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“Founded in 1999, ECi offers software, e-commerce, technology solutions and services to help independent enterprises grow and compete.”

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, ECi Software Solutions is a leading provider of best-in-class ERP-type business management systems, cloud-based business systems, e-commerce platforms, mobile delivery software and other technology solutions to dealers and distributors. ECi started out as a provider of e-commerce software for the office products (OP) industry. Owners at that time decided to grow by partnering and/or acquiring software companies in the OP industry. They purchased the DDMS and Progress companies in 2000. Using their extensive experience in several industries, ECi expanded into other areas including office furniture, lumber, hardware and building materials, service technology, and manufacturing. The company provides optimum support for small and medium-sized companies.

Standing tall amidst competitors, ECi is passionate about its customers, striving to make their businesses better than they were the day before. They believe in the independent business firm and work to help them compete profitably against the big box enterprises.

Products Offered
The company provides fully integrated software solutions, designed specifically for a particular industry. They offer cloud-based and on-premise ERP and POS business software.

EasyOrder® Software
In excess of 1.3 million users in more than 22 countries enjoy the benefits of EasyOrder® e-commerce software every day. Their clients place a huge number of orders using various order-capture methods and utilize the “self-service” portal to help increase customer loyalty and repeat business-all while taking costs out of their businesses.

ECi Horizon™
This software is designed specifically for the office products industry and is popular among dealers who want to achieve cost savings and operational improvements. Horizon offers something for every department of the business to help staff work faster, more accurately and more efficiently, and enables the business to be more effective as a whole.

SpruceWare.NET ™
Management software for lumber and building materials dealers, SpruceWare.NET is the first Windows® powered information management tool specifically designed for this industry and developed using the Microsoft .NET framework.

This software combines essential back-office functionality (order entry, purchasing, inventory control, accounting, etc.) with highly specialized features to meet the needs of dealers, distributors and resellers across a range of industries. DDMS also tightly integrates with ECinteractivePLUS e-commerce software for efficient, competitive online sales and service.

E-automate software delivers an integrated business management solution for service technology providers. Since its inception over a decade ago, e-automate has helped more than 1,200 companies better manage common business processes like accounting, contracts, inventory, sales, service and more.

M1 is designed to integrate all processes in an operation so that clients make better business decisions, increase productivity, improve interdepartmental communication and ultimately deliver jobs accurately and on time. The modular system makes it easy to choose the right solution to fit specific business needs and budgets.

Red Falcon™
This affordable SaaS software is for independent dealers of office supplies, furniture and equipment who want a combination of robust ERP and next-generation e-commerce to fuel expansion into other business verticals.

This software is built for hardware stores, paint and decorating stores, lumber yards, garden centers and farm supplies businesses. Integrating a fast and easy-to-use POS system, inventory and accounts receivable, it provides everything needed to keep operations efficient and profitable.

Team Design®
This software is a Windows®based project management system designed to automate every aspect of an office furniture dealership including marketing, financial statements, contract management, ordering and specification, and more. The system combines management tools for all phases of project workflow, from proposal to profit and loss statement, into one fully integrated solution.

Acsellerate is easy-to-use business intelligence software and fully integrates with most ECi systems. It offers a powerful combination of Web-based analytics, advanced reporting, integrated CRM, and on-demand customer intelligence applications.

ECi FMAudit®
This software provides the technological innovation to help you make the most of your managed print services offerings. Developed on the .NET Framework, FMAudit also accommodates partner and third-party integrations. It is based on unique technology that streamlines and automates processes including meter collection, billing, and supplies delivery processes. FMAudit integrates seamlessly with many ERP systems.

The Naverisk Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution is designed to help managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT professionals support technology. Designed to be flexible, Naverisk is a 100% Web-based application and is accessible through any browser.

Industries Served
Since its inception, ECi has earned esteemed clients in industries such as Lumber & Building Materials, Hardware & Home Centers, Office Products, Service Technology, Office Furniture, Managed Print Services, Managed IT Services and Manufacturing.

Client Testimonials
“One of the things we really like about ECi M1 is that it’s put together by folks who listened to their customers on what they wanted to see and how they wanted the software to behave.”
John Whitcraft, President and Owner, Precise Manufacturing

“ECi RockSolid was the only system we saw that seemed to be designed by people who really understood the hardware business.”
DeWayne Walters, Billy Jack’s Hardware

The Road Map
ECi is focused on growth-not just their own, but also their customers’. The company’s mission is to be industry experts supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and profitable growth of small and medium sized enterprises. To that end, they strive to provide the best, most-current software and surround solutions to customers to keep them competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace. In addition, they put their considerable industry knowledge to use to help develop aspects of their customers’ businesses beyond software by providing marketing and best practices webinars and other training. They also acquire successful technology providers that offer value-adding solutions. ECi truly appreciates its customers as technology partners and considers it an honor to serve them now and far into the future.

Meet the CEO

Ron Books, President & CEO

Ron joined the Company in late 1999 and was promoted to President of the division in 2000 before successfully selling that business unit in 2001. He then served as Vice President of Sales before being promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations in 2004 and then Chief Operating Officer in 2006. He was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in early 2009. As CEO at ECi, Ron is responsible for the strategic direction and vision of ECi. Prior to ECi, Ron was with Lucent Technologies and also served in the Clinton administration. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting from the University of Dayton.

“At ECi, our passion is to make your business stronger than it was the day before. We want you to be able to say ‘I win’ every day!”