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10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies 2018

Doing Sincerely and Credibly; Making the Better Best Aurotek

thesiliconreview-cody-y-c-chang-ceo-aurotek-18“Our business culture is to believe in the unlimited potential of innovation and to pursue unlimited competence of business.”

Under the rapidly growing global market, the biggest challenge for a business is how to succeed. Therefore, to establish and enhance mutually beneficial partnerships with both customers and vendors is what companies are focusing on. And based on the idea of “A Complete Solution from One Source”, in 1980 Aurotek was established. The company’s ultimate goal was to provide customers the top-tier integrated and complete services.

For three decades, Aurotek upholds its reputation and work spirit for sharing high-tech industry experiences, delivering high value-added services and solutions, and helping customers achieve greater value through its introduction of advanced and quality components, acquirement of new technology concepts, and constant pursuit of excellence in industrial design.

From self-lubricated parts, transmissions, power transmissions, drive systems, to controllers and robotics for PCB, SMT, LCD, optical, solar and semiconductor equipment to architectural applications/designs for window operators, seismic isolation systems, and anti-earthquake devices, Aurotek offers not only the products but also a potent concept that can improve design efficiency, which in turn benefits both designers and users.

Aurotek has established a strong brand name and reputation under the “Aurotek” brand. The company is a recipient of numerous awards — 10th Annual National Award of Small & Medium Enterprise, 4th Annual Rising Star Award, 8th Annual Small & Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award, 2008 National Quality Award, and four-time winner (1 Gold and 3 Silver) of Symbol of Taiwan Excellence Award. These awards serve as the tangible recognition of Aurotek’s operation achievement and R&D competence, and the motivational foundation moving forward.

The Top-Notch Products

  • FA & Equipment: In the field of automation, Aurotek has complete and precise technologies, applications in automation equipment, and high-performance equipment, which are developed for high reliability.
  • Automation & Robotics: From transmission, power transmission, drive, control till turn-key, customers not only request the demand and supply of products themselves but a complete solution. Automation & Robotics BU imports and provides high-quality key components of brands, also the new concepts of automation.
  • Actuator (Linear Axis): Axis Module is designed for variety stroke for the selection. Each model provided many combinations of different industrial applications.
  • Motion Controller: MC88XXP series are PCI bus pulses command control boards which can control from 4 to 8 axes servo/stepping motor. MCN8032P is a servo network control board, which is based on Panasonic RTEX network motion control specification, it can control up to 32 axes Panasonic A5N motors or I/O modules. MCS8324 is a standalone controller which can control 4 axes motors and has 8 inputs and 8 outputs
  • Motion Control IC: The motion controlling IC can independently control each axis. It can connect up to 4 axes of either stepper motors or servo motors for the position, speed, and interpolation control. Action management function is included so that host CPU will not interfere with the driving.
  • Photonic Technology: In 2010, Aurotek’s Nanosphere self-assembly techniques successfully developed 2-inch Micro-Patterned Sapphire Substrate (MPSS) and Nano-Patterned Sapphire Substrate (NPSS), as Taiwan’s pioneer in sapphire substrates. In 2011, Aurotek launched PSS automatic inspection equipment, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment can replace manual operations, improve production quality, reduce loss, and significantly reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Eco & Structure Safety: Global warming has become an important issue these days, and everyone has the responsibility to protect the Earth as well as Aurotek. Hence, Aurotek is devoted to connecting Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction and automation to green building. After repeated efforts, finally, the company successfully launched EcoColor outdoor window shutter which features the advantages of eco-friendly, energy-efficiency and being warm in winter and cool in summer. The surface of blinds design as double skin so that it can set up on the outside of the window, reduce power consumption and protect from 80% solar radiation effectively.

The Core Values

One for All - All for One

A successful business depends on a successful team and a company’s potential is unlimited only if everyone works as a team.

Through the external support of vendors and the internal growth within the company, Aurotek has received numerous awards since 1980. All the honors and the achievements are the results of its excellent teamwork. To help foster a team spirit, the company provides a work environment that is comfortable, friendly, and fair.

“We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource and that having happy employees helps increase the success of our company.”

Resource Integration and Value Creation

Aurotek’s business philosophy is to keep the concept of innovation and variety in mind while integrating existing resources. Using a holistic strategy for the products, techniques, organization, and market, the company is able to achieve higher levels of performance. By expanding sales territory, establishing new business fields, and using PDCAL (Plan-Do-Check-Action-Learning) cycle to adjust management, Aurotek continuously attempts to reach operational excellence.

The Future Sight

Looking into the future, Aurotek is going to focus on introducing new applications and expanding new markets to lead the industry in automation. The company will continue enhancing the integration of resources, supporting social welfare, and improving the technical developments. Moreover, in order to improve the environment and quality of life, Aurotek continues to search for new techniques and develop innovative products. The company believes it has a social obligation to society, and that Aurotek has done a good job of fulfilling this obligation. In the future, Aurotek will continue creating Win-Win situations for the customers, employees, shareholders, and society, with the goal of business sustainability.

Howdy Chief!

Cody Y. C. Chang is the President, Chairman, and CEO of Aurotek

“We continuously dedicate ourselves to research and development of core techniques and constantly combine new techniques with existing systems to improve our products.”

“We are aggressively researching the development of smart robots, and we look forward to providing better services and advanced technologies to customers and industry.”