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Dinghy: New freelance insurance that’s faster, cheaper and fairer


There is a better way to do business and to make a difference. One that protects customers without making them pay ridiculous fees and commissions. A way where colleagues get paid properly for all the amazing work they do reducing the negative footprint offices that add to the planet’s problems and where insurance is easy to understand. We went that way.

We injected B Corp’s fundamentally different governance philosophy into our core from the beginning, meaning every decision at a Board level takes into account the triple bottom line. Most companies only think about the single bottom line of Profit but we at Dinghy are legally obliged to think of how our decisions may affect People and the Planet in addition to our Profit. Companies less than 12 months old cannot be full B Corps so we plan to be fully certified B Corp right after our first birthday party.

Insurance was originally a social good. It enhanced freedom, created security, promoted good health and increased prosperity. But over the last 20 years or so insurance companies have changed; expecting the worst of people rather than the best with premiums rising year on year and less claims being paid out. We are changing everything, no upfront premium; pay what you used throughout the month billed by the second, in arrears, no interest, no credit checks, no fees. Professional Indemnity claims with no excess and Equipment claims resolved in 24 hours. Welcome to Dinghy, enjoy the ride.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

When mistakes happen Professional Indemnity insurance is there to help you get everything sorted, and ensure that you can keep working without the distraction of dealing with lawyers or handling an insurance claim. We have worked meticulously to create an insurance product specific to freelancers and self-employed professionals. Dinghy’s Professional Indemnity is fast, flexible and great value. We are the first and so far only Professional Indemnity insurance provider that allows you to pay less when you are not working, giving you an insurance policy that truly matches your lifestyle.

The risk of making a mistake is always there. Even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself from an allegation can be thousands of pounds, with your time spent arguing rather than working. With Professional Indemnity insurance, you leave all of that to us, so you can get on with the job you love.

Public Liability Insurance

Dinghy Public Liability insurance provides a fully flexible Public Liability insurance that you can turn on and off to fit with your freelancer work-life balance. With zero administration fees our insurance is available when you need it and saving you money when you don’t. Anyone who comes into contact with other people while working should have Public Liability insurance. If you work in a shared office space, a coffee shop, or have clients come visit you at home, you should buy Public Liability insurance. Your home insurance may provide public liability insurance for working from home, however, work anywhere else and your home insurance won’t cover you.

If someone is injured by tripping over your bag, or you accidentally push your chair back into them, then they can claims for compensation from you. Your Public Liability insurer will pay for your legal fees and any damages.

Cyber Liability Insurance

For freelancers and the self-employed, who regularly travel with portable laptops and emails on their phones holding data about their customers, and even customers customers, the risk of losing that data has increased. At the same time, cyber criminals are becoming more aware of the value of this data and increasingly looking for easy targets.

At Dinghy, our Cyber Liability insurance works in two ways:

  • To extend your Professional Indemnity insurance to cover claims arising from your negligence from losing customer data, whether your own or someone else’s.
  • With a 24/7 breach response service, provided by our insurer’s Beazley, who are market leaders in reacting to data breaches.

Business Equipment Insurance

At Dinghy, we offer worldwide insurance for all your equipment. We have a 24/7 business equipment claims service and if you live in mainland UK we will aim to have all your equipment replaced and couriered to you within 24 hours of you telling us; or quicker. And if we can’t meet that you can choose instant cash straight into your bank – no delays, no fuss – allowing you to get on with your job.

We know that your equipment is essential for your business. We also know that you want the freedom to be able to work from other places than just your home. That’s why we have a 24/7 claims service, worldwide cover, new model replacement, and our insurance covers you while you are working in a co-working space.

Greet the founders


Wearing sunglasses when not required and an unhealthy obsession with headwear are not Ben’s only skills. He has run 3 businesses, spent 7 years at Acturis, the fast growth fintech firm and 2 years at Simply Business. Ben is responsible for the commercial side of Dinghy.


With a shirt and jacket accompanying his ever present smile, Rob combines web development and insurance expertise so our product is the best it can be. Rob started in insurance at 21 and has worked in the USA, Caribbean, Lloyds of London and Simply Business.


On start-up number three, Ed has been a technologist for over ten years, including four years at Simply Business. He has extensive experience in building technology platforms for insurance, telecoms and e-commerce and looks after all things tech at Dinghy.

“At Dinghy we have carefully crafted our insurance products with the freelancer and self-employed lifestyle at their core. In doing so they fit perfectly with your flexible hours and changing work environments reflecting the modern way you do business.”