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ChristianSteven Software: The Future of Business Intelligence

“Incorporated in 2002 in London, UK, ChristianSteven Software brings two decades of business intelligence expertise to the table when helping companies to define, create and implement BI solutions.”

Business Intelligence (BI) seems to be the buzzword in the professional world. Having a BI system can organize your data in a way that’s easy to read, easy to find, and easy to evaluate for possible relationships. This can lead to new business opportunities. ChristianSteven Software delivers advanced BI solutions that solve mission-critical large enterprise needs and includes reporting, distribution, scheduling, dashboards and automating business processes. Information and insight is delivered intelligently to all stakeholders including management, employees, partners and customers.

ChristianSteven Software’s differentiates itself from others in the field due to factors such as speed to market, huge and complex functionality, ease of use, company longevity & vast experience in this field and, of course, ROI. The company set up its US headquarters in Charlotte in 2008. Today, ChristianSteven services over 1500 clients in 46 countries.

Delivering Sophisticated BI Solutions
The BI Continuum™ is a framework used by ChristianSteven Software to describe audiences and their respective needs that a CIO must address as part of an enterprise BI strategy. It’s a spectrum of distribution and format possibilities ranging from “push” (from central sources) at one end to “pull” (by end-users) at the opposite end. ChristianSteven’s Business Intelligence platforms are a comprehensive set of “best of breed” solutions, each of which targets a speciļ¬c audience and their needs on the Continuum.

From scheduled report delivery on the “IT Push” end to browser-based and mobile-enabled Dashboards on the “User Pull” end, the magic sauce is in our proprietary business process automation infrastructure that leverages business rules, workflows and instant notification capabilities built right into our Business Intelligence solutions.

IntelliFront BI offers real-time dashboards, on-demand reporting, business process automation and report scheduling on one platform. It caters for the full BI Continuumspectrum – the “push”, the “pull” and everything in between.

Dashlytix is an operations-focused dashboard management service for companies that don’t have the time, resources or desire to engineer and maintain such dashboards but require a solution to cater for the “pull” end of the BI spectrum.

SQL-RD (SQL Reports Distribution) gives clients control over multiple SSRS installations in one automation tool, not to mention security & productivity functionalities that simply don’t exist in Reporting Services. Placed firmly at the “Push” end of the BI spectrum, it is used to aid in the making of insightful, timely decisions at a lower total cost of ownership.

CRD (Crystal Reports Distribution) takes Crystal Reports automation to a whole new level with Dynamic, Event-Based and Data-Driven schedules. CRD will save time, as well as money.

All products come with embedded business process automation capabilities allowing clients to automate all aspects of their business without making any changes to current infrastructures.

Companies over $50M in revenue and who predominantly use Microsoft SQL Server BI as their Business Intelligence platform comprise the clientele of ChristianSteven. Some of the notable clients are Dell, Virgin Media, JPMorganChase, Deutsche Bank and IBM.

Client Testimonials
“The CRD tool is very efficient and robust and has helped our company automate various processes and bring in efficiency. The support team has been very responsive and helpful. They have always been very prompt to respond to any kind of queries I have with the tool. I would recommend this tool to anyone who wants to reduce manual overhead and bring in process improvement into their business.” – Dhanya Paul, Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd

“I was pleasantly surprised the first time I had to call on the technical services team at ChristianSteven. The technical challenges we presented to them were met with professionalism, urgency and courtesy which made them an absolute pleasure to deal with. It was a refreshing change from most other vendor support services. That same level of service hasn’t diluted throughout our time as a customer of ChristianSteven. It doesn’t matter which of the team we deal with, the service is consistently excellent.” – Jon Bates, Summit Fleet Management

Case Study

Company: EMPR Australia
EMPRAustralia had the following requirements:

  • An automated and flexible way of delivering invoices and statements to customers and partners by emailing/PDF.
  • An automated way of delivering reports to the business in a variety of different formats.

The company adopted ChrisianSteven Software’s Enterprise Reporting & Distribution Solution and the benefits were immense:

  • It transformed business operations by increasing cash flow by $300,000 in less than 5 months.
  • Enabled reliable, automatic delivery of tens of thousands of invoices, statements and reports every month at each customer’s preferred frequency.
  • The solution could be exploited in other parts of the business, maximizing ROI still further.

Future Focus Area
The company wants to seize a number of interesting opportunities in the SQL server market space to enhance and extend that platform. It will build on the extraordinary legacy of SQL-RD and its other solutions that have augmented SQL Server for many years.

Knowing the Masters

Christian Ofori-Boateng, CEO
Christian has served as ChristianSteven Software’s Chief Executive since the company’s inception in 2002. Born in Ghana and schooled in Kenya and Ghana, he studied at the Atlantic College in Wales and at the University of London before entering the work force. During the mid-1990s Christian entered the software and business arena, writing and selling successful shareware applications, cutting his teeth in web marketing and Internet-based businesses.Christian conceived ChristianSteven Software as a solutions provider to create and market easy-to-use and intuitive applications specifically for information management and database reporting.

Steven Amani, Chief Solutions Architect
In his dual roles at ChristianSteven Software, Steven is the visionary responsible for overall product strategy & development, and also oversees technical services. A self-proclaimed software developer, geek, businessman, entrepreneur, gadget freak, artist, and Apple fan boy, Steven has business interests in the US, UK, and Malawi where he was born. He studied Mechanical Engineering at University of Surrey and Computer Science at University of Portsmouth.

“ Our solutions aim to unleash the power of  your data and transform the way you do business.”