Top 20 Mobility Companies 2015

Actualizing IoT in the Epoch of Mobility : eBiz Solutions LLC.


In the present era, Mobility, business intelligence (BI), and social collaboration have been hot IT buzzwords. Moreover, there’s no doubt that businesses are going mobile and social like never before, creating new challenges for IT departments. In the midst of everything, eBiz Solutions emerged as a global player in providing innovative product engineering, analytics, digital solutions, and mobility, cloud and enterprise services for small and large-scale enterprises. Mobility solutions have nowadays become important to many businesses and enterprise mobility solutions have made communication easy for workforces who are spread across various time zones and continents. eBiz builds a powerful and strong communication system enhancing strong bonds with customers and stakeholders, promoting internal as well as external communication leading to enhanced profits.

“The Silicon Valley and Memphis both are big places for start-ups; we have lot of solutions that support start-ups ranging from social commerce, data apps to the latest of IoT apps. We have an edge in working with the latest technologies, and we are trying to capture the eastern area in US from mid south and west coast,” says Sanjeev Bora, Partner and Chief Solutions Evangelist at eBiz. The firm was established in 2005, headquartered at Memphis, TN, understands complex business challenges, and delivers solutions that drive transformational growth. eBiz also has operations in India(Hyderabad and Vizag), consistently offering high quality, professional, and effective solutions with excellent customer service widely.

eBiz experiences a ten year old journey, it has evolved as a design company, and this design was usually from user experience to user interface, for instance user experience based interface for an app which is primarily used when user is on motion vs interface/experience while user is on impulsive social network. Gradually the expansion of eBiz happened in the digital forum. “Then we have expanded into multiple areas, we eventually became an engineering company, we got unique opportunity of addressing various engineering challenge in different domains.” Since 2009, when iOS was released we had great learning journey along with the market. We meticulously addressed challenges in the enterprise mobility market where agility and precision is very important. We delivered good number of MEAP and cross-platform based apps based on customer need and that become one of the major part of the company today” affirms Sanjeev.

“Today, eBiz stands as a ‘leader’ in the cutting-edge area. The firm gets involved completely with the bleeding edge technologies and contributes a lot to the open source. As a result, one gets to know about the ‘current’ happenings in the market like the IoT ” adds Sridhar Sunkara, Chief Executive Officer of eBiz.

If one sees the wearable aspect of the market trend in IoT, it is observed like almost everything talks today. eBiz started to work and contribute to the common frameworks in such a way that their solutions are as per the standards and the market adapts to that. The company always addresses to the technology; this is how they get onto the edge for working with the latest products.

Dispenses Impeccable Offerings
eBiz offers CRM solutions for apps and for Salesforce. From the Social perspective, they also offer social commerce apps. “We have developed various apps for Universities as well. We are diversified cutting across many industries,” states Sanjeev. Big clients of eBiz are The University of Memphis, The Jackson University. In addition to this, ePayment America is the biggest client from social commerce perspective. One of the oldest clients is which is a 100 year old company.

eBiz follows the USP which states deep level of Understanding; “We actually introduce common sense everywhere to design a solution, like who is the consumer?? How easy it is to use a design to a consumer, how many steps does it take for him to accomplish. How your design has to be so that tomorrow it is available for the integrations for others products. When we speak to our prospect we try to use our abilities and knowledge that helps to design the solution at its best, and make it future ready,” says Sanjeev. Going ahead with this mission to provide the most innovative and complete sales and marketing platform, backed by the best service and support in the business, to enable maximum ROI and growth for small and mid-sized businesses. The firm designed and developed Gmail Gadget for GreenRope which can bring GreenRope data directly into Gmail interface. GreenRope is a SaaS-based, comprehensive business operations platform including Intelligent CRM, Automation, Marketing and Sales. GreenRope leverage the services offered by eBiz that enabled them to view all the open activities as well as CRM activities history.

Another part that eBiz is looking at now is the “Internet of Things”. This is the ‘happening trend’ in the market and they have delivered solutions in this area too. “We start from the sensors, data generated from the gadgets, and gadget related sensors. We work on the custom design of the gadget to the way the algorithm is designed to read the data from these sensors and then present the data through the apps make it reachable to the end consumer. We supply to certain vendors in healthcare space who actually sell the gadgets to their end consumers,” explains Sanjeev. “Likewise, healthcare collects all the data from all consumers and that data is used in overall health analytics, which is our future market . This data can be used for predicting the healthcare in the Memphis City itself. We are trying to work with the standard frameworks like data collected from the lowest of the things can be utilized for the biggest of decisions.” explains Sridhar.

Future Spotlight
If one looks at the industry now where products are being developed are mobile fast, eBiz already has made certain frameworks in the mobility area, but would like to continue the research in this area. The firm also aims to develop products which are prototype and they can be delivered as fast as possible in the days to come. IoT framework to optimally collect data from every sensor in the world and present the right insights to the right customer is the big dream the company is working now.