50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

Great results through intelligent procurement: Xeeva

thesiliconreview-dilip-dubey-ceo-xeeva-17Procurement started as a way to integrate purchasing into supply chain management. It is split into direct and indirect procurement. Indirect procurement is basically the purchases that keep the business alive on a day-to-day basis. Without indirect procurement capacities, organizations wouldn’t be able to work in a powerful manner. With passing time, procurement’s significance as a key business process has increased rapidly. 

Dilip Dubey saw the need for a complete end-to-end indirect procurement solution, and in 2014, Xeeva was founded. 

Procurement shouldn’t be complicated: Xeeva

Since inception, Xeeva has become a global provider of intelligent procurement and sourcing software for indirect spend and MRO. Today, Xeeva is used in over 45 countries and is available in 18 different languages. The software utilizes innovative and patented AI-based technology that automates and simplifies the source-to-pay process with open communication for e-invoicing, procurement, and sourcing with the end result being increased productivity, improved compliance and control, and an immediate and sustainable bottom line impact. 

Xeeva strives to harmonize business commerce and is quite successful in achieving this through its patented artificial intelligence technology and full suite software offering. Today, with its award-winning software, Xeeva is among the top outstanding procurement solution providers in the world. 

Best-of-breed solutions

The company has some of the best solutions for organizations that struggle with controlling spend, driving down costs, and gaining complete visibility into indirect spend. The easy-to-use solution is powered by Xeeva’s unique AI technology that’s mixed with embedded domain intelligence. Xeeva provides advanced procurement solutions that deliver sustainable results through its four separate solutions:

  • Visibility results - delivers immediate insights into spend & procurement data for improved decision-making and results.
  • Sourcing results - provides a goal-to-results sourcing technology that empowers collaboration and uncovers ways to save.
  • Procurement results - offers a full source-to-settle suite that drives savings, efficiency, and compliance with adaptable levels of control.
  • Supplier results - serves as a single, integrated platform for suppliers and customers to easily connect and seamlessly manage events. 

Together these four solutions make up the entire source-to-settle process. Because Xeeva’s experience spans across multiple industries and technologies, it results in a richer solution set for its customers to increase their operational efficiency. 

The employee centric organization

Headquartered in the Detroit, MI area, Xeeva includes a network of over 300 employees, including company owned development and operations centers in Bhopal and Delhi, India. 

Xeeva’s diverse team is made up of driven, innovative, creative, and passionate people. Its employees thrive on a balance of productivity and fun. A little bit of comradery gets the team through the day. In between doing work and getting things done, employees are able to find time for laughter and a game of foosball. 

Being a startup company, Xeeva considers its story to not yet be written. As the company hires and grows, it finds itself a little bit more with each person who joins the team, the new ideas that are brought in, and the fresh ways of doing things that are found. Every new employee contributes something slightly different to who Xeeva is. 

Just as its solution is all about results for its customers, Xeeva is also focused on results for its employees. It wants each of its employees to grow, learn, and enjoy coming into work every day. The company offers its employees the ability to train in new areas, develop new skills, and get professional certifications. Also, it has an established mentorship program where the employees are able to get time with leaders outside of their standard management chain to mentor them to grow in their careers. 

Xeeva believes in an open door policy and it makes sure that its employees know their thoughts, feelings, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome. Xeeva’s office has an open lounge workspace where one can often find members of the executive team outside of their offices and working across the couch from junior members of other departments. This provides a work-friendly environment where everyone can build a good and healthy rapport with each other. 

“We make sure that we have a culture where nobody is afraid to speak up when they have a new idea or fresh way of doing something. That’s how innovation happens.” 

At Xeeva, employees know their role very well in contributing to the team’s and company’s success. Every 6 months, the employees work with their managers to determine specific, measureable goals that tie into the broader goals of the organization. It’s extremely important to cultivate a culture of communication and listening. At Xeeva, the culture of listening to what employees want to do and a commitment to help them do it is in every corner of the organization. 

Xeeva makes it a priority to stay in touch with its employees through  town hall meetings, monthly lunches, happy hours and events. By consistently hosting these, it breaks down the cross-organizational boundaries that often exist, creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Focusing on the good

Xeeva delivers massive savings and value to its customers. The company’s growth and popularity is skyrocketing in the procurement solutions space. 

Having advanced AI and continuing to develop its capabilities is important for Xeeva’s product to continue delivering its customers maximum value. The procurement solutions leader is currently focusing on enhancing its existing product suite, making sure that Xeeva is constantly improving the technology that runs it to best suit the needs of the current and future customers. 

The company is working hard from its core and believes that soon Xeeva will be the top leader in AI-driven procurement – at the forefront of procurement tech. 

The man behind Xeeva 

Dilip Dubey is the Founder & CEO of Xeeva. He is responsible for business strategy, talent management, and is the chief evangelist for the company’s intelligent procurement and sourcing solutions. Dilip has received numerous awards, including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Automation Alley Emerging Leader of the Year, and has been inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame for his professional work. He has also been featured on WDIV TV, WJR AM, and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. 

Dilip pursued his BE in Mechanical Engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology and his MSE in Engineering from The University of Michigan. He also attended S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research.

"Xeeva is all about results. From customers to employees, delivering results is the principle that guides us in everything we do and every decision we make."