Top 20 Mobility Companies 2015

e2e Projects Pvt Ltd. A Covenant ‘Leader’ IN THE Mobility Environ


e2e Projects Pvt. Ltd. is the most sought after Premium partners to Microsoft, for providing end to end industry best Process and Project Management solutions through EPM and SharePoint implementation, consulting, development and training. Legacy of efficient enterprise mobility benefits consumers to get extensive data at their fingertips.

One of the many open-ended monomania this year is persistent need of people, on both the private and business front, is to be mobile/device. Everyone wants to have all inclusive information within arm’s reach or in fact in their pockets. One wishes to be able to take decisions instantly avoiding the hassle of accessing their desktop or linger to have the printed materials in their hands. Companies needs to accustom their systems as their employees’ demands Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and (CYOD) Choose Your Own Device enabled environment – an exercise that has an impact on whole caboodle from the organizations’ security systems and software, to its daily office equipment like printers.

It’s probable that mobility will proceed to be a game-changing factor for the envisioned future. Moving forward with this thought, e2e Projects Pvt Ltd. soon realized that the existing customer base could be leveraged to up sell services and decided to grow in-organically. This was feasible by acquiring management controlling stakes in companies with expertise such as Digital Marketing, Enterprise and consumer Mobility, web app and portal development. The company is headquartered at Bangalore in India with its branch offices in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Delhi sustains more than 125 group employees all over.

The company is headed by Swapnil Jain; the Director at e2e Projects, whose enthusiasm for project management comes natural as his entrepreneurial elements have helped many initiatives to takeoff. The passion was converted to profession without delaying and he started a career with a professional project management practice and begun advocating the best practices of Microsoft project management tool to organizations. Swapnil has begun with e2e Projects as a co-founder and dedicated his entire experience to benefit the corporate and allow them to choose the best project management solution for their organization. Sujit Das Biswas, Co-Founder of e2e Projects; he conducts responsibilities that includes research in emerging technologies, and keep a balance between existing and upcoming technologies.

e2e Projects influences the best practices, tool expertise, proven methodologies and process knowledge, to establish successful implementations of the Microsoft Enterprise Project, Portfolio Management and SharePoint space. “e2e Projects have built exceptional customized collaboration solutions for customers as per their requirements. Enabling Microsoft Technologies like SharePoint, O365, Azure, Project Server and mobility technologies like android, iOS, HTML5 and CSS to create need of the hour portals and mobility applications for esteem customers” expresses Swapnil.

Caters ‘First rate’ Services
e2e Projects consist of a wide array of services offerings ranging from technical, functional to consulting domain. The most important specialization that the company upholds today is to bring enterprise applications to every device and make it available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry users.

Enterprise Mobility is the key competence of e2eprojects by developing various complex level multi-device responsive applications at Enterprise Level and making it available on every device with tight corporate security policies. “We work on SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) platform, which is one of the most specialized domains for any service company, this is followed by adding most innovative project management expertise and solutions to clients to manage their complex projects,” states Swapnil.

In the interim of the journey to success, some of the big clients of e2e Projects are Vodafone, Reliance, Godrej, ITC, Devoteam – KSA, Govt. of TN and Government of Karnataka. The unmatched service that differentiates e2e Projects from their competitors are likely as providing unique solutions, best brand association in the industry across verticals, diverse expertise and offerings to the existing clients. All these were all made possible because of the highly experienced team acquired by the organization. Furthermore, the company complies with mentionable factors like Cost + Profit, Resource-wise Engagement, Fix Cost and Outsourcing that helps them to withdraw the maximum revenue for the organization.

Forthcoming Prospective

Swapnil ardently states, “There will be a wave of Enterprise Mobility solutions required by conglomerates and e2e will be armed and ready to lead that way.” Keeping an intense perception in mind; the company aims to be a ‘leader’ in the arena of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) offerings. The firm consolidates quality in services in consideration of the market enclosure and industry domain in which their clients are operating.