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Helping Businesses cut Costs, increase Productivity and drive Revenue: Yseop

“Founded in 2008, Yseop is a global leader trusted by companies across the Fortune Global 500.”

Yseop is an enterprise software company that provides an Artificial Intelligence platform which allows customers to develop AI applications autonomously. The company works predominantly in the Business Intelligence and Customer Experience markets. Yseop’s software automates reasoning, intelligent dialoging, and writing through two product lines: Yseop Smart BI and Yseop Customer Experience. Both products boost revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Yseop Smart Business Intelligence
In today’s real-time and Big Data-focused marketplace, manually writing reports to draw insight from data is too slow and too costly. Yseop Smart Business Intelligence automates written report generation, turning data into narrative, explaining not only what the data means but what actions to take and why.

Yseop’s unique, patented system is the only software on the market that can clearly explain its reasoning process in reports in multiple written languages (currently in English, Spanish, French & German) and in real time.

As a complement to a dashboard, to write business intelligence analytics, reports and more, Yseop Smart BI cuts costs, increases capacity and drives productivity. With this software, thousands of users across the Fortune 500 are already saving millions of dollars and making informed real-time decisions. Yseop Smart BI is increasingly used in Business Analytics and Report Writing.

Yseop Smart Customer Experience
Yseop’s Smart Customer Experience allows for expert customer service no matter the channel: online, on the phone, on mobile or face to face. It does this by turning any computer into a performance-enhancing smart machine that seamlessly deploys your company’s best practices at scale. It partners with sales teams, customer service representatives, and business advisors. It reasons, dialogs, and expresses its conclusions clearly in multiple languages, so the right customer gets the right advice at the right time.

With this smart machine, clients report sales soared by 20% overnight, as well as causing drastic reductions in customer churn. The company’s smart customer experience solutions include products such as Smart Sales Assistant, Yseop for Compliance, OmniChannel Smart Advisor and Smart Online Concierge.

Yseop Savvy
Savvy is a plug-in for Qlik, Excel and other dashboards and data visualization software. It automatically explains what the charts, data and analysis mean and writes insights like a human being. Before Savvy, BI Managers were not seeing the ROI they wanted because BI users didn’t have the time to draw insight from complex dashboards. Savvy saves users time and increases performance.

The company’s headquarters is located in New York, USA. It also has other offices in Dallas, TX, USA; London, UK, Paris and Lyon in France; Las Candes, Chile; and Sydney, Australia.

Future Outlook
By the year 2020, Yseop envisages to transform every computer, smart phone, and tablet to a Smart Machine, able to reason, dialog intelligently, and express conclusions and recommendations in natural language.

Knowing the Management Team

John Rauscher, CEO & Co-founder
John is a lifelong entrepreneur and brings to Yseop his energy, enthusiasm, and rich experience after a lengthy career in the software industry in both the U.S. and Europe. Before joining Yseop, John was the CEO of Sunopsis, which he sold to Oracle in 2006, and whose flagship product is now known as Oracle Data Integrator. Prior to this, he was CEO of the U.S. subsidiary of Cyrano, a public company specializing in RDBMS testing tools. He is the author of two published business books, A la conquête de la Silicon Valley (‘Conquering Silicon Valley’-1999), on innovative marketing for the high tech industry, and PME: Réussir à l’international (‘Small Businesses Succeeding Internationally’-2008), on the power of innovation for succeeding in international business.

Alain Kaeser, Chief Science Officer & Co-founder
Alain has over 25 years of experience in research in the domains of artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering and the science of languages. Alain received his diploma in mathematics from the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan (France), and has a postgraduate degree in computer science from the University of Paris VI. In 1985, Alain created a very successful software program which helped accountants make financial decisions through language generation and the management of business rules. After winning an award (the “CPA Golden Disk”), Alain continued to pursue his research surrounding artificial intelligence and making an inference engine “talk”. At this point, Alain began to expand the technology’s focus to include domains such as marketing and sales. After many years of extensive research and testing, he co-founded Yseop in 2007.

Olivier Bonnet, CFO & Managing Director of France & Co-Founder
Olivier is an experienced entrepreneur. After receiving his degree in Computer Science from the University of Lyon 2, where he also taught, Olivier worked as a consultant for three years at Oracle. In 1991, Olivier created his own consulting company specialized in relational databases. Aquarel had a revenue of over 3 million euros, and had offices in three cities (Lyon, Paris, and Nyon in Switzerland) before being acquired by a larger organization. From 2002-04, he worked at ARCAD Software as Managing Director. Olivier then switched his focus to coaching and team building and spent three years at BNP Paribas in Geneva. In July 2007, he joined Yseop.

“We believe that innovation should be easy-to-use in order to be worthwhile.”