.

NetServ Services

Product Engineering – acquiring extensive expertise and robust knowledge in architecting and developing software products and solutions NetServ delivers products which are of strategic value to clients, and result in tangible business gains. The Company has unmatched capabilities across the entire product life cycle from Need Identification, to ideation, to pre and post production and support.
Mobility Solutions- mobile solutions are aimed at taking product engineering solutions beyond a user’s system to mobile devices like phones and tablets. With a lot of time being spent by the workforce on the field, this result in real time access not only to critical information, but also enables customers to conduct business functions, no matter where they are.

Business Intelligence – With the massive amounts of data coming in and out of a company every day, it is crucial to support all of the business decisions with real-time and impeccably accurate information. NetServ’s business intelligence services directly address the business needs and challenges of organizations. Their experience and strong capabilities enables them to uncover information from the mounds of organizational data, and analyze and report in a manner that is best-suited for informed decision-making.

Business Process Management – Business Process Management division was set up with the objective of completing the “fulfillment” cycle of customers. This division addresses the needs of the customer’s customer. This was formed to deepen the Company’s relationship with its clients as an organic, strategic partner.

Social – social media is aimed at helping customers to build a consumer connect with their customers, Improve their brand recall and perception, monetize their brand, engage employees and collaborate with partners.

Being a core, organic partner to customers: Engagement Model

This is driven by three cornerstones

  • Technology, which is its core area of expertise
  • People, who are critical and at the heart of all their achievements
  • Business understanding, which drives customer engagement beyond just project delivery

These three cornerstones are brought together by the critical elements of

  • Process capability
  • Lean thinking
  • Knowledge management

Life at NetServ
The Company believes that People are the key to its success, hence NetServ, invests a lot in developing Employee Competency. An in-house approach, validated by academicians, enables the Company to build competency at all levels. ‘Energize to Excel’ is the mantra around which Life at NetServ revolves. Despite the Company’s growing popularity, it retains family values and ensures that every employee is part of a cohesive culture. An open accessible environment, coupled with freedom and empowerment ensures that every individual is “energized” to “excel”. Employee engagement programs, fun, celebrations, sports and events are part of the fabric of Life at NetServ.

The Path Ahead
NetServ’s mission is to seek sustained and aggressive growth as a niche software solution provider striving to delight customers through innovative and cost effective solutions. The Company’s growth is attributed to its commitment to attract and develop talent and retain a team of motivated and satisfied employees. NetServ looks forward to expand business reach, improve sales conversion and have enduring client relationships. By harnessing cutting edge technology and leveraging its key technology partnerships, NetServ will offer cost effective and innovative solutions from a strong team of technology professionals. The Company’s another undertaking is to become a strategic partner to all business functions and proactively respond to changing & demanding business needs. The goal is to enable, equip and develop employees to achieve aligned objectives. The HR division will aim to act as a catalyst in fostering team work and to nurture a culture based on performance.

“We believe in an environment of integrity, trust and sense of pride.”

Key Executive

Sam Murthy Bharath, Founder– Sam is one of the founders of NetServ and heads the US operations. He has 30+ years of experience in the area of information technology, and has worked extensively in Australia and the US, apart from India. Building NetServ into a successful organization is what he is passionate about and is relentless about achieving the company vision. An avid sportsperson and fitness freak, he also spends his free time in creative pursuits like pencil sketching.