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10 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2018

Digital Solutions to Power Growth: Three Point Turn


Any corporation that does not sell on the internet runs the risk of bleeding its market share. The widespread use of the internet coupled with the custom software has made it a must for companies to have a presence on the internet. This is especially true for companies that deal with customers directly, examples of which includes firms involved in apparel manufacture, tourism, hospitality, automobiles, financial services, real estate and many more. But building a custom software, or an engaging website is a lot easier said than done. It requires an experienced development team and 24/7 support. While it may be difficult for new companies to hire and maintain an in-house software team, it is definitely a lot easier to have a third-party vendor handle all the logistics of a custom software and a website.

Three Point Turn is a Canadian company that specializes in a wide range of digital solutions to help corporations grow and have a visible presence on the internet. Moreover, it also specializes in developing mobile applications for companies that need them. It has a clientele that consists of some of the biggest companies across a diverse group of industries.

In Conversation with the Founders of Three Point Turn

Q. What was your company’s approach to fostering customer care?

Three Point Turn was started with an aim to develop innovative digital solutions to help businesses scale rapidly. As a digital company, we work frequently with clients that must innovate to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. It’s about listening. We are great listeners. When a new inquiry comes in, we carefully pay attention to their needs, collaboratively create some constructive strategies and design workflows. We want to be able to answer any technology question with our software knowledge as well as emerging new technology options that may be available to them. Clients love to hear our solutions to their problems, but mostly they want to be heard and understood. We make that our priority.

Q. What were the initial challenges faced by your team?

We faced what was perhaps the most common challenge faced by budding companies, i.e. scalability and human resources. Even with technology, the pressure to grow fast requires great organization and knowing which KPIs are important to aid growth. Investing and putting more value in human resources can really help create a culture that is reflective of a company’s vision. In my personal opinion, founders should start thinking about human resources at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

Q. If you had to list four factors that are the biggest assets to your organization, what would they be?

1) Innovation: We keep our products and culture innovative, and we always try to create something new in the technology market. A culture of innovation is one of our most powerful assets.

2) Team: It’s always about teamwork, talented people are our asset. Given the fact that IP (intellectual property) is so important to us, we value our people.

3) Technology: 3PT’s technology is unique and advanced. We make sure our services and products are at the top in the market while everything being secured and at no risk to attacks.

4) Fun: We always try to make everything fun in our company, from culture, food, events, to the smallest things like business cards. If your work bores you then that would be the saddest thing.

Our team shares an undeniable passion for technology. We have innovators who think like entrepreneurs. We take on pressing problems to develop challenging solutions and try to remain up-to-date on the current scenarios. We all hold a fear of failure and are driven by success.

Q. Is there any one factor that has played a vital role in formulating your company’s strategy?

We were quite small initially, and our revenue was mostly reliant on one client. When that client moved their operations to India (Global HQ decision) it became critical to our long-term plan. We invested heavily in sales and diversified offerings. That led to new hires and gave us the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with new technology. Within the past year, we have branched out and expanded into Infrastructure and licensing. We are currently transitioning into a SaaS model company and we can leverage new revenue through some of our previously developed products.

We have launched two new divisions in Texas and Belgium. We believe that the expansion of our company brings us more opportunities for growth. Meanwhile, some new SaaS products are going to be pushed into the market in the next few months.

Q. Do you plan to unveil newer products for the current market?

We are manufacturing a SaaS product using AI and a new tool that will disrupt the tech industry by introducing a “no developer” software creator tool. The last tool needs more description as it will change the way consumers pay and use custom software tools in the future. We believe innovation to be the key for strategic and sustainable growth. Our company always works alongside our clients to identify, develop, and implement winning technology strategies and digital solutions that fulfill their vision and create value. Three Point turn grows with clients.

Meet the Dynamic Founders of Three Point Turn

Chris Mihalicz: Chris started his career at the advent of the Internet and has stayed on the leading edge of innovation ever since. His ability to identify opportunities and apply technologies has led to numerous successful start-ups and major competitive advantages for clients. His vision is of a future where technology becomes a pivotal tool to supplement the shortcomings of traditional business growth tools.

Shannon Graham: Shannon’s two decades of leadership experience have helped cultivate a team of highly effective consultants and managers focused on results. Her ability to identify, motivate, and grow effective teams have been invaluable in helping both the company and its clients achieve their goals. This is accomplished by her unparalleled work ethic and focus on the company’s vision.

Fatih Stanley: An Ivy League graduate, Fatih has more than a decade of consulting experience in a range of industries where he helped companies overcome challenging obstacles and grow to new heights. His ability to channel creativity and originality into solving complex challenges has been instrumental in developing Three Point Turn’s ability to deliver innovation. His role at Three Point Turn finds him empowering our clients and team to reach new heights.

“Our mission is to develop innovative digital solutions to help businesses scale rapidly.”