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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

Betaout: An all-in-one marketing personalization and engagement platform

thesiliconreview ankit maheshwari betaou

“We personalize every single message with dynamic content.”

Founded in 2014, βetaout enables E-Commerce businesses to increase conversions and personalize user engagement using real-time user persona and intent data. An all-in-one marketing personalization and engagement platform, that build comprehensive user intelligence database and gives clients tools to engage with users through email, user-feedback, in-site engagement and social platforms.

Trusted by over 150+ eCommerce companies, Betaout sends over 100 million emails, managing 30 million customer profiles and servicing over 300 million shoppers per month across 18 countries.

Offers a platform that gives you all

  • Unified Profiles- Ditch those spreadsheets. Get freedom from importing-exporting customer data again and again from one software to another. Betaout gives you a single repository of all activities, events, intent, purchase, browsing history, social footprint and more updated in real time.
  • Customer Segments -Every customer is unique. But they still get the same, static experience. Not anymore. Segment your customers based on their demographics, purchase, browsing behaviour, intent, social influence etc. and create highly personalised experience for them in real time.
  • Email Marketing- A complete email solution for sending targeted campaigns, triggered emails or creating an email cadence. Design mobile responsive emails with ease using our powerful email editor.
  • Product Catalog -Merchandisers need quick and easy access to how various products are performing. Product Catalog is built to solve just that need and more. You can track the traction various products, brands and categories are getting. This data in immediately actionable for both merchandisers and marketers.
  • On-Site Marketing- Betaout provides you on-site engagement tools like lead capture, call-to-action, exit-intent popups, sticky-bars etc. powered by advance targeting options.
  • Mobile Push- Mobile is an important marketing channel to engage with users. Betaout can be used for sending out rich push notifications. Creating mobile push campaigns using Betaout is a breeze and you can do an indepth analysis for each campaign.
  • Cart Recovery- A cart recovery solution you always wished you had. Now send different campaigns to different segments and cart properties like 'People with High Margin Products,' 'Loyal Customers,' 'Never Purchased,' and properties like Cart Size, Cart Value, etc. to recover abandoned carts with ease.
  • Insights- Actionable insights for ecommerce which tells you exactly what needs to be done. We have designed analytics to give you the information you need to run your business effectively. Get a bird eye view or drill down into every single channel and make decision at the speed you have always wanted.

Meet the Executives

Ankit Maheshwari, co-founder and CEO-  Betaout is founded by Ankit Maheshwari (CEO) who is listed as Asia’s one of the most inspiring young entrepreneurs and social change maker by Paragon 100 Asia. Prior to Betaout, he founded Instamedia Network - a lifestyle blog network. Instamedia was serving over 20 Million page views before it was acquired by a Dubai based Media Company. He has over 10 years of experience in managing large content teams for Digital content.
A visionary, Ankit loves to interact with fellow (or budding) entrepreneurs, share ideas and exchange expertise in all possible areas. His specialties includes business development, technology, content, web design, strategy, negotiations, mobile technologies, connecting people

Nandini Rathi, CMO - An award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and bootstrapper, she been building profitable business models and companies for last 8 years. Founder of ContentCloud and Bornrich, she recently sold her last company Instamedia, which was doing over 20M pageviews per month, and raised $4 million in venture funding.

Currently an Editor-in-Chief of one of most popular luxury destinations on the web, Bornrich.com, Nandini is considered as one of the leading bloggers in the luxury niche. Her role encompasses direction of digital content, social media, online campaigns, branding, strategic partnership development and digital business development. Her core strengths are in designing, developing & executing new strategies for strong growth.

Raghubir Thakur, CTO

Raghubir is an innovative, accomplished senior technology executive with a track record of successfully delivering high end technology based solutions for the next generation web.  He posses strong hold on both, enterprise and consumer products in online media, advertising and distribution domain. Strong technical understanding as well as extensive product start-up experience. He also carries additional experience and interest includes strategy initiatives, team building, staffing, offshore development as well as extensive hands on development experience.

Client’s Speak

“Betaout is an amazing product. My marketing team loves it. Would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company who wants to build long lasting relationship with their customer base.”- Ankur Malhotra, AVP Marketing @ Paytm

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Betaout helps us in achieving that.” - Vishal Gondal, CEO @ Goqii

“We've been using Betaout for quite some time now to get a better understanding of our customers and to stay connected with them using email and other forms of engagement.”- Srishti Kush, Founder Sheroes

“I love Betaout for the ability to easily create customer segments and then personalise and automate our marketing. Their support is top-notch and they have great templates for emails.”- Goonjan Mall, CEO @ Online Prasad

“Betaout has been quite useful in improving efficiency of the campaigns we run on different channels, the segmentation and automation features they have a really helpful.”- Shrey and Himanshu, Founders, Floweraura

“We offer a customer intelligence and marketing automation platform for Ecommerce.”

“We deliver across all marketing channels.”