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Data Resolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Mitigating Insider Threats with Cyber Security Intelligence

data-resolve-ceo-dhruv-khana“Data Resolve Technologies, an IIT Kharagpur incubation, is focused on addressing data theft, data loss with security analytics”

The constant barrage of cyberattacks and threats has created a need to prevent data leak attempts from inside and outside the organization. Although there are many solutions available in the market that focus on preventing data leakage but they fail to launch attempts to inhibit internal digital impendence before it consumes the entire organizations’ resource. However, Data Resolve Technologies, headquartered in Noida, India is quick enough to provide detailed real-time information on data leakage reducing the business risks and protecting data from insider threats throughout its lifecycle.

Data Resolve provides integrated end-point security offering from a single security integrated platform hosted on Amazon Web Services. The core idea behind Data Resolve’s technology is to help organizations detect human behavior well before incidents including time spent by end users in productive and unproductive work, sensitive online searches and chats among the peers and various activities in obscured mode and to generate actionable cyber intelligence reports by monitoring the exit routes of information from a computer like USB ports, CD-DVD drives, emails, chat clients etc. And minimize the loss and theft of critical business data’s.

Also, keeping in mind the need to manage the usage and flow of critical information via smart devices, Data Resolve is soon to instigate their upcoming product MobSec which is a solution for efficient Mobile Workforce Management.

Exclusivity with ‘inDefend’
A next generation technology, inDefend Business uses Cyber security intelligence as a unique approach towards reducing the business risks of a company through intelligent analysis of the information flowing within and outside the company’s network. The protection of data is predominantly managed by maintaining relevant data access through device and network access control, simultaneously blocking all kinds of unauthorized removable media devices, websites, and applications like chat and VoIP that can lead to data loss.

inDefend Offerings:

  • Employee Monitoring & Behavior Analysis: Detailed monitoring and controlling of the employee desktop and laptop activities is being practiced in order to assess the employee behavior.
  • Encryption: Ensuring data transferred to removable media stays protected in case of loss or theft attempts, by storing information in a password-protected and encrypted vault.
  • Asset Management: Monitoring and logging of the software and hardware assets used within the organization network, along with software license information management.
  • Data Leak Prevention & Analysis: Content-based policies are enforced for detection and prevention of confidential information being transmitted by employees via various channels. We built cyber analytics that provide analytics on Data Leak Prevention, Mobile Device Management, Information Rights Management and Employee Behavior platform.
  • Employee Forensics: In depth analysis and detection of the employee malicious activities, performed by employees via various channels, with inbuilt tools for performing extreme monitoring.
  • Server Activity Monitoring: inDefend performs continuous screen monitoring at high frequency which can be seen as a movie. This will enhance the chances of capturing discrepancies during the connected session with server.
  • Analytics: inDefend allows granular analysis of agent activities via various reports Cyber Intelligence Report, Business Specific used cases alerts via SMS and email, Analytics over third party DLP solution and daily email alert.

In Exclusivity with ‘MobSec’
MobSec is solution designed for efficient workforce mobilization to meet the day to day challenges.

MobSec Offerings:
Mobile Device Management: Efficiently manage mobile devices, with custom and thorough monitoring and control over enterprise mobility.
Mobile Application Management: Enables administrators to achieve policy based whitelisting and blacklisting control over applications installed on the devices.
Content Management: Administer authorised access to business critical data through secure apps. Keep all the data secure inside secure container.
Employee Productivity Monitoring: Monitor device usage logs to analyse employee productivity and take appropriate actions on non-compliant actions.

Clientele and Competitors
Since its Inception, Data Resolve has its services to valuable clients in 20+ Industry Segments. Where as, they consider companies such as DLP, Employee Productivity, Web Security, Enforced Data Encryption and Analytics to be there competitors.

Client Testimonial
“inDefend is exceptional from any other product available in the globe, I have tested many security software’s but the feature set as mentioned in those software’s does not meet when it comes to practical testing. inDefend meets all the features as mentioned and works perfectly.” -Senior IT Incharge, Leading Indian Retailer.

Meet the Key Executives
Dhruv Khanna, CEO & Director
With over 16 years of experience in Enterprise Security and Privacy Service Industry, Dhruv Khanna – an Executive Management Alumnus from IIMC, is successfully leading to build a robust environment to achieve a Cyber Secured Indian Market. Before joining Data Resolve, Dhruv was associated with IBM for six years as India-South Asia Service Line Leader for security and privacy services.

Devesh Mittal, Founding Team Member & CTO
At Data Resolve, Devesh leads the technology team and the overall product development and roadmap for the company. A graduate from IIT Kharagpur in 2006, Devesh has worked as part of the British Telecom India Design team prior to co-founding Data Resolve.

Nagarjun Kota, Founding Team Member & VP – Technology
A graduate from IIT Kharagpur in 2009, Nagarjun enables Data Resolve’s focus on technology vision and roadmap expansion, mobile security and cross-platform support. Prior to co-founding Data Resolve, he has worked with JP Morgan Chase India.

“Several organizations across the globe rely on our solutions for addressing their overall IT security needs as well as enhancement of business productivity” – Data Resolve