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Effectively Bridging the Gap between Strategy & Execution: Assai Management Consulting, LLC


“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” – Henry Mintzberg

Assai Management Consulting, LLC (AMC) provides strategy, implementation and execution management services with a performance improvement focus for transportation, technology, energy/power, and construction sectors. AMC effectively bridges the gap between strategy and execution through effective implementation methodologies to empower your business to achieve greater growth and profitability.

The company was initially founded by Fredrick Redd in 2003 as a project management advisory and consulting company called Project Management Resource Group Inc. (PMRG). In 2013, PMRG was acquired by

Assai Management Consulting LLC (also founded by Redd) to expand its management consulting services in addition to its core base of project management consulting services.

Assai Management Consulting is positioned to work with top clients in construction, real  estate and transportation sectors in terms of competiveness and quality of service.

Standing Tall Amongst Peers
Assai’s main differentiating factors are as follows:

Niche: It’s a boutique firm with expertise in program/project management, strategy, change management advisory and consulting for projects and businesses serving mid-tier to top tier companies.

Extensive Experience: The Assai team has a breadth of knowledge across Infrastructure projects including engineering, financial Services, rail/ transportation and construction spanning over 30 years.

Adaptive Leadership: The company’s leadership is able to thrive in today’s environment of constant change, turbulence and effectively lead teams and businesses to success.

Communication: It has the ability to communicate very complex issues for understanding at all levels. Assai’s staff has higher education teaching experience.

Unique Skill Set: The Assai team’s combination of construction, technology and engineering experience, is combined with financial and strategy management experience; in addition to its professorships and lecturing experiences at global conferences and three major US universities including Syracuse University, New York University and University of Phoenix. It has licenses & certifications including Professional Engineering, Project Management Professional, and Certified Management Consulting among others.

Service Offerings
The company has a core competency of providing project management, project controls and strategy management consulting and advisory services from top tier to middle tier level companies. Entering its 16th year of experience, Assai is focused across financial services, technology, transportation, energy/power, and construction sectors. All of its advisory and consulting services are specifically tailored to increase growth and profitability levels. Whether it’s providing strategic advisory for the competitive landscape, or helping with organizational change, or assisting with the day-to-day program and project management needs, Assai Management is here to help you succeed.

Assai’s clients are from verticals such as construction, real estate and engineering sectors and also from the transportation& technology sectors. They are mostly from the New York City Tri-State Area and includes companies such as Siemens, Lockheed Martin, MTA New York City Transit, Coleman Research, Connecticut Light & Power, Port Authority of NY & NJ, New York State DOT, Silverstein Properties, Elad Group, The J Companies among others.

Clients Speak
“Fred was instrumental to the startup of our newly formed construction project department. His knowledge in Risk Assessment, Cost Analysis and Planning was critical to our success.” – Brad Shaw, Director Stamford/Greenwich Infrastructure Upgrade, Connecticut Light & Power

“I worked with Fred on a large  technology project in New York. He was very professional in all his work and had an excellent work-attitude. Fred’s contributions in scheduling and planning were essential for the project. Moreover, Fred’s positive approach to work was a motivation for the entire team.” Joern Fellenburg, Project Manager, Siemens Transportation

“Fredrick Redd is a high potential and high performance individual. He exemplifies the ability to think critically at both the tactical and strategic levels. One can’t underestimate the importance of the conceptual and intellectual ability to understand the current state of affairs and apply thoughtful and creative intellectual capacity towards change management. He exceeds reasonable expectations.”– Stephanie Dawson, Chief of Staff, The Port Authority of NY & NJ

Meet the Mastermind
Fredrick Redd, Founder and CEO – Fredrick is an award-winning professional with over 30 years of experience, and has an extensive record of success directing construction and project management functions across construction, transportation, and technology sectors, from large to mega sized projects. Fredrick has held faculty positions at the Syracuse University, New York University and the University of Phoenix. He has a civil/structural engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

CASE STUDY: Past Performance Evaluation (a trademark of Dun & Bradstreet)Open has certified that Assai Management Consulting has received an overall past performance rating of 93% out of 100% from its customer references. A detailed copy of the rating is shown below:


“Whether it’s providing strategic advisory for the competitive  landscape, or helping with your organizational change, or assisting with the day-to-day program and project management  needs, we are here to help you succeed.”