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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2019

A One-Stop Solution for all Telecommunications, Cloud, WAN and Data Center Services: Shamrock Consulting Group


Founded in 2008, Shamrock Consulting Group is a trusted ally to enterprise IT leaders responsible for making the most difficult and sensitive decisions related to technology procurement. Shamrock provides comprehensive and objective analysis at no cost to its customers, helping them make the right decisions on any product from any provider at the guaranteed best price. Whether it is related to telecommunications, cloud, wide area networks or data center, the award-winning company is always well-prepared to help their clients make informed decisions and get the best pricing and contract terms available. Shamrock has its offices in El Segundo, CA, Hollywood, CA, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, and Boston, MA.

A Colloquy with Paul Cooney, President of Shamrock Consulting Group

Q. Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

While working as a sales manager at AT&T in 2008, I noticed something that customers desperately wanted but the market couldn’t provide: an independent and carrier-neutral agency that could provide a comprehensive analysis of the market with complete objectivity. An agency like that didn’t exist at the time, so I started my own with Shamrock.

One of the cool things about Shamrock is that we don’t have a specific vertical; our sweet spot is any medium to large enterprise with multiple locations, but our vertical is any business with a need for telephony and connectivity (i.e. almost any business in the world). If our customers need it, we can sell it for the guaranteed best price.

Q. How has your company grown over the years? What do you view as the driving factors behind your growth?

Certainly, technology in and of itself has been a huge driving force for Shamrock. Technology is ever-changing, and we’ve been able to successfully grow and adapt along with it.

Apart from technology, our people have been a major driving factor behind our growth. I knew early on that we had something special and that I wanted to be able to share it with a team of like-minded individuals. A consulting group isn’t like other companies that can grow with capital and headcount.
A consulting group is only as good as the ideas and strategies that its team is able to produce. That’s why we’ve established a culture of accountability and inclusivity.

Everyone on our team has free license to voice their opinions openly, and every team member is directly responsible for not only Shamrock’s growth but for their own personal growth as well. This, more than anything, has helped us become as successful as we are today.

Q. A company is only as good as its team. However, apart from that, what are some other assets to your organization?

Flexibility: We try to leverage every possible advantage for our customers with regards to providers, products, or solutions.

Sustainability: This goes hand-in-hand with flexibility. Whatever product or service is in demand from our customers, we’re well-positioned to deliver it to them for the guaranteed best price.

Technology as a Necessity: It is all about technology nowadays. Any successful IT leader will tell that leveraging the most-cutting edge technologies correctly is the difference between success and failure. As long as companies need technology to innovate and grow, Shamrock will be around to help with that process.

Transparency: We don’t sugar-coat anything. Our promise is to make our customer aware of every single option available on the market, walk them through the pros and cons of each option, and help them make the most informed decision possible for their business.

Q. Do you have any new products or services getting ready to be rolled out into the market?

Over the past few months, we’ve designed a new tool from scratch that we’re extremely proud of: This proprietary tool allows customers to compare the three major public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) in minutes through a single pane of glass.

Shamrock’s Cloud Cost tool will populate available regions, cloud provider uptime, individual product costs, and total costs of a given workload, all at the click of a button. Our tool is far easier to use than any of the major cloud providers’ own pricing calculators and it provides to-the-minute pricing accuracy.

We see as being an incredibly helpful tool for IT decision makers, CFOs and even sales personnel who want to deliver a detailed cloud proposal to their clients with lightning-quick precision. We truly believe our tool will change the way cloud deals are made for the better.

Q. Kindly enlighten us about your future plans for the company?

Security is a big one for us in 2019. We’re actively working to gain the education and build the strategic partnerships necessary to position ourselves as market leaders in security. We’ve been extremely successful in covering virtually any product or service with regards to telecom, wide area networks, cloud, and data center, but like many companies in our industry, security is something we’ve largely stayed away from in the past because it’s an incredibly complex and ultra-sensitive topic.

Additionally, we’re placing a continued focus on marketing to attract larger opportunities (which we’ve already seen a lot of success with), building more streamlined internal processes, and bringing in more talented and driven people to help drive our vision forward.

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Paul Cooney, Founder, and President of Shamrock Consulting Group: Cooney grew up in the small town of Pleasantville, New York and graduated from the University of Richmond. After graduation, he moved to Boston and found early success selling fixed wireless for Teligent, Inc. in the late 90s and early 2000s. He eventually headed out West to Hermosa Beach, CA and became AT & T’s top sales rep in the country before taking over the struggling LA sales team and turning them into one of the best in the country within 6 months. In 2008, Paul created Shamrock after noticing a large gap in the industry for an independent direct sales agency with the capability of selling any product from any provider.

“We believe that improving your enterprise network should be easy, not an exercise in futility.”