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An ‘Enlightened’ Solution Provider in the Mobility Atmosphere SenzIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


If one imagines a world where justice is served irrespective of environmental deterrents, where classrooms are not bound by walls, where businesses know exactly what their customers want. SenzIT Solutions has casts a ‘magic spell’ to convert this imagination into reality.

Along with technological aptitude and a mission to merge world’s leading technologies such as Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise Video Analytics, Cloud integration, and Enterprise Business Analytics, SenzIT aims to revolutionize the way how businesses operate. Shibi Salim, a visionary leader with a strategic focus and result driven heads the company and implements his experience in software sales, management and strategies. In addition to this, it also complements his personable abilities and technical know-how required to maximize a company’s revenue growth and increase its market share.

Currently, Shibi possesses a proven record for delivering first of its kind complex technology software projects and related services for government and corporate sectors.

Established in 2008, headquartered at Kerala in India, SenzIT caters a wide spectrum of products across Australia, UAE and Singapore which multiplies productivity while reducing time and effort. “We revolutionize traditional judicial, education and government processes to provide a framework of robust processes that provide a better experience to all individuals involved,” states Shibi.

Transforming Imagination into Realism
Education system is going smart. And it is necessary to include a system which is helpful to both students and faculty both. CyberClaz, being one of the incredible product offering of SenzIT is one such innovative system which is a revolution in the education system. Going ahead, CyberClaz ensures a digital strategy for educational system in an Enterprise Mobility platform. Henceforth, this is a software product for capturing, storing and playback of lectures in classrooms. It provides archived lectures, allows students to review lecture at their own pace and convenience. Product CyberClaz can be made applicable to Education organization to capture the audio, video, presentations along with the user textual input from a live classroom session and can be retrieved at any point of time. Live broadcasting as well as video on demand facility is available to users to view the session from remote location or at a later point of time as per their need respectively. This product is applicable for students, teachers and also to administrators.

CyberClaz consists of modules like clazRecorder for multichannel audio/video, presentation and smartboard capturing., clazPlayer for playing the recorded digital media content, clazNotes to digitally record time-stamped notes against live recordings, Reminder notes for teachers to add their personnel notes, clazServer to handle the security features, clazStore to store the textual as well as media content, digital attendance feature for teachers, clazAnalytics with features of Behavioral analytics using Intelligent Video Analytics, report generation using Cognos BI and clazPortal for user management, live broadcasting, video on demand facility, online test facility to pay more attention to weaker students, to download sample question papers and study materials etc.

Cyberclaz combines mobility and analytics with the cloud platform to create a product that makes education interesting to students as well as to teachers. The features such as digital attendance, note taking, video on demand, live broadcasting and much more; chances of a student ever missing any class are minimal.

Another revolutionized prominent product of SenzIT is Evidencer, is a type of software where all the data, right from the first report till the court case is recorded, stored and used when required with the help of Evidencer. Evidencer emphasize on Smarter Justice which brings order and proper coordination by digitally documenting the statements and the entire happenings within police stations to court rooms. Evidencer ensures a digital strategy for Judiciary system in an Enterprise Mobility platform. Evidencer is an end-to-end solution for complete case judgement and archiving needs. Cloud integration means that one’s case records are secure and readily available.

Evidencer comes up in three versions – Evidencer Pro, Evidencer Mob & Evidencer Enterprise. Evidencer Pro is the basic version of Evidencer with four independent channels for audio and video recording. Initially Evidencer Pro was deployed by Saudi Courts- Riyadh to improve the speed of legal proceedings. Evidencer Pro implemented annotations in video files, dedicated storage integration for audio and video files on the cloud platform for mobility. This resulted in optimum increase in productivity for the Saudi Courts- Riyadh.

Evidencer Mob is a real time application, with one channel audio-video recording provision for instant crime reporting. Evidencer Mob provides a reporting platform for the common people through smartphones with fast, discrete and intelligent safety assistance. Crime-reporting is put literally into the hands of users for reporting an on-going crime to the crime department with the tap of a button instead of ignoring it. The data collection and crime reporting done by Evidencer Mob can be further integrated with the advanced versions Evidencer Pro and Evidencer Enterprise. “Evidencer not only records the data, but analyses the data by leveraging latest technologies like Big Data Text Analytics, Facial Recognition and Enterprise Video Analytics with the aid of Evidencer Enterprise. Also it provides a reporting platform which helps in predictive analytics and in creating real-time reports,” adds Shibi. One of the many reasons for SenzIT to be a ‘discriminator’ is to be identified as the manufacturer of the first product suits that works on enterprise mobility partnered with IBM software suits. All these were made possible by the advanced technologies like IBM soft layer cloud, big data, and intelligent video analytics.

Expectations ‘Down the line’
SenzIT adheres to On-Premise and Sass model to derive optimum revenue within the organization. Determinants like education needs intervention with data analytics, predictive technology, behavioural analytics, early warning systems, security alerts by using intelligent video analytics and cloud integration that will provide multitude of resources at disposal for schools and universities across the globe. “The company holds a strong expectation regarding CyberClaz, in near future that will come up with these attractive features,” eagerly concludes Shibi.