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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Ensuring informed decision-making through big data solutions : e-navik Global Services

e-navik group is a global services firm focused on conceiving, developing and distributing customer-focused solutions for companies in, amongst others, the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications industries.

Today, we are all connected in one way or the other – BY DATA. Statistics reveal that 90% of the data that we see today was generated in the last couple of years. Now, the key question to be addressed is that how can we make it more efficient to make our world a better place to live for us. All devices around us generate data and when networked together, will generate unprecedented amount of data. Think about mundane thing like weather apps, flight tracker app, car warranty and service apps, can suddenly become more valuable in certain applied use cases. e-navik embraces the new challenges of understanding this data and makes sense of it.

e-navik helps organizations to capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data. Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define a Big Data strategy our customer organizations, integrate Big Data into overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower their businesses such a way that they can derive actionable insights from their data.

Identifying opportunities across various domains
From processing bytes to petabytes and marching towards zettabytes, ever wondered where is the expected information and insights? Team e-navik strives to bring user-context information closer to the users for enabling visual analytics along with BIG analytics to create value by reducing TCO Big Data solutions for end clients, by providing solutions that enable fact based decision making and simplify the offering such that customers can leverage their existing assets and investments.

The fast paced IT industry talking about the buzzwords BIG DATA to BIG DATA analysis; has now changed to several dimensions leading to many expanses to be addressed from pure play Big Data Consulting & Solutions, Big Databases and today to  Big Data Appliances/Storage, Big Data Syndication/Visualization/Dashboards and Big Data Protection/Security Analytics, Big Data Aggregation/Analytics, Big Data Operations. With this comes the need for The “Big Data Protection” which basically examines how big data applications can be protected against unauthorized access and manipulation and e-navik’s “Big Data Security” examines how big data solutions can help to increase enterprise security.

The era of business decision-making processes based on simple reports generated from filtered and preselected data has almost come to an end with the focus shifting from aggregation and comparison of KPIs, on to identifying a statistically significant connection between these KPIs and all related information to derive actionable insights. Big data discussions have also seen a gradual shift from focus on technology to what is today termed as ‘all-round development’ including a focus on business perspectives. The focus is no longer on an exceptional technical solution (hardware &/or software) or the variety of data types to be processed, but rather on an innovative strategic approach for leveraging existing technologies.

A favorite amongst clientele
Considering the definition of “BIG” data, and related analyses, predictive exploration of situations and business intelligence workloads are beyond the capabilities of traditional ICT solutions and there is a need to invest in new IT infrastructure components such as big data appliance, service providers, etc.

Driven by proliferation of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption; BIG DATA is here to stay. Our aim is to have a comprehensive offering for our customers that includes big data services and big data solutions connecting various elements in the spectrum from big data consulting to support and managed services and help to generate actionable insights. We have expertise in handling a range of technology platforms, and our service offerings address all focus areas across the big data lifecycle. From Business intelligence, consulting services, big data core competence, smart dashboards, data discovery, IoE (Internet of Everything), data engineering, data integration, and help in creation of predictive business intelligence and visual analytics.

The focus is on creativity, quality, variety and the power of innovation and these unique cornerstones are the secret behind the company’s successes. Believing in 100% reliability and acting responsibly towards customers, the e-navik DNA lays deep emphasis on working in partnership with its customers.

Gearing up for further innovation
“The provider is challenged to better communicate its current big data portfolio in the market and it is important to find out whether the management board and employees identify with the big data topic. While in some companies “all employees can handle the big data issue”, it is often not given full attention and “one among many” tasks. Big data in our view is an enhancement of existing technologies, and therefore, the market for solutions and services is subject to constant change. Connected vehicles, demand for in-vehicle infotainment to mobile office coupled with increasing complex compliance and government regulations, and ever-changing customer needs have led to drastic changes in the way automotive players design and manufacture products across different geographies and create customer engagements. The new industry trend “Industry 4.0”, for example, creates new data that can be included into complex usage scenarios. We feel that the big data market will also experience significant growth and development with Industry 4.0 whereby making big data one of the key drivers of the IT industry during the coming years”, believes the team at e-navik.

Big data consulting is a component of e-navik’s general consulting services; after all, the company pursues a dedicated big data strategy within the context of in-memory data management and real-time analytics & visualizations and has included other traditional business segments such as business process management into this portfolio, viewed as an interdisciplinary function, or part of the general service portfolio and sometimes handled as a separate topic, and in this case, the pursuit would be a specific big data consulting approach, complemented by respective solutions. Keeping up with the changing needs of customers, including the large Telcos and other companies based in Europe and US, the company is bound to grow leaps and bounds in the near future.

Enterprises today seek Digital Transformation as the world around us getting more and more digital every day. The organizations are therefore driven to digitalize their business processes and operating models. This process however, gets increasingly challenging and complex. We at e-navik strive to achieve customer loyalty by going that extra mile and keeping our innovation hat on.