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SILICON100 2017

Delivering critical data in an interconnected world: OffSite Vision Holdings


‘Providing real-time situational intelligence to security professionals by empowering them to make informed decisions during dynamic emergency events.’

Founded in 2013, OffSite Vision Holdings, Inc. (OSVH) offers real-time security and life safety solutions to companies who are looking to protect their employees, assets and intellectual properties in various vertical markets including commercial enterprises, federal and state government, utilities, pharmaceutical, and schools.  

Currently, OSVH has Sales and Marketing offices in Bohemia, NY and Corporate offices in Red Bank, NJ. With a focus on data collection and analytics, the company has developed a unique set of solutions that solve specific security problems that have been a persistent issues.

OSVH offers optimized technologies for dynamic M2M cloud-based environments including mobile and wireless communications, web-based data delivery services, cutting-edge sensor and RFID technologies, and location intelligence.

Flagship products include EmergenZ™ Evac, EmergenZ™ Response, EmergenZ™ Asset Secure, and EmergenZ™ Outdoor Secure. All solutions provide cloud-based, highly scalable security options that identify the location of people and high value assets, from anywhere in real time. 

GSN 2016 Homeland Security Award in Asset Tracking

The company was named a winner for the best asset tracking and pairing technology by Government Security News (GSN) as part of its 8th Annual Homeland Security Awards Program, 2016. OSVH’s EmergenZ™Asset Secure Solution was selected as a winner under ‘Vendor of Physical Security Products and Solutions’, and won as the best asset tracking and pairing technology in the industry. 

In Conversation with the Key Executive

Tell us about your first product that was launched.

EmergenZ Evac was launched based upon a request from a large utility company after the Super Storm Sandy hurricane. Their buildings were compromised and they did not know where their people were! EmergenZ Evac will tell first responders what people are still left in the building during an emergency and also tell them what floor the person was last on! It will display this information on mobile devices in real time! The system is set up like a fire alarm system, working independent of other systems in the building. Saving time and lives during rescues!

How successful was your first project roll on? Share the experience.

It was a tremendous success. The utility customer now knows where their people are during an emergency which enables them to communicate effectively with their employees families about their condition. The system is operational 24/7 365 so it can provide access data at any time.The utility customer has found that it improves their evacuation and fire drill efficiency. They have cut down their fire drill time by 50% eliminating manual counts and mustering stations. Saving time and paying for the system with the personnel savings. They are planning on installing the system in additional buildings in 2017.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years?

Our customers are the best source for product guidance because the environment they live in is getting more dangerous all the time with active shooter situations, work place violence and terror attacks. Our customers tell us there is fear and anxiety in the workplace. So our solutions are a response to specific customer requirements.

We are using advanced sensor technology, internet, wireless data and data analytics to provide 4 specific EmergenZ solutions to fill gaps in enterprise security strategies. We like to say we can see things that others cannot! These solutions were created by listening to our customers concerns.

What were the grounds on which you have expanded OSVH and its offerings over the years?

We continually listen to our customers’ needs and respond with complete solutions that work with their existing systems. For example, we have a higher education institution customer who loans out laptops, ipads, etc to students. We developed a system that matches the student ID to the laptop. If the laptop is going out with the wrong owner the system notifies the security department and the camera system and takes a picture of the person!

Are there any trigger factors/events/individuals that have played key roles in shaping your organization’s road map?

I believe getting our first major customer committed and installed was the first milestone. Without the first satisfied customer it is difficult to expand.

What learnings helped you to set OSVH up?

The two founders have a lot of experience running small and large organizations. They know the formula for success and are working daily to put it into action. They both are customer focused and spend a lot of time with customers primarily listening to their concerns.

How do you and OSVH contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

Our mission is to save lives utilizing technology! We utilize the best cloud database technology with advanced  sensors. Our database has an open architecture so we integrate into existing systems like camera systems, access control and others. So it is easy for us to go the extra mile to be creative and focused on delivering outstanding solutions.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

We will be nationwide and considering the international markets.

Meet the Key Executives

William F. Lenahan, CEO: William has 30 years of experience in Executive Management in Information Technology, Telecommunications and Data industries.

Earlier he was the CEO of Bell South Wireless Data which built the first packet data nationwide network and his team drove the development of integrated services such as the Blackberry, Palm V and other Machine to Machine applications now called the internet of things (IOT). William’s other executive positions include CEO at KMC Telecom and the CEO of Sears Business Centers.

Mark Eklund, President and GM: With 30 years of delivering solutions to clients combining wireless connectivity, software and internet to track assets and personnel, Mark has extensive experience in M2M/IOT solutions, telemetry and GPS technologies.

Mark is also the Founder and Owner of Fleet Analytics. He has held Executive positions at Data on Air, SNET and Hartsdale Technologies Inc.

"Our objective is to continue to maximize the capabilities of M2M technologies within interconnected security environments and give organizations real-time access to business intelligence they need for effective decision making during crisis events."