10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies 2017

Eliminate the need for network storage with Springpath


‘Turning standard servers of choice into a single pool of compute and storage resources.’

 Springpath Inc. provides enterprise-grade storage and data management software that provides storage services and runs on various standard servers. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Sunnyvale, California.

Springpath is a pioneer in hyperconvergence software, turning standard servers of choice into a single pool of compute and storage resources. It’s Springpath Data Platform eliminates the need for network storage and intuitively integrates into existing management tools to maximize operational efficiency. Using adaptive scaling capabilities, customers can grow compute, caching or capacity resources independently, depending on their changing business needs. Springpath proactively monitors your infrastructure to ensure resilient, always-on availability.

Using data management and optimization capabilities, Springpath customers experience transformative levels of resource utilization, accelerating the adoption of DevOps in their organization with truly agile IT infrastructure.

The Springpath Data Platform

The Springpath Data Platform is based on Springpath’s unique HALO (Hardware Agnostic Log-structured Objects) architecture. HALO was built from the ground up and leverages memory, flash and disk resources across a cluster of servers running the applications to deliver an enterprise class data infrastructure. HALO uniformly stripes all application data across all the servers -in a cluster—independent of which server an application is located on. This helps applications to leverage all computing resources dedicated to Springpath Platform software. It allows for scaling both performance and storage capacity when servers are added, while eliminating IO bottlenecks in a single server.

The Springpath Data Platform is the first hyper-convergence software solution with enterprise-grade features available at a low-risk annual subscription. It is designed from the ground up to support the performance, capacity and data management demands of a broad range of enterprise applications. Springpath Data Platform software brings public cloud economics, agility and scalability to private clouds.

Springpath Data Platform for VMware: Springpath Data Platform tightly integrates with VMware vSphere and supports key features like vMotion, DRS, HA and vSphere replication. The Springpath web client plugin seamlessly extends vCenter and empowers VM administrators to manage their storage and data without having to learn yet-another-management-tool.

VDI: Deliver on the promise of a better than PC experience to end-users. Experience linear and scalable performance through Springpath’s rapid cloning to bring each desktop instantly online in real time. Handle boot storms or virus scans with the most efficient VDI infrastructure, enabling wide adoption of VDI within your enterprise. Independent of the number of users, Springpath Data Platform offers both performance and economic value to make VDI a reality.

Test and Dev: From rapid provisioning that enables Test/Dev environments to bring copies of software instances online quickly to rapid recovery from your development challenges in minutes. Rapid cloning and zero-overhead snapshots, enable scaling of your Test/Dev environment with ease and efficiency thereby reducing time-to-market. 

Remote Office/Branch Office: Hyper-convergence software running on standard off-the-shelf servers enables enterprises to offer remote or branch offices the most efficient compute/storage solution without compromising on enterprise functionality like snapshots, inline deduplication, compression or linear performance. In addition, remote management enables centralized control to ensure compliance of all locations.

Virtualized Enterprise Applications: Springpath VM-centric, enterprise-class data services deliver shared storage capabilities such as dynamic load balancing, live migration of virtual machines, high availability and data protection. All data orchestration is fully integrated into the server virtualization management interface to simplify operations and management. With built-in data integrity and optimization, support even the most critical of your enterprise applications in a virtualized environment.

Big Data Analytics: Run your big data analytics environment on the same platform that supports your enterprise application environment, reducing the overall spend on dedicated infrastructure. In addition, bring full enterprise feature set to your big data environment ensuring not only scale, but also efficiency all on a shared converged infrastructure. 

Know the CEO

Terry Cunningham, CEO: Terry comes to Springpath after his most recent role as President and General Manager of Seagate’s cloud storage and DR division, Evault, Inc. Terry is an Entrepreneur and seasoned technology business leader with over 25 years experience. He has a wealth of knowledge and great strength in building teams, driving organizational vision and growth, and catalyzing business success. Earlier in his career he was chief operating officer (COO) at Veritas following the Veritas-Seagate Software merger in 1999. Terry’s first startup was Crystal Decisions, the world’s number one enterprise reporting platform, where he drove go-to-market partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and SAP as well as approximately 700 other OEM partners. Terry holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo.

 “Springpath customers experience transformative levels of resource utilization, accelerating the adoption of DevOps in their organization with truly agile IT infrastructure.”