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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

Extending Salesforce capabilities by addressing Marketing Metric Needs: Full Circle Insights


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”
– Peter Drucker

Founded in 2010 by former Salesforce executives, product mangers and marketing automation specialists – Full Circle Insights was formed to extend Salesforce capabilities by addressing specific marketing needs within the native platform dataset. The company received $3.8 million in Series A funding in September of 2014 with Aligned Partners as the lead investor along with Salesforce Ventures and WI Harper Group. A Series B round was raised in December 2015. Aligned Partners also led the $4.7 million round with participation from Salesforce Ventures.

Full Circle Insights is a marketing technology (MarTech) company that is well positioned within the Backbone Platforms space as a complete Marketing Performance Management System and has gained market traction with both large enterprise and SMB. Full Circle’s cloud-based products are built 100% on Salesforce App Cloud and are compatible with the leading marketing automation solutions.

The Full Circle Solution
Full Circle Insights provides Salesforce users a complete Marketing Performance Management solution. The platform helps to align marketing and sales funnel metrics and to provide visibility into marketing’s impact on revenue. The Full Circle solution is deeply integrated into Salesforce, with privileged access to the underlying data stored in the platform. The result is metrics for its users with higher fidelity then would otherwise be available. The ability to generate accurate marketing and sales data analytics enables companies to measure marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue accurately and consistently in order to make better business decisions.

Full Circle solution’s customizable view of an integrated sales and marketing funnel enables a demand waterfall analysis of the entire funnel – not just the top and the bottom – providing insights to better understand volume, conversion and velocity at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. Additionally, Full Circle provides customizable weighted campaign attribution models to measure the impact of each piece of the marketing mix on revenue.

Customer Base
The company’s customer target areas include sectors such as Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Telcom. Some of its notable clients are Lexmark International, Tibco Software, Citrix, Inspirato, Box, Atlassian Software Systems, FICO, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Jobvite and Blue Jeans Network.

Customer Testimonials
“Working with Full Circle Insights allows us to fully leverage our Salesforce implementation and make sure we measure the impact of every response and activity along the sales funnel. With more accurate intelligence on what drives sales, we can now invest where it will make the biggest impact and continue to drive strong growth.” – Niel Hildebrand III, Director, Marketing Operations and Analytics, AppDynamics

“This is a must have tool for any serious marketer who wants to track their marketing/sales funnel in Salesforce. Finally, we have beautiful dashboards tracking conversions across every stage of our funnel and powerful campaign dashboards showing us influencing campaigns and key campaigns that resulted in high ROI!” – Abdallah Al-Hakim, Marketing Operations Specialist, BlueJeans

Global Footprint
Currently, the company’s customers are predominantly in the United States and Canada.

Looking at the Future
Full Circle Insights’ future focus areas are Best-practice response lifecycle management, powerful weighted campaign influence models, and comprehensive marketing and sales funnel metrics.

Knowing the Leadership Team

Bonnie Crater, (Founder) President & CEO
Prior to joining Full Circle Insights, Bonnie Crater was a five-time vice president of marketing and executive at many software companies in Silicon Valley. Bonnie held vice president and senior vice president roles at Genesys, Netscape, Network Computer Inc., salesforce.com, Stratify, Realization, and VoiceObjects (now Voxeo). A ten-year veteran of Oracle Corporation and its various subsidiaries, Bonnie was vice president, Compaq Products Division and vice president, Workgroup Products Division. In 2013, Bonnie was named one of the “100 Most Influential Women” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and in 2015 the Sales Lead Management Association named her one of the “20 Women to Watch” in sales lead management. Bonnie holds a B.A. in biology from Princeton University.

Dan Appleman, (Founder) Chief Technology Officer
As Full Circle Insights’ CTO, Dan Appleman brings a broad technology experience to our customers. Having supported over 30 Salesforce implementations with technology solutions, Dan is also the founder of Desaware, Inc. a developer of add-on products for Microsoft Visual Studio and co-founder of Apress publishing. In addition, Dan is the author of numerous popular technology books including Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce.com and Force.com, Moving to VB .NET: Strategies, Concepts and Code, and Dan Appleman’s Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide to the Win32 API. You can often find Dan on the speaker circuit providing new insights into cloud computing and other technologies.

Roan Bear, (Founder) Vice President Products
Roan Bear brings nearly 20 years’ experience in advising companies on business and marketing strategies as well as technology solutions. An expert in Salesforce and a former marketing executive, Roan understands how to leverage technology to facilitate marketing requirements from advertising to lead generation and from analytics to automation and reporting. Roan has experience with a wide range of companies—from large to mid-sized to startups—in many industries, including technology, healthcare, military, e-commerce, non-profit, and services.

“Our products are built 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform and are compatible with the leading marketing automation solutions.”