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Helping businesses innovate faster through powerful innovation technology: Ezassi, Inc

thesiliconreview-jennifer-creech-ceo-ezassi-inc-17Product and service innovation is central to business transformation. Today, organizations have to exploit new ideas and opportunities to meet increasing competitive pressure and changing customer demands. But harnessing and tracking a managed innovation process across employees, customers, and suppliers can be a tough challenge. This is where innovation management comes in to provide the set of measures and tools which will facilitate the inventors to respond to the challenges in the whole innovation cycle. Many leading companies have demonstrated that when managed like a business, innovation is a process that could result in a predictable return on investment. The Ezassi innovative team is what makes this innovation success possible. Making innovation a priority, the company is geared with the experience, knowledge and insight that is needed to achieve innovation, to capture unique, innovative, confidential ideas and turn them into successful innovations on the market.

Beginning in 2004, Ezassi started the innovation journey through invention. With several inventions under the Ezassi umbrella, the identification of the open and internal innovation software needs developed and transformed into what it is today – a powerful, unique and flexible innovation management software product. Today, Ezassi solutions are providing exceptional value to leading companies in the healthcare, consumer products, food & beverage and real estate industry segments by powering their internal and external innovation efforts.

The industry leader in the innovation management solution market

The company was established in 2008 following the need to bring innovation solutions and products to market faster, through technology. The Ezassi Innovation Software platform includes a set of integrated solutions that help clients implement innovation initiatives and accelerate decision making with high powered analytics while reducing intellectual property(IP) and regulatory risks inherent with social ideation and co-design.

In 2006, eZassi Medical, a separate company, was the true beginning of Ezassi, Inc. eZassi Medical was the original technology assessment platform developed for an online global development marketplace that allowed innovators and organizations to confidentially share early stage technologies. The online innovation platform was a subscription based software platform fueling an online community of medical device companies to be able to advance medical device innovation safely. Participants and subscribers included medical device companies, lawyers, inventors, academics, research partners and venture capitalists — anyone involved in bringing new medical technologies to market.

First project that defined the culture of open innovation

In 2011, Ezassi was approached by Kimberly Clark Healthcare, seeking a solution to safely accept ideas from external innovators using their corporate website. Ezassi, using their existing innovation management platform, further developed the system for Kimberly Clark. The initial project rollout was for one solution category for Kimberly Clark, which then evolved to providing an Open Innovation digital platform for six (6) medical solution categories including Infection Prevention, Surgical Solutions, Respiratory Health, Digestive Health, Pain Management and IV Therapy.

The original Kimberly Clark innovation management platform became the basis for the Ezassi product. The success of the initial project was so well received that, Kimberly Clark through its growth, spinning off Halyard Heath, remains an Ezassi client. Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly Clark) has been engaged with Ezassi through the innovation software’s third iteration, and in late 2017, expanded the partnership with an internal Ezassi innovation platform.

Growing with clients’ needs and demands

Ezassi runs using a lean startup and agile methodology approach. With every aspect of its approach to work, it eliminates waste and sees the whole entity to make fast, decisive and corrective decisions. “We live and breathe an ongoing culture of innovation”, said the company. It utilizes its innovation software platform to constantly innovate within the organizations and to advance its software and scouting technology. Ezassi’s services are a class apart in the market due to the following reasons -

  • It actively seeks insight from the marketplace, competitors, prospects, clients and industry leaders and builds this into its technology roadmapIt prioritizes competitive differentiators and weighs them to innovate accordingly
  • It has strong differentiators that sets it apart from its competition and develops core differentiators quarterly
  • It is all about continued innovation and market analysis

New products to accelerate Time-to-Innovate

Even today, Fortune 500 companies are innovating by manually relying heavily on SharePoint, folders and email. Ezassi provides a software technology to manage ideas coming from within the enterprise and externally, around the globe, whether from employees, partners, customers, consultants, competitors, conferences or academia. Currently, the company is rolling out:

A Culture of Innovation Program to lead organizations in their effort to build and sustain a thriving culture of Innovation. The Program includes:

  • Planning and Development
  • Engagement and Goal Setting
  • Innovation and Creative Mindset Workshop Training
  • Quarterly Innovation Challenges
  • Ongoing Innovation Coaching
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Goals and Rewards

New Innovation Software Technology Development for Q4 2017/Q1 2017

  • Industry Leading Mobile App
  • Technology Landscape and Trending Analysis
  • Whiteboard Collaboration
  • On-Demand Reporting with KPI Metrics

“Under our new leadership with our CEO, Jennifer Creech, within the first 6 months we have quintupled our client-base from the previous year (2016) and improved our time-to-innovate in technology deployment advancements”, concludes the company.

Knowing the visionary behind Ezassi’s success, CEO Jennifer Creech

CEO, Jennifer Creech, started with Ezassi January of 2017. She is responsible for the launch of the next iteration of the Company’s innovation management software platform, as well as for overseeing all aspects of the Company’s global expansion effort. She brings to Ezassi more than 15 years of C-Level management experience with expertise in SaaS and cloud technology solutions, data mining and driving year-over-year double digit revenue growth at the companies she has helped to build.

Prior to joining Ezassi, Creech was the CEO and President of InHouse, Inc., where she conceptualized and led the development of an award winning, cloud-based appraisal management software platform. Based on her leadership skills, the growth of the business and market success of InHouse’s commercial appraisal technology, she was awarded the 2015 Women of Influence by HousingWire. In addition to InHouse, Creech has also held executive positions with DeepGreen Financial, Global Title Services, RBC Bank and Washington Mutual.

“At Ezassi, we are agile innovators, adapting and responding to change where failing fast is success.”

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