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10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2016

Divum Corporate Services: An Industry Expert Serving Multiple Verticals Since 2008


“Established in 2008, Divum Corporate Services Pvt Ltd. is a global product house, trying best to cater to customers all across the world.”

A passionate product development centre, Divum is positioned as a primer Design, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Analytics and Automated Testing product house. Based out of Bangalore, the company takes pride in being one of the top 12 Google Certified Developer Agency Globally. Keeping the faith at lean development and agility, the highly capable team at Divum takes pride in taking complete product ownership like a Virtual CTO and enable their customers to focus on their business strategies while they de-risk their tech and product development.

Standing tall as an industry expert, the company serves 6 verticals and truly believes in each service offering is an independent product development initiative. Being in the tech business is not easy as tech trends in this domain change very aggressively, every 90 to 100 days there are new tools, new frameworks, new devices being released in the market. Being a product house allows team Divum to focus on these new initiatives with their Centre of Excellence team spearheading and following the latest trends and challenges.

The company serves major brands and startup emerge out of India, such as Makemytrip, GetIt, GOQii, ESPN Cricinfo, Amazon, Moneycontrol, NDTV, etc and is also a preferred vendor and partner for Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft& BlackBerry.

…..Divum’s Journey in a Nutshell
Divum’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 with a two member team and today they stand at 100+ product aficionados. Way back in 2009-10, the company did close to 100+ iOS apps which were simple apps, but this gave them a strong understanding of the haptic experience and also enabled them to work with some of the top brands in India on mobility since 2010. As the smart phone ecosystem matured and the focus shifted to apps their learning of the app world evolved to create some of the best products in the market today.

Talking about the challenges came their way, Vaideeswaran Sethuraman (Founder & CEO), the man behind the foundation of Divum, said “It has been a great journey, each year with new challenges and new adventures. I guess the challenges were there at the start, today things are good. It feels nice to be accepted as a premier product development house in the country and provide some of the best solutions consumed by every day Indian, millions of times.”

Divum’s Service Offerings & its Benefit to Clients

As a product house, Divum specializes in following verticals:

Design– ‘Design is not what you see, but how you feel.’

As an expert design house, Divum’s core strength is Mobile Product Design, Visual Interface Design and Solution Design. Benefit-design services by Divum benefit their customers in creation of a WOW product. With their extraordinaire design expertise, the company makes sure the product risk is minimized and product experience is awesome.

Cloud– A mobile first focused Cloud developers; Divum is also Amazon Certified Standard Consulting Partners. Often they have seen Cloud services being developed but not optimized for limited power devices. They have been solving this problem by creating scalable mobile first cloud solutions, which makes it easy for their customers to have their business logic on cloud and easily accessible by multiple end points.

Mobile– ‘In last 8 years of our service, we have done 1200+ mobile app projects.’

The team at Divum specializes in developing native as well as cross platform mobile apps based on their customer’s product requirement and use case scenarios. As strong mobile app developers and having developed 1200+ mobile app projects, their vertical understanding of this domain minimize the development risks for mobile app projects.

IoT– Divum’s IoT custom IoT Solutions, enable customer’s in last mile tracking, adding sensors to things and controlling the state of things. The company specializes in Hardware design right from PCB fabrication to end product engineering. They have developed state of art General Purpose IoT device which has STM32 micro controller and GSM communication support. The board also comes with custom RF wireless communication module to work under controlled environment.

Analytics– Divum’s Custom Analytics Solution help users, unsolved the customer engagement enigma. With their Analytics solutions, customers find it easy to understand the life cycle of product engagement.
Automated Testing- Today as part of the app release cycle, app testing is cumbersome and time consuming and while the development cycles are optimized testing cycles for each release require huge effort and time. To solve this issue Divum offer Automated Testing Service for Native and Cross Platform apps. Using tools like Appium/Calabash they write the test scripts and sync up with Remote Device Programs like Amazon Device Farm to create a custom regression suite for their customer’s app.

Some of the testing scenarios covered in the regression suite includes:

  • UI Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Upgrade Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Device Validation
  • Version/Compatibility

The Future Sight

Presently, the company has kept a strategic focus on their six product verticals Design/Cloud/Mobile/IoT/Analytics/Automated Testing but for the future they would like to focus on multiple platform and framework development as their future focus area.

Territories Served

The company works very closely with OEMs, Brands and Startups in India and US, which in return allows them to cover multiple verticals. Practically, they have a solution in the majority of the consumer internet verticals like Ecommerce, Travel, Storage, Health Tech, Enterprise Apps, Media and News, Video Streaming, Machine 2 Machine, Food Tech, Fin Tech.

“Our motive is to convert dreams into reality and this is only possible if we work with our customers as a product centre.”

Knowing the Mastermind

Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, Founder & CEO – A visionary Vaidee has built a team of 100, which is responsible for building 1200+ mobile application across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian, J2ME & Windows Phone.

A techno-entrepreneur, Vaidee holds MS (Microelectronics) degree from BITS, Pilani and a certificate from Stanford Ignite Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program. Vaidee is a veteran in the IT industry with over 20 years of experience starting from being an Electronic Design Automation engineer at various chip-design companies like Texas Instruments, Montalvo Systems, AMD and later transformed into an entrepreneur by founding Divum, which is one of the leading mobile application development company in India.

In the recent past, Vaidee has setup a product venture to build next generation online grocery platform powered by machine learning and IOT.