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COSI Consulting: Simplifying Enterprise Content Management


COSI Consulting is a content management technology company headquartered in New York, USA. COSI stands for Content Strategy and Implementation. It started off in 2006 as a consulting firm focusing on strategic engagements with leading Fortune 500 clients. The company partnered with leading ECM providers and implemented solutions around the products. The primary focus was on Financial Services and Banking. In addition, it worked with several leading Federal Government clients in the DC area. In 2011, as a result of its consulting experience, the company built a product called Insight to simplify ECM and accelerate adoption. Insight is a beautifully simple and intuitive interface for accessing critical business content in an enterprise content platform. In 2014, it decided to focus fully on the product and was transformed and restructured into a technology company. The product is now implemented globally at leading banks, energy companies and fast expanding into other verticals as well.

As COSI has taken its product approach in a niche space, it has the advantage of being the sole provider of the capabilities in the market especially for clients who use EMC Documentum and IBM Filenet. This is allowing it to expand and grow each year. The target areas of the company’s clientele are Banking and Insurance and Financial Services. It’s currently expanding its reach to Energy and Life Sciences.

COSI’s goal is to provide ubiquitous access to content anytime from anywhere and its product set is built to provide that. The company differentiates itself from others in the domain by being unique in providing the Fileshare interface to ECM.

COSI Insight
Insight is the flagship product of the company. It removes traditional content management limitations by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Windows and Office, and allowing users to save files from any application directly into a secure & complaint content repository. It maps EMC Documentum and IBM Filenet as a simple drive. It was built to be easy to learn without lengthy and complex training. With support for Windows keyboard shortcuts, silent document versioning, advanced document linking with Factset and Bloomberg, and much more, Insight is the easiest way to manage content. Critical business content stays within the boundaries of the corporate network and can be regularly monitored and audited.

Insight enables easy content management by delivering solutions for Banking, Legal, File Share Replacement and many other Industry verticals.

The various features of Insight are highlighted below:

Windows Explorer
Integration- Insight allows a user to manage his content as a mapped drive in Windows. It looks like any other drive in the hard disk and documents and email can be easily imported into the content repository by dragging and dropping them between directories. Content can also be opened, edited and saved from any application.

Microsoft Office & Outlook Integration– Both MS Office & Outlook have been integrated into Insight. Emails and attachments can be directly imported into the content repository. It supports functions like managing check-in/check-out, versioning, and document metadata directly from Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Import & Export- Due to the drag and drop support, content can be easily copied from any connected drive to the mapped drive for the Documentum or FileNet content repository. Content can also be exported if needed as an email attachment or sent through enterprise communication tools.

Bookmarking- Frequently accessed documents and folders can be easily bookmarked.

Search- Insight supports full text content search which is much faster than a traditional Windows based search. It includes powerful templates that allow for saved searches, filtering and faceted search.

Advanced File linking- Third party add-ins from Factset, Bloomberg, and Capital IQ can be leveraged to link charts, graphs and other objects into Office documents.

Silent Check-out/Check-in- It is an optional configuration that can hide the check-in/check-out process from a user.

Metadata Inheritance- Metadata values, such as client name or project name, from a parent folder to a child folder or object can be inherited.

ECM Security Awareness- Insight supports and adheres to the security configuration of the underlying content management platform and ensures compliance with corporate policies by leveraging pre-existing security roles.

XML Configuration- XML based configuration allows complete control over the behavior and functionality of Insight.

Knowing the Key Executive
Bhavani Balasubramaniam, Founder and President, COSI
Bhavani Balasubramaniam has over 20 years’ experience in strategizing and implementing Content management solutions at leading Financial Services firms and banks. She founded COSI
( in 2006, and has focused the past decade in simplifying the Enterprise Content Management space with technology innovations and process optimizations. In the last two years, she transformed COSI into technology firm, and released a product called Insight. Insight is used by the top Investment banks to automate and manage compliance solutions including Pitch books and Legal matters. Insight won the “Most Innovative Product” product for 2015 from EMC Corporation. COSI is head quartered in New York and has offices in Princeton, NJ and Kiev, Ukraine. Insight is fast moving into providing cloud based mobile solutions to keep up with the changing trends in the industry. She is currently the CEO and Managing Partner at the company.

In addition to growing COSI’s presence among key clients, she has also enabled COSI to forge partnerships with leading vendors in the Enterprise Content Management space.

Bhavani won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” for the year 2015 at the Women in Finance luncheon conducted by Global Market Media. Prior to COSI, Bhavani worked at Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and Fujitsu playing a variety of management roles at each of these firms. She has a degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Finance.