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SILICON100 2017

Helping your business meets all the demands of the modern mobile and web industry: XIM

thesiliconreview-xim-logo-17XIM, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based software development team of experts. We are not creating another app — we are helping your business meet all the demands of the modern mobile and web industry. We focus on Mobile App development and Web development services.  Our expertise covers a wide range of IT services: Software development, Mobile App development, Social Networking App development, Quality Assurance services, and IT consulting.

XIM, Inc. was founded in 1994 in San Francisco, California.  As of today, we have several offshore development centers in Belarus, which is full of talented IT specialists. We are open to discussing any changes during the project. With the rapid growth of the mobile market and the popularity of social networks, XIM, Inc. opened a new mobile app development department, ZiMAD in 2009. Many of our apps, such as Bubble Birds, Pandas vs. Ninjas and others, occupy TOP positions in app stores and have positive feedback from our users. Our applications have more than 10 million monthly active users.

Full range of application development services from idea to implementation; In President Dmitry Belotserkovsky’s words

We joined the market in 1994, and since then we have supported several successful products through to completion (including Bubble Birds, Magic Puzzles, Muffin Quest and many others). Several of our products have taken first place in the app stores.  We know our business!

Innovative mobile app development: built to grow

We employ best practices to guarantee zero performance errors in our apps, and 100% compatibility with possible updates. When developing mobile apps, we look to the future and write clean, extendable code that can be a solid basis for further improvement of products. We provide you with the full range of mobile development services for all major operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We are also capable of producing cross-platform applications. With our proven experience in a wide range of industries, we are able to provide valuable advice and design the right solution that meets all of your business needs.

Benefit from iOS mobile application

The iOS platform is a closed platform, which allows for extremely secure app development. In addition, Apple’s operating system has many benefits for businesses. Here, we highlight three of the most outstanding features of iOS development:

  1. Higher revenue of mobile apps. According to statistics, Apple’s users are more willing to pay for applications rather than users of any other mobile platform. Almost 90% of the dollars spent on mobile apps come from iOS users.
  2. Fast development process. In comparison to other platforms, it takes much less time for iOS app store developers to build a mobile app. On average, iOS applications require fewer lines of code than apps on other mobile platforms. Moreover, the fact that all of Apple’s devices utilize a single producer means that it is much easier and faster to adapt a product to all screen sizes and specifications.
  3. Unmatched cross-device syncing. All Apple devices sync perfectly across the entire product line, so users can use any app on any of their devices at any time.

Game application development: play your business to a new level

As professional game app developers, we at Xim, Inc. believe that our work should be transparent and clear. Our process of building an application is structured, and we strive to involve our clients in each stage of the development progress. Five key points of creating a mobile game app:

  1. Establishing your needs and requirements: We start with discussing the concept behind your game, business opportunities and how you envision the app in its entirety.
  2. The next step is to analyze all relevant information, and use the results to create an outline of game functionality and mechanics. Then, we can strategize methods for monetization and begin to prepare the game for actual development.
  3. Creating excellent User Experience and attractive User Interface. We believe that a successful mobile game should look appealing and be intuitive. Our creative designers and artists do their best to make the app easy to use and understand.
  4. Clear code. Our proficient game app developers write clean code that can be easily expanded. We always utilize the most up-to-date technology to ensure that your game is compatible with new versions of mobile platforms
  5. Before launching a game on app markets, we carefully test it to make sure that we will deliver a high-quality application that will keep users playing for hours. When it comes time to launch, we manage the entire publishing process.

Social Network App Development:  make your clients spend more time with your brand

XIM, Inc. is an energetic team of experts that is always ready to bring fresh ideas to your business. Our developers and designers have strong expertise in creating powerful and engaging social media applications that provide your customers with a positive user experience.

We believe that complete functionality, appealing design, and smooth performance make apps an awesome solution to enhance your image across the web.

Boost conversions with Web application

At XIM, we hire talented web application developers that know their business. Our approach consists of transparency, quality and reliability. Our seven development studios are ready to provide you with creative, appealing and functional solutions that enhance your business and increase conversion rate. Whether you are a small agency or a big corporation, do not hesitate to contact us. As a proficient web application development company, we can offer the right product for every business.

Dmitry Belotserkovsky, President

 “We provide high-quality outsourcing services on web development – the best way to stay on trend within the quickly changing world of technology.”