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eresource: the NextGen ERP system

silicon-review-sudheer-naireresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd, the company that came into existence in the year 2006, was initially an accounting software development firm. Later, looking at the market trend and understanding the need of  the hour, the company has transformed into Enterprise Solution development firm. Over these years, eresource has became a name to reckon with and became one of the leading Web-based ERP solutions in the country.

The company has realized that many of the big branded ERP system running in the market were not only more complex in their nature but also priced  heavily which made the system  out of reach for many small and medium sized companies.

Leading Web-based ERP solution
eresource’s decision to develop an affordable ERP system that could be operated through web-browsers had many takers from the beginning.  Initially, the company  concentrating  on manufacturing industry and in a short span of time eresource has achieved the acceptance as an ultimate ERP system for manufacturing industry, especially in the SME segment.

As time moved, there came more and more additions in the eresource family. From just manufacturing industry, the company started developing ERP solution for each and every industry that came its way. Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fleet Management, Construction and Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Trading, Preventive Maintenance, Human Resource and Accounting and Finance are some of the areas where eresource made its own mark. The company has developed exclusive ERP system for all these industry with all its specific need and budget.

The exclusive ERP system for each and every industry indicates how eresource is caring about industry-specific need of each segments.   Eresource Xcel for manufacturing, eresource LifeScience for Pharmaceuticals, eresource BatchPro for Chemical, eresource Nfra for Construction and Infrastructure,  eresource eTrade for Trading, eresource 3GL for Logistic, eresource HRMS for Human Resource, eresource PMS for Preventive Maintenance and eresource ACT for accounts and finance are some of the exclusive ERP system that have been developed and implemented in number of organizations from these industrial segments.

One of the best affordable ERP systems  for SMEs
The company’s target area was Small and Medium sized businesses in the country and abroad, especially in the Middle Eastern region. To say, there is a reason for that. What eresource Infotech has learned from its experience is that SME sector in India needs to be uplifted for development of the country. In the earlier days, these segments were denied the high benefit of enterprise solution due to high cost involved in implementing a suitable ERP solution. eresource’s prime objective was to provide them with a affordable solution that will make SME business operations quick and easy as well as profitable. eresource has succeeded in providing them what they need.

Exclusive ERP solution for different industrial verticals
eresource has introduced exclusive ERP solution for various industrial segments.

  • eresource Xcel for Manufacturing
  • eresource nfra for Construction and other project-based industry
  • eresource LifeScience for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • eresource PMS for Preventive Maintenance
  • eresource eTrade for trading industry
  • eresource 3GL for Logistic Industry

There are no industries that eresource doesn’t serve. You name it and eresource have it. That is the  business strategy of eresource.  Apart from above exclusive ERP systems eresource also has developed extensive ERP system for Human Resource Management (HRMS) and Finance and Accounting (ACT).

At eresource, they have a talented and professional research and development team that is always on the path of innovations and modifications. Its R&D team which is vigilant on every new technical advancement in the Information Technology front  help them to keep eresource ERP system compatible with every latest trend in the market. This practice of its R&D team keeps eresource ERP system in the front line with a tag that labels eresource as the NextGen ERP system.

Quick and easy implementation method
One of the other factors that makes eresource the first choice among the Small and Medium sized business in India and abroad is its quick and guaranteed On-Time Implementation Procedure. Unlike many other big brand ERP system, eresource implementation is quick, simple and fool-proof. Apart from the implementation the training program for the users of the organizations have been applauded loudly by all its customers.

If awards are to be counted for proof of excellence and superiority, over the years eresource has been pocketed many prestigious industrial awards. eresource Infotech is the only ERP organization in India, which has been awarded the Udyog Rattan Award along with Business Excellence Award for the year 2008. It was followed by the Business Leadership Award conferred by Institute of Industrial Development, New Delhi.

Brain behind eresource
Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech – A man of dedication and hard work, the product eresource is his brain child. With little cash capital in one hand and lot of talent capital in other hand, he has laid foundation for a product that is making waves in the ERP market today. There is no need of a second thought to acclaim this as an achievement. He is still at the helm of affairs as the CEO of the organization.

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“We dedicate our success to our well trained and experienced professionals comprising software project managers, project leaders, ERP consultants, ERP implementers, apart from our valued customers.”