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Combining the Power of BPM, ESM & ITSM in one solution, CITSmart Corporation Eliminates Siloed, Separated and Dysfunctional Business Units

thesiliconreview-carlos-freitas-chairman-emauri-gaspar-ceo-citsmart-corporation-2018Regardless of department, one thing that is widely found inside companies is that they are formed by internal teams that collaborate and provide services to each other irrespective of their size or the area they serve and this makes the concept of Service Management powerfully transformative. Because of the need to organize, control and develop better management where it’s necessary, the concept of Service Management grew at a jet speed within IT departments. Over the years, it has expanded and now Management is a word that has invaded almost every company.

Service Management is not just about BPM or Workflow solutions, it also about Knowledge, Supply, Demand, Services, Goals, Constant Improvement and Performance. In theory, it consists of a proper allocation of resources to bring the best business outcome and that is why it has such transformation power.

With a goal to offer a solution that improves companies’ performance, CITSmart emerged from the spin-off of a large technology group where the CITSmart platform was developed in 2011. With the initial success of the tool, this large group decided to launch CITSmart as a separate company and make the platform available across boundaries, taking it to the world as a Global Holistic Service Management Tool made for whole businesses, not just for IT anymore.

Overcoming Hurdles

Challenge and struggle play a critical role in every company’s success story and CITSmart was no exception. When the company started out, the biggest challenge was the goal to build a tool but simpler to use, easier to deploy and with lower-cost than those big ones. But, CITSmart has worked day in and out and built that solution.

“Once you are really focused and know where you want to go, you have a sincere, real, and clear value proposition,” says Emauri Gaspar, CEO of CITSmart. “Our goal is to create positive experiences through technology to connect various processes (and teams) of companies to achieve greater results.”

Today, after years of hardship, CITSmart has gained tremendous popularity in the industry. Developing solutions that deliver economy and agility in corporate practices by implementing excellent technical attributes, CITSmart is a leading global information technology company.

The Customer-Centric Firm

Earning trust and respect of customers is always through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all actions and this is the main premise for any company. CITSmart believes that credibility is everything, so everyone must be concerned about the high-level quality regardless of job title. Being a customer centric firm, CITSmart listens to its customers; it takes customer feedbacks to its team and tries to find out what the cause is and how to rectify it.

Constant and proactive communication is CITSmart’s favorite way of staying close to its customers, so the company talks to its customers from time to time about their goals, experience with the tool and the results.

“Success for us is seeing our customers achieve better results and we always discuss each project in details - so all deliveries can be achieved as agreed,” says Emauri.

CITSmart Is Smart

In-Conversation with the Visionary, Emauri Gaspar:

Q. A company to be one the SMARTEST, its employees must be open-minded and creative, they need to feel they have a decent outlet for sharing their observations and ideas, is this true with your company?

At CITSmart, all our employees are free to submit their suggestions and comments on products and deliveries. Our teams are deeply processing their ideas and suggestions on how they can impact customers, as well as what benefits they can bring to the company.

Talking about creativity and innovation, they are at the core of the company. We not only seek to apply technology, but we also seek how to be simple and make things simpler. “Simplicity” is another powerful concept for us and to be SMART is to put simplicity in situations that seem complex.

Q. Smartness & Technology is a perfect fusion. How often do you innovate? Is it only when there is a need in the market?

We at CITSmart strive for innovation all the time. We are always analyzing the pains that our customers, partners, and prospects have and we take these to our Developer Center. There we ask ourselves “how can CITSmart help solve this problem?” This is a constant process and we don’t consider changing it.

Q. What makes CITSmart one of the “Smartest” companies and why?

Our purpose, culture, and communication are the prime channels at CITSmart. Our Purpose is to be clear about what we want to do for our customers. The culture is aligning the entire workforce for the purpose. And communication is the key for information flow to make the culture happen. These are the three channels that connect our customers with our workforce and also make connection between the workforces itself.

Connecting business processes and delivering positive experiences to our customers’ customers, we work relentlessly keeping our three channels in mind and I believe this definitely makes us one of the smartest firms in the industry.

The Future Roadmap

CITSmart’s platform is one of the most complete solutions for IT Service Management. So, to further drive and support businesses in this increasingly and agile digital world, the company is going to enhance and incorporate new features in its Holistic Service Management platform and in many parts using machine learning to support workforces and streamline customer operations.

Looking into the future, CITSmart believes that in the coming years, the company will be with improved tools in the market, helping companies all over the world being agiler and eliminating wastes of any kind.

Meet the Leading Duo

Emauri Gaspar and Carlos Freitas are the owners of CITSmart. Both are technology entrepreneurs with more than 14 years of experience and also owners of large companies that provide technology services in South America. Emauri Gaspar is also the CEO of the company.

“Today, people and companies need to act quickly, and it’s in this digital transformation process that they can count on CITSmart.”