30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

FADEL: Empowering Innovators with Forward-Thinking Intellectual Property Commerce Solutions


“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” – Bob Iger

Innovators in media, entertainment, publishing, and high tech are producing more licensable intellectual property (IP) than ever before–creatively packaging content, brands, components, and products to fuel and foster significant business growth and profitability for companies of every size.

A pioneer in the rights and royalty management space, FADEL provides cloud-based software and expert services that allow companies to protect, manage and monetize their IP. With its unique position in the market, FADEL has been recognized by Silicon Review as one of the Top 30 Fastest Growing Companies for 2016. Using FADEL solutions, businesses can easily verify, capture and govern their new innovations, arming them in the ever-increasing market of IP commerce.

A Rapid Ascent from Inception to Critical Mass
When Founder and CEO, Tarek Fadel, first observed the increasing volume and complexity of licensing, rights and royalties in the mid 2000s, he envisioned the need to build and deploy automated rights and royalty management solutions. Over the next several years, he set up a skilled technology and industry team who assisted him in developing and deploying solutions to harness the power of IP for both licensees and licensors, landing some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the world as clients. Today, FADEL’s clients manage billions of dollars in retail sales and royalties on licensed products using the FADEL platform. Every time Captain America’s flying shield is sold or an Iron Man t-shirt is printed, the license royalties are processed on FADEL software; every sale of “What is HTML5” is accounted for and the author statement is generated by FADEL software; and every time Java or McAfee Antivirus is included into FADEL’s client firewall hardware platform, the deal rights terms and royalty payments are accurately tracked and calculated using FADEL software.

“In the past three years in particular, we have experienced explosive growth in our pipeline due to the magnitude of IP and new content being created in the digital markets and its increasing rights complexities,” said Tarek. “Innovators are changing the terms by which IP is defined and distributed as they discover new ways to combine and bundle elements to create new products and revenue streams.” In the past year alone, FADEL has doubled in size and expanded its global footprint, adding a west coast presence in Los Angeles and expanded operations in London to its New York headquarters.

Since 2006, FADEL has experienced continuous growth and in 2014, the company secured investor financing to fuel business growth through the expansion of its sales, marketing and product development teams. FADEL has also built a robust channel network that includes global technology vendors, system integrators and technology partners that further extend its market reach.

Managing IP Commerce from Negotiation to Payment
Built on a robust and adaptable architecture, FADEL’s flagship IP Management software enables its clients– market leaders in their respective industries – to verify, capture and manage rights and royalties for their IP assets with end-to-end capabilities across the IP licensing lifecycle – from negotiation to payment. The FADEL portfolio provides a global view of available IP, pulling out all associated contractual details including licensing terms and payment details, and allowing companies to take action on the information. FADEL’s platform uniquely supports both inbound and outbound licensing, i.e., purchasing IP rights and paying royalties on the licensee side and selling rights and collecting royalties on the licensor side.

FADEL ARC, the company’s most recent product, is a SaaS-based solution targeted at brand managers, ad agencies and content distributors. ARC allows users to track digital asset rights real time, in the cloud, to ensure permissions are properly cleared against contract terms. This significant business need has been a gap in the market and will help companies to accelerate creative production, reduce overall costs and mitigate compliance risks, protecting brands against litigation.

The Future of IP
FADEL will continue to focus on brand rights management and introduce new product offerings to serve the multiple constituencies in the IP value chain. “We are constantly identifying new audiences that are feeling pressure to manage a growing portfolio of assets,” said Tarek. For example, large broadcasters and studios are forecasting a decrease in revenue because viewers are flocking to services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to watch on demand. “We are currently working in partnership with global broadcast software vendors to introduce broadcast rights management functionality that will help television stations and broadcasters more easily jump on the OTT distribution plays,” shared Tarek. Over-the-top content (OTT) refers to delivery of audio, video, and other media over the internet without the control or distribution of a traditional multi-system operator.

“Innovation holds a lot of intrigue, not to mention a great deal of challenge,” said Tarek. “At FADEL, we deal with innovation every day, and this has attracted some of the best and brightest in the industries we serve and technologies we partner with to come work for us. We are passionate about what we do, immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses and gaining an understanding of opportunities and distribution channels so our products and services are aligned with their market demands. We feel lucky to share the journey with them.”

Client Speaks
“We would absolutely recommend FADEL because they have helped us meet our goals,” said Laura Baldwin, President of O’Reilly  Media. “As O’Reilly has transitioned more to a digital publisher, it was imperative that we have someone on the back end who could help us deliver against that promise of digital content. FADEL has done that from start to finish, with their eRoyalties system that we originally used to their new IPM Suite that is so impressive and is helping O’Reilly achieve its global distribution goals.”