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Blue Bricks Technologies Private Ltd: The trusted market leader in digital identity systems

thesiliconreview-vikram-sareen-and-upasana-tewari-founders-blue-bricks-2017Future’s digitally driven economies demand AI/ML driven transformation and automation play key roles in giving businesses the competitive edge they need to move ahead. Another critical digitalisation concern is cyber threats and security against them. Cloud, on-premise and hybrid IT world demands digital transformation and cyber security. Another different direction is, globalisation of currencies through digital crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, stellar and many more is and will have a much bigger impact for business and consumers.

Blue Bricks has been at forefront of innovation and commercialisation in these 3 domains of AI/ML driven Automation, Digital Transformation through APIs and lasts Cyber Security. Blue Bricks is working with their strong technical team present in 4 countries to R&D and build technically feasible and commercially viable ICT products and services that bring these real use cases from SME to Enterprises. They ensure their cloud and on premise deployment options cater for big and small companies with flexibility in licenses and pricing to suit the business needs.

Blue Bricks strongly believes in partnership with other industry experts and customers to co-create and build solutions that are at the heart of all old and new businesses as organizations progress to adapt to the changing economies and ways business is done across the world now. Blue Bricks loves to work with new startups and provide their expertise in these domains to collaborate for their venture.

We have the CEO, Vikram Sareen with us. Let’s hear it from him

Can you brief us about the history of the company?

In October 2014, Blue Bricks Technologies was formed with the vision to address pain points in security, payments and automation. Its first cyber security product, Axiom Protect, was intended as one stop multi factor authentication and signing platform, and within 9 months, its company secured two major deals with Tier 1 banks in India and ASEAN. Motivated with its success, 2015, 2016 and 2017 became more innovative years where the company built Service Guard (Digital Transformation Enabler with API Security and Enrichment Platform), XPAY 2.0 (Inhouse Payment And Crypto Payment Platform), and Delta8 (AI/NLP driven Context based Recommendation & Promotion Engine). Moreover, its client list grew from 2 to 25+ over the last 3 years.

Can you tell us about how your company is positioned in the recent market scenario?

Forresters have started cyber security YOY 10% growth with 2020 to be USD16 billion market. We are well placed through our Axiom Protect and Service Guard platform. Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies and alternate payment options are coming stronger in next 5 years. Big Data with Artificial Intelligence/Deep Machine Learning is influencing every business for brining intelligent supervised automation. Our position with our team and products is solid for growth in terms of new customer acquisition and partnerships. We are already working with new partners to bring our solutions into new markets and new customer base. In addition 15% of revenue will be redirected back to R&D for further innovation and improvement. We are also working on new mission to achieve 200 big customers by 2020 and we are well positioned for it.


What are your service and product offerings? How do they benefit your clients?

AI driven Automation, Digital Transformation and Cyber Security are three growing fields. Our products are built to enable and empower enterprises to control and facilitate their IT infrastructure either on premise, cloud or hybrid to enjoy the much needed digital transformation and security as consolidated multi featured solutions. With our solutions, our previous customers have enjoyed Total Cost of Ownership reduce by 40% over time and improvement in automation plus efficiency by 35%. Our business model is also very flexible from monthly subscription to “pay per use” or perpetual license to ensure small and large enterprise afford it.

How has your journey been so far?

Cyber Security, API driven Digital Transformation and AI driven automation applies universally to almost every IT enabled business. However, we have focused much on BFSI target because regulatory bodies and compliance consortiums are pushing for higher security, and disruptors are pushing BFSI to reinvent and innovate. Apart from BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, government agencies are our next target. India, Malaysia, Australia and Hong Kong are the countries where we have registered offices, and we are working to go beyond Asia and expand to Middle East, Africa and Latin America. We are also focusing on cloud enablement so that our products can be available globally to anyone.

Testimonies of success

“We were not sure if a 20+ people company can do such level of innovation so we gave Blue Bricks a difficult security project at small scale. They did a great job and now we have mega project with them which has pushed the limit of innovation and technical barrier. We hope we can work with them in future on more and many projects.” - Encik Anuar, Telekom Malaysia.

“Analytics and System Design are very much core of this team. Commercially viable and technically feasible Innovation makes Blue Bricks team a good team to work with. We loved the pre and post implementation experience.” - Sameer Joshi, CEO, Datanova, USA.


“We have worked with Blue Bricks for over 24 months plus for multiple solutions including cyber security and payments. There is always 100% dedication from both business and technical team to ensure that we are happy in terms of system features, functionality and performance. We highly recommend them.” - Chhoeng Vanna, VP, Product Development Division, ACLEDA Bank.

Knowing the leader

Vikram Sareen, Founder and CEO: Vikram is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with 17 years of technology, management and startup experience. In 2000, his first cyber security product was used by USA President, Bill Clinton, in 2000 for approving US Digital Signature Act. Since then he has been addicted to solving problems and has built three companies successfully. He gets technically involved to ensure best technology is used, and he holds two cyber security patents for his technical contribution in previous companies.  He specializes in taking innovative idea(s) to evolved, well tested and stable products. He has achieved the same with Blue Bricks to grow from nothing to 30+ employees over 4 countries, 4 solid products.

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