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10 Fastest Growing M2M Solution Providers 2016

Driving Innovation – The Past. The Present. The Future: Axiros

“The connected world at your fingers.”

In the growing field of internet-operated devices, services and business worldwide, it is essential to keep control. That’s why Axiros offers a wide range of highly acclaimed solutions for seamless open device and service management. Its solutions allow clients to monitor and interact with any device in near real-time. They also work with any service – and help to orchestrate Internet of Things with a minimum of handling: Good for telecommunication companies or service providers – and even better for any device manufacturer or hardware supplier with lean service organizations.

Its clients do business around the world. Giving them the best local one-stop services, from data analysis to trouble shooting, clearly distinguishes Axiros from other global players on the market.

The Lasting Advantage

Open Device & Service Management: The Axiros platform for Open Device and Service Management enables:

  • Automatic provisioning, remote support and troubleshooting of broadband services on a wide range of access networks: xDSL, FFTx, 3G/LTE, Cable, VSAT
  •  Leverage on all kind of management protocols supported on the device – from SNMP, Telnet, SSH, OMCI to DOCSIS and TR-069

Delivering a competitive (voice, video, data and wireless) service is an enormous technical, operational and business challenge for today’s service providers. To attract new customers as well as to reduce customer churn, service providers must be able to offer these services with the best user experience possible at a competitive price point.

On the other hand, efficient and effective Device Management is a challenging – and sometimes elusive – endeavor. Increasing device complexity and diversity offers service provider a perfect platform for new service creation which – in return – demands better management and configuration tools.

Analytics: AXTRACT enables the transformation of every device ( Modems, VoIP phones, Set-Top Boxes ) into sophisticated probes to measure service quality. Further, AXTRACT can significantly help the Customer Reps and the Technical Support in the troubleshooting process by supplying a historical view on service usage correlated with the technical parameters. The analysis is enabled on arbitrary groups or down to a single device, including changes of service related parameters. All data are made available in near real time to ensure that all relevant events generated in the network are promptly collected and made available to the Network and Service operations team to ensure the fastest resolution time.

The timeliness is a key value; at the same time AXTRACT engine enables Big Data analytics on a large set of key indicators that help the Service Providers to identify the bottlenecks in their delivery processes.

Smart Automation: That’s the battle cry of the movement called the Internet of Things (IoT), or according to some, the Internet of Everything (IoE). It’s time to become accustomed to this idea, but progress is being made in achieving the ultimate goal—a network connecting practically all physical devices. Some call the IoT movement the fourth generation of the Internet.

IoT represents the fourth generation, dubbed by many as the “networking of everything else.” It’s now technically and economically possible to put virtually everything on the Internet, setting up what looks to be a very interesting future with all of the potential benefits, downsides, and unintended consequences.

But the challenge to the service provider is the “control”. How to support and manage a virtually unlimited number of applications on any possible type of data link in a way that is sustainable from the service provider perspective? How to isolate platform services and make it possible an economy of scale.

Axiros – with its AXPERIENCE platform, built on top of the award winning AXESS, AXPAND, AXTRACT and AXACT products – enables the fourth generation of Internet and deliverers in the hands of the service providers the most powerful tool.

The Happy Customers
“I was impressed with how well the Axiros system met each of our company´s criteria for a remote management system and service optimization.” – Oddbjørn Sørseth, CTO, Lysc.

“We’re a small company, and we don’t spend as much on marketing as our competitors, we grow and retain our customer base by delivering an exceptional experience; we selected Axiros because we know their products will enable us to continue to do so.” – Philippe Decary, Network Architect, MASKATel.

Meet the Master

Kurt Peterhans, CEO: Kurt Graduated in Computer Science and Business Administration. In telecommunications industry since mid 90’s. Served various roles within IT & Telecommunications Operations – from an ISP´s Service & Delivery Manager to a Managing Consultant at I.N.S. to an Operational Manager at O2. In Axiros since 2007, with the main responsibility to develop and operate business worldwide and, as CEO, to lead the ongoing evolution of Axiros.

 “Any device, any protocol, any service – we manage all the things!”