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SILICON100 2017

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software that is focused on solving user interaction or industry specific problems: Zugara


“Zugara tend to focus more on the Augmented Reality ecosystem given its impending impact on enterprise verticals”.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality companies have focused on developing cool technology that does not, in its basic form, solve an issue or advance an industry specific use case. But at Zugara, we believe that any technology should have a core purpose to make technology go beyond simple engagement to maximize a conversion.

In 2001, Zugara was incorporated by Matthew Szymczyk (CEO), Headquartered at Washington Blvd Los Angeles, CA, United States. Zugara takes pride in being a leading Augmented Reality software and technology innovator. Though their recent technologies are developed for both the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software space, and tend to focus more on the Augmented Reality ecosystem given its impending impact on enterprise verticals.

Inception of Zugara

Zugara has been one of the top Augmented Reality Companies since 2008, they have been continually named as one of the top Augmented Reality companies because of their DNA is based on strategic thinking and how Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and even Mixed Reality should be utilized to solve a problem or maximize a conversion. “On the technical front, our team is led by PhD’s in Computer Science and Physics.  Our developers are computer vision experts and have years of experience working with depth sensing, 3D cameras such as Kinect 2 and Intel RealSense. On the device side, Zugara was recently selected as an initial HoloLens developer and we are developing mobile solutions for 3D camera based devices such as Project Tango,” says Zugara team.

Zugara creates many of its own proprietary Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies; and also create custom projects for clients in a variety of industries. As an Augmented Reality vendor, Zugara has created award-winning brand experiences for client’s worldwide utilizing image recognition, facial detection and recognition, motion and gesture based apps and many more.

Solutions and services

Zugara has virtual dressing room technology optimized for multiple retail channels.  Our software works with regular webcams and Kinect, while also offering tablet integration for our Kiosk software.  Social sharing and analytics are fundamental to all of our virtual dressing room technologies to help increase purchase intent.

The Webcam Social Shopper (WSS)

The WSS software allows a shopper to use their webcam as a magic mirror to try on items virtually.  WSS was developed with retailers in mind and offers easy integration of apparel assets.  View WSS features and retail examples below or click Visit Product Site for more info.

WSS for Kiosks

Now featuring the Kinect for Windows v2, WSS for Kiosks is a popular Virtual Dressing Room solution for events and out of home advertising.  WSS for Kiosks offers full integration with tablets for social sharing and CRM data collection.

Virtual Style Sense (VSS)

Virtual Style Sense (VSS) Technology gives retailers the power to now track inventory interaction in-store.  Developed with Custom Country, VSS allows shoppers to digitally view different colors and styles of items in a display.

Zugara Partners

Zugara works with world-class services and software resellers around the globe. “Our resellers generally handle regional sales opportunities, localization efforts and other regional client facing roles. Zugara's reseller program offers competitive discounts on our software along with marketing, sales and technical support”-Says Zugara team.

That includes JL group, ANM soft, IXFocus and Go-capture.

“Zugara has been one of the top Augmented Reality Companies throughout the years because we will tell you both the pros and cons of different technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ecosystems. We consider ourselves technology agnostic so can help advise you on challenges with image recognition technologies or which 3D TOF camera technologies work best in different environments,” says CEO.

Five years down the line

The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software market is growing and there will be many different industry sectors within both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ecosystems for companies to focus on. At Zugara, we look at how different technologies can be integrated with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality software to create new and innovative use cases. This was the initial impetus for the creation of our IVO gesture engine – how certain educational applications could be developed where interacting and viewing 3D objects in your physical space would increase engagement and retention.  Other use case examples include targeting a mobile shopper in-store by integrating Beacon technology with virtual dressing room displays and creating collaborative and shared Augmented Reality experiences between multiple video chat participants.

Meet the Brainiac

Matthew Szymczyk (CEO)

Matt is CEO of Zugara and has over 16 years of experience leading strategic efforts for Fortune 500 companies. Matt leads product strategy and business development efforts for Zugara.

“We believe that any technology should have a core purpose to make technology go beyond simple engagement to maximize a conversion.”