30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

CloudIO: An amazing platform for producing and delivering enterprise applications, reports & dashboards

silicon-review-sreenivas-thammaneni-cloudio“Fascinated by ideas that enhance productivity by means of innovation, simplicity, and the potential of technology, we are a committed group of passionate technologists who believe that creativity and innovation can be fostered in an unbinding set-up and in a seamless free-flowing communication environment.”

Brainchild of Sreenivas Thammaneni, CloudIO Inc was born with an aim to provide User Interface for ERP and other systems. Since its establishment, the company had a very steep ramp-up from just a few customers in the initial years to tens of customers currently. CloudIO is growing very rapidly with several new customers being acquired each year. In a matter of just six years, CloudIO software is installed and functioning at over 37 companies, which is why the company is counted as one of the “Best Companies to Watch”.

Incorporated in the year 2010, CloudIO is on a strong growth trajectory due to the unique capabilitiesof the CloudIO software platform. The company is collecting laurels for offering a super-fast, super-easy User Interface for ERP and other systems. In particular, its value proposition is as follows: a) Use configurable UIs to design transactional screens that increase productivity, b) save time and reduce costs; c) seamlessly integrate multiple sources of data through library of pre-built reports, or reports that can be built very quickly by end-users and enable remote access to systems from point-of-sale and other locations through CloudIO’s mobility feature.

Specifically focused on taking more challenging implementations of CloudIO software, the company envisages on accelerating the growth and scale globally for future.

Product Differentiation
CloudIO offers uniqueness in products they offer, their products are embedded with unique features that most competing companies do not have. Those unique features include:

  • A super-fast, super-easy User Interface that allows both, input and output. CloudIO is an analytical and reporting tool, and is also a transaction processing tool.
  • A User Interface for both, cloud and on-premises systems.
  • Super-fast ability to drill down from high-level dashboards to the lowest-level transaction.
  • Immediate access to real-time data.
  • Access from all browsers and all devices including smart-phones and tablets.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate within the tool with multiple users.

Customer Base
CloudIO owns a robust customer base which is growing very strappingly in the Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Order Entry/Customer Service, Financial Reporting and Financial Statements generation areas. The company serves all big clients including a number of the Fortune 500 companies including the top social media giants.

The company focuses on delighting its customers. In fact, most of CloudIO’s growth has resulted from its current customers referring CloudIO to other companies.

The Software Advantage
To meet the business objectives of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, the 2010 founded company uses the most modern cutting-edge technologies. CloudIO’s software products are:

  • Built using Industry Standard Modern Open Source Technologies
  • 100% compatible with all SaaS and JDBC complaint databases
  • Metadata driven 100% Configurable UI
  • Custom business logic in Java or PLSQL
  • Can be deployed on any of the public clouds, private clouds or on premise environments
  • Multi-Language Support (MLS)
  • Out-of-the-box support for Oracle EBS functionalities (Responsibilities, Operating Units, Profiles, Built-in Rules)
  • Role Based Access
  • SSO Enabled – Oracle EBS, Google, AD, LDAP etc.
  • REST APIs, 3rd Party Integrations – Payment Gateways, FedEx, UPS, Google Drive, Magento etc.

CloudIO’s Impeccable Solutions & their 7i advantage

Interoperable- CloudIO platform can be seamlessly moved from a private cloud to a public cloud or to an on-premise entity without any impact on its application.

Instant- CloudIO solutions guarantee minimum downtime. They are fast to build and rapid to deploy.

Innovative- CloudIO solutions deliver where most traditional ERPs disappoint. With their innovative solutions one can manage customer life cycle, have customer touch points easily accessible, and leverage the CRM capabilities of customer work centre to provide customers a legendary customer experience.

Intuitive- CloudIO’s rich browser interface offers intuitive on-line self service applications to users. Their innovative 360 degree interface with single click customization capability enables software evolution to go hand-in-hand with changing business needs.

In-expensive- Seamless integration with existing Legacy system and no impact on upgrades helps you garner a greater ROI on your existing ERP.

Independent- CloudIO solutions can be deployed on any platform.

Intelligent- CloudIO solutions offer intelligent options to help run business ably. With their solutions one can measure business state and provide the business live dashboard on the state of order pipeline.

Meet the Master Duo

Sreenivas Thammaneni, Founder and CTO- A visionary, Sreeni is responsible for vision, strategy and execution of all technology and product development work at CloudIO. An engineering executive who has mastered the art of architecting and delivering innovative products to enable business enterprises achieve their objectives, Sreeni is fascinated by ideas that enhance productivity by means of innovation, simplicity, and the potential of technology, and he built the CloudIO platform ground up. The CloudIO platform has evolved to be the best web and mobile application development platform for enterprise. Prior to founding CloudIO, Sreeni was with companies like Oracle, where he architected and implemented many business solutions across the globe for several industry verticals.

Ajit Dixit, CEO- A financial expert, Ajit is responsible for the overall business and financial success of CloudIO. He is a seasoned business executive with over 25 years of executive management experience at several highly-regarded Fortune 500 companies including Wipro, Allergan, Medtronic, Amgen and Baxter International. His management experience spans most areas of business activity, including sales and marketing, finance, research and development, human resources, contract management, operations and change management. Ajit was also part of the faculty at Miami University’s School of Business, where he taught undergraduate, graduate and executive-level courses in Business Administration and Management Information Systems (MIS).