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GuestMetrics: The Leader in Big Data Analytics Services & Solutions

“Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, GuestMetrics LLC is the leading data analytics firm in delivering consumer insights and actionable intelligence to the Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Financial Services Industries.”

There are nearly a million hospitality establishments in the United States, with close to 80% of them being independently owned. Founded in 2005, GuestMetrics LLC is revolutionizing how the hospitality industry operates. GuestMetrics gathers data from tens of thousands of these locations. Earlier attempts by other ventures to pull together digitized check-level data from bars and restaurants have failed because simply pooling together “Big Data” in its raw form yields nothing more than raw noise. GuestMetrics leverages 10 years of analytic expertise to transform billions of Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions into easy to understand market data and cloud based dashboards.

The company tracks daily consumer spending in more than 40,000 on-premise locations (restaurants, bars, hotels and stadiums) across the nation, and transforms more than 1.7 billion Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions (representing over $100 Billion in consumer purchases annually), into actionable business intelligence for our customers. It does this through the rigorous implementation of 4 core competencies: sourcing the most varied combinations of structured and unstructured data, cleansing and mapping data to our robust and industry proven data dictionary, analyzing the data leveraging the most advanced analytics methodologies and visualizing the data by deploying the most intuitive visualization tools.

Providing Cloud-Based Analytics Services
The company turns more than 1.7 billion Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions collected annually – representing over $100 Billion in consumer purchases, at tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, hotels and stadiums across America, into actionable business intelligence for clients.

For Bars, Restaurants and Hotels it helps them:

  • Provide track key performance metrics of sales, share, volume, pricing, discounts and voids as well as labor, fraud, employee score carding, and alerts quickly and easily across the entire enterprise.
  • Analyze operational results against competitors and the industry.
  • Leverage check-level data to track results of promotions.
  • Identify opportunities to optimize pricing.
  • Drive operational efficiencies.

For Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers and Distributors GuestMetrics helps them:

  • Gain unprecedented access to transaction-level insights.
  • Understand how your brands are performing against competitors.
  • Identify opportunities to optimize pricing.
  • Track results of a product launch, marketing campaign or promotion.
  • Identify when a trend begins and when they start to change.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.

For the Financial Services sector it helps Financial Analysts:

  • Analyze overall economic conditions based on the increase or decrease of on premise consumer spending.
  • Improve quarterly revenue forecast accuracy for particular suppliers (Public and Private).
  • Rapidly identify shifts in consumer spending & sentiment.
  • Understand competitive pressures and impacts in the hospitality and food & beverage sectors.
  • Anticipate market performance of new brands to determine overall impact to Supplier revenues.
  • Analyze suppliers and identify early stage competitors.

GuestMetrics has clients from multiple verticals such as: Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Financial Services. Some of its clientele are AB InBev, Constellation Brands, Crown Imports, Diageo, Miller Coors, Moët Hennessy, Heineken, Samuel Adams, Marriott, Hilton, Hooters, Chili’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Uncle Julio’s, Texas de Brazil, Dave and Busters.

Client Testimonials
“GuestMetrics gives us the ability to remotely monitor operations information and sales activity – anywhere, anytime. Our management teams utilize the drill-down functionality and exceptions reports to scrutinize questionable transactions. Additionally, GuestSnapshot enables our managers to track server performance and incentive programs which help drive incremental revenue. We love GuestMetrics!“ – David J, VP Operations, Fine Dining Regional Chain

“By having easy access through GuestMetrics to current menu trends through statistics and reporting, we are able to inform internal and external stakeholders of the work objectives for each program update, and then dedicate resources to the right area of focus.” – Wolfgang L, Senior Vice President, Food & Beverage, International Hotel Chain

Focus Areas
In addition to customer focus areas, GuestMetrics partners with industry and technology leaders in order to deliver competitive advantages to clients. It focuses on building strong and mutually beneficial business relationships with data partners, consulting services organizations, data scientists, POS manufacturers, and organizations capable of supporting its mission of helping organizations turn disparate data in actionable intelligence and ultimately a competitive advantage.

Knowing the Key Executives

Brendan Reilly, CEO
Brendan brings nearly 30 years of experience in the technology industry to GuestMetrics. After beginning his career with EMC Corporation during the company’s early growth phase, Brendan co-founded or was a seed investor and Director in six venture-backed high-tech companies. Two of these companies quickly surpassed $100 million in revenue prior to being sold (Alvarez & Associates LLC, Storage Area Networks Inc.). Three of these start-ups sold to publicly traded companies and two have been sold in private transactions. Most recently, Brendan served as the Chief
Executive Officer at Defense Mobile Corporation, a start-up mobile network operator focused on providing mobile phone and mobile banking serves to military and veteran families.

Marco Buchbinder, President and COO
Marco brings nearly 25 years of experience in the technology industry with a strong record of building customer centric and execution focused businesses. Most recently, he was CEO of Technogym North America, a world leader in digital wellness and fitness solutions. Prior to Technogym, Marco held a number of executive roles in general management, strategic planning, sales management and M&A at EMC Corporation, across a span of 18 years. Separately, he has held leadership roles in two startups acquired by Fortune 500 companies: Storability Software, acquired by StorageTek (now part of Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL)) and Advanced Solutions, acquired by Browning Ferris Industry (now part of Waste Management (NYSE: WM)).

“Our cloud-based dashboards and analytic services turn data into actionable Business Intelligence.”